תמונות בעמוד

mire ;

From pealant hands imperial works arise,

She rears the tower, whose height the heavens adAnd British hence with Roman grandeur vies; Not grandeur that in pompous whim appears, She rears, she rounds, she points the lessening spire; That levels hills, that vales to mountains rears; Ac her command the college-roofs ascend That alters pature's regulated grace,

(For public spirit fill is learning's friend). Meaning to deck, but destin'd to deface.

Stupendous piles, which useful pomp completes, Though no proud gates, with China's taught to vie, Thus rise religion's, and thus learning's seats : Magnificently useless strike the eye ;

There moral truth and holy science spring, (Useless, where rocks a surer barrier lend, And give the sage to teach, the bard to sing, Where seas encircle, and where fleets defend ;) There some draw health from herbs and mineral What though no arch of triumph is assign'd

veins, To laurel'd pride, whose sword has thinn'd man Some search the systems of the heavenly plains; kind;

Some call from history part times to view, Though no vaft wall extends from coast to coast, And others trace old laws, and sketch out new; No pyramid aspires, sublimely lost;

Thence saving rights by legislators plann'd, Yet the safe road through rocks thall winding tend, And guardian patriots thence inspire the land. And the firm causeway o'er the clays ascend. Now grant, ye powers, ope great, one fond deLo! stately streets, lo! ample squares invite

fire, The salutary gale, that breathes delight.

And, granting, bid a new Whitehall aspire ! Lo! strudures mark the charitable soil

Far let it lead, by well-pleas'd Thames survey'd, For casual ill, maim'd valour, feeble toil

The swelling arch, and itately colonnade; Word out with care, infirmity, and age;

Bid courts of justice, fenate-chambers join, The life here entering, quitting there the stage : Till various all in one proud work combine! The babe of lawless birth, doom'd else to moan, But now be all the generous goddess seen, To farve or bleed for errors not his own! When molt diffus'd she thines, and most benign! Let the frail miother 'scape the fame defil'd, Ye fons of misery, attract her view ! If from the murdering mother 'scape the child! Ye sallow, hallow-eyed, and meagre crew! Oh! guard his youth from fin’s alluring voice; Such high perfection have our arts attain'd, From deeds of dire necellity, not choice!

That now few sons of toil our arts demand? His grateful hand, thus never harmful known, Then to the public, to itself, we fear, Shall on the public welfare build his own. Ev'n willing industry grows useless here,

Thus worthy crafts, which low-born life divide, Are we too populous at length confess'd, Give towns their opulence, and courts their pride. From confluent strangers refug'd and redressid ! Sacred to pleasure itructures rise clate,

Has war so long withdrawn his barbarous train, To that still worthy of the wile and great. That peace o'erstocks us with the sons of men ? Sacred co pleasure then thall piles ascend? So long has plague lest pure the ambient air, They thall-when pleasure and instruction bend. That want mult prey on those disease would spare? Let theatres from public spirit shine !

Hence beauteous wretches (beauty's foul disgrace!) Such theatres, as, Athens, once were thine! Though born the pride, the shame of human race; See: the gay muse of pointed wit poffeft, Fair wretches hence, who nightly streets annoy, Who makes the virtuous laugh, the decent jest : Live but themselves and others to destroy. What though she mock, the mocks with honest aim, Hence robbers rise, to theft, to murder prone, And laughs each favourite folly into shame, First driven by want, from habit desperate grown; Wich liberal light the tragic charms the age : Hence for ow'd trifles oft our jails contain In folcmn-training robes the fills the stage ; (Torn from mankind) a miserable train ; There human nature, mark'd in different lines, Torn from, in spite of nature's tenderest cries, Alive in character distinctly Thines.

Parental, filial, and connubialties: Quick pasions change alternate on her face; The trader, when on every fide ditrest, Her di&tion music, as her action grace.

Hence flies to what expedient frauds fuggeft; Instant we catch her terror giving cares,

To prop his question’d credit's tottering itate, Pathetic fighs, and pity-moving (cars;

Others he firlt involves to share his fate; Instant we catch her generous glow of soul, Then for mean refuge must self-exil'd roam Till one great striking moral crowns the whole. Never to hope a friend, nor find a home.

Hence in warm youth, by scenes of virtue taught, This public spirit sees, she fees and feels! Honour exalts, and love expands the thought : Her breast the throb, her ey the icar reveals; Heace pity, to peculiar grief allign'd,

(The patriot throb that beats, the tear that flows Grows wide benevolence to all mankind.

For others welfare, and for others woes) Where various edifice the land renowns, And what can I (she said) to cure their grief? There public fpirit pians, exalts, and crowns. Shall I or point out death, or point relief? she cheers the mansion with the spacious hall, Forth shall I lead them to some happier soil, Eids painting live along the storied wall;

To conquest lead them, and enrich with spoil? Seated, she smiling eyes th' unclosing door, Bid them convulse a world, make nature groa,

And much he welcomes all, but most thc poor ; And spill, in shedding others blood, their own? Dhe turns the pillar, or the arch she bends, No, no---such wars do thou, ambition, wage!

he choir duc lengtheus, or the choir extends; Go fterilize the fertile with thy rage:

Whole nations to depopulate is thine ;

And towns shall open (all of ftru&ure fair!) To people, culture, and protect, be mine! To brightening prospects, and to purest air; Then range the world, discovery !---Strait he Frequented ports, and vineyards green succeed, gocs

And flocks incrcaling whiten all the mead. O'er feas, o'er Libya's sands, and Zembla's snows; On science science, arts on arts refine, He fettles where kind rays till now have smil'd On these from high all heaven shall smilicz (Vain smile .) on some luxuriant houseless wild.

shine, How many fons of want might here enjoy And public spirit here a people how, What nature gives for age but to destroy ? Free, numerous, pleas'd, and busy all below. Blush, blush, o sun (she cries) here vainly found, Learn, future natives of this promir’d lani, To rise, to set, to roll the seasons round:

What your forefathers ow'd my saving hand! Shall heaven distil in dews, defcend in rain, Learn, when despair such fudden bliss fhall fee, From earth gush fountains, rivers flow.--in vain ? Such bliss must thine from Oglethorpe or me! There shall the watery lives in myriads stray, Do you the neighbouring blameless Indian aid, And be, to be alone each other's prey ?

Culture what he neglects, ner his invade, Unfought shall here the teeming quarries own Dare not, oh dare not, with ambitious view, The various fpecies of mechanic stone ?

Force or demand subjection never due. From structure this, from sculpture that confine? Let, by my specious name, no tyrants rise, Shall rocks forbid the latent gem to fine ? And cry, while they enslave, they civilize ! Shall mines, obedient, aid no artist's care,

Know, liberty and I are still the same, Nor give the martial sword, and peaceful fare? Congenial!--ever mingling flame with flame! Ah! shall they never precious ore unfold,

Why must I Afric's fable children see To smile in silver, or to flame in gold ?

Vended for flaves, though form'd by nature free, Shall here the vegetable world alone,

The nameless cortures cruel minds iovent, For joys, for various virtues, rest unknown? Those to subject, whom nature equal meant? While food and physic, plants and herbs fupply, If these you dare (albeit unjust success Here must they shoot alone to blooni and die? Empowers you now unpunish'd to oppress) Shall fruits, which none but brutal eyes survey, Revolving empire you and your's may doom Untouchid grow ripe, untasted drop away? (Home all subdued, yet Vandals vanquih'd Shall here th' irrational, the favage kind,

Rome), Lord it o'er stores by heaven for man design'd, Yes, empire may revolve, give them the day, And trample what mild suns benignly raise, And yoke may yoke, and blood may blood repor While man must lose the use, and heaven the praise? Thus (ah! how far unequal'd by my lays, Shall it then be ?-(Indignant here she rose, Unskill'd the heart to melt, or mind to raise), Indignant, yet humane, her bosom glows) Sublime, benevolent, deep, sweetly clear, No! By each honour'd Grecian, Roman name, Worthy a Thomson's muse, a Frederick's ear, By men for virtue deify'd by fame,

Thus spoke the goddess. Thus 1 faintly tell Who peopled lands, who model'd infant state, In what lov'd works heaven gives her to excel And then bade empire be maturely great ; But who her sons, that, to her intereft true, By these I swear (be witness earth and skies !) Conversant lead her to a prince like you? Fair order here shall from confufion rise.

These, fir, falute you from life's middle ftate, Rapt, I a future colony survey?

Rich without gold, and without titles great: Come then, ye sons of misery! come away! Knowledge of books and men exalts their thought. Let those, whose forrows from neglect are known, in wit accomplish'd, though in wiles untaught, (Here taught, compellid, empower'd) neglect Careless of whispers meant to wound their name, atone!

Nor sneer'd nor brib'd from virtue into shame; Let those enjoy, who never merit woes,

In letters elegant, in honour bright, In youth th' industrious wish, in age repose ! They come, they catch, and they reflect delight

. Allotted acres (vo reluctant foil)

Mixing with these, a few of rank are found, Shall prompt their industry, and pay their toil. For councils, embaflies, and camps renown'd. Let families, long strangers to delight,

Vers'd in gay life, in honest maxims read, Whom wayward face dispers’d, by me unite; And ever warm of heart, yet cool of head, Flere live enjoying life; see plenty, peace; From these the circling glass gives wic to thine, Their lands increasing as their sons increase. The bright grow brighter, and ev'n courts refine; As nature yet is found, in leafy glades,

From these fo gisted, candid, and upright, To intermix the walks with lights and shades; Flows knowledge, softening into eale polite. Or as with good and ill, in chequer'd strife, Happy the men, who such a prince 639 Various the goddess colours human life :

please! So, in this fertile clime, if yet are seen

Happy the prince rever'd by men like these! Moors, marshes, cliffs, by turns to intervene ; His condescensions dignity display, Where cliffs, moors, marshes, desolate the view, Grave with the wife, and with the witty gayi Where haunts the bittern, and where screams the For him fine marble in the quarry lies, mew;

(lies, which, in due statues, to his fame shall rise ; Where prowis the wolf, where rolld the serpent Ever shall public spirit beam his praise, Shall solemn fanes and halls of justice rile, And the mule (well it in immortal laye

Through those bright features Cæsar's spirit trace, TO MR. JOHN DYER,

Each conquering sweetness, each imperial grace,

All that is soft, or eminently great,

In love, in war, in knowledge, or in ftate.
Hdvising bim to draw a certain noble and illuftrious Thus shall you charm, enrich'd with Clio's praise !

Thus Iball your colours, like his worth amaze! Perfyni occafioned by seeing bis Pi&ure of the cele

Clear, and more clear, your golden genius shines, brated Clio *.

While my dim lamp of life obscure declines : ORGIVE an artless, an officions friend,

Dullid in damp shades, it wastes, unseen, away, *eak, when I judge, but willing to commend;

While yours, triumphant, grows one blaze of day. ill'n as I am, by no kind fortune rais'd,

VERSES press'd, obscur'd, unpity'd, and unprais'd; et, when there well-known features 1 peruse,

SENT TO AARON HILL, ESQ. me warmth awakes-some embers of a mule.

With the Tragedy of Sir Thomas Overbury, expecting Ye muses, graces, and ye loves, appear!

bim to correct it. pur queen, your Venus, and your Clio's here! such pure fires her rising thoughts refine! As the soul, fript of mortal clay, er eyes with such commanding sweetness shine : Grows all divinely fair, ch vivid tinctures sure through äther glow,

And boundless roves the milky way, uin summer clouds, or gild the watery bow : And views sweet prospects there. life Pygmali n’s ivory favourite fir'd,

This hero, clogg'd with drofly lincs, re some enamour'd god this draught inspir'd! By chee new vigour tries; , if you rafhly caught Promethean flame,

As thy correcting hand refincs, ade the sweet theft, and mar the beauteous

Bright scenes around him rise. frame! t if those cheering lights the prospect fly,

Thy touch brings the wish'd stone to pass, <!-lee no pleasing view the loss supply.

So sought, so long foretold; ne drcary den, some desert waste prepare,

It turns polluted lead or brass, ild as my thoughts, or dark as my despair.

Ac once to purest gold. But still, my friend, Nill the sweet object stays,

PROLOGUE Il Atream your colours rich with Clio's rays ! e at cach kindling touch your canvass glow! Spoken at the revival of Shakspeare's King Henry the e the full sorni, inilind with spirit, grows! Sixth, at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. Prinit the doll artist puzzling rules explore,

ed before the Play from a spurious Copy. vell on the face, and gaze the features o'er; u eye the soul-chere genuine nature find, TO-NIGHT a patient ear, ye Britons lend, u, through the meaning muscles, strike the mind. And to your great forefathers' deeds atteod. Nor can one view such boundless power confine, Here, cheaply warn'd, ye blest descendants view, i nature opens to an art like thine !

What ills on England, civil discord drew. w rural scenes in limple grandeur rise !

To wound the heart, the martial muse prepares ; les, hills, lawns, lakes, and vineyards feast our

While the red scene with raging flaughter glarese

Here, while a monarch's sufferings we relate, eyes, w halcyon peace a smiling aspect wears! Let generous grief his ruin'd grandeur wait. w the red scene with war and ruin glares !

While Second Richard's blood for vengeance calls, te Britain's fleet o'er Europe's feas preside!

Dooni'd for his grandfire's guilt, poor Henry salis. ere long lost cities rear their ancient pride; In civil jars avenging judgment blows, u from the grave can half redeem the fain, And royal wrongs entail a people's woes. id bid great Julius charm the world again : Henry, unvers'd in wiles, more good than great, ark out Pharsalia's, mark out Munda's fray, Drew on by meekness his disastrous fate. d image all the honours of the day.

Thus when you see this land by faction tost, But if new glories moft our warmth excite; Her nobles Nain, her laws, her freedom lott; toils untry'd io noblest aims invite ;

Let this reflection from the action flow, ould you in envy'd pomp unrival'd reign, We ne'er from foreign foes could ruin know. 1, let Horatius grace the canvass plain!

Oh, let us then intestinc discord shun, sform mighe ev'n idolatry create,

We nc'er can be, but by ourselves, undone! lineage, titles, wealth, and worth elate ! pires to him might virgin honours owe,

THE ANIMALCULE; om him arts, arms, and laws, new influence

know. -r him kind suns on fruits and grains shall mine, ad future gold lie ripening in the mine: Occafioned by his Grace the Duke of Rutland's receiving s him fine marble in the quarry lics,

the Small-pex by Inoculation. hich, in due statues, to his fame shall rise.

In animalcules, muse, display * See Dyer's Poenis,

Spirits, of name unknown in fong!


Reader, a kind attention pay,

But they, immers'd, no longer thine,
Nor think an useful comment long.

Nor equal, nor increase his owo.
Far less than mites, on mites they prey;
Minutest things my swarms contain :

TO MRS. ELIZABETH HAYWOOD, When o'er your ivory teeth they (way,

On ber Novel, called, " Tbe Rafé Rrfelve." Then throb your little nerves with pain. Fluids, in drops, minutely swell;

Doom'd to a fate which damps the poet's flame, These subtile beings each contains;

A muse, unfriended, greets thy rising name: lo che small fanguine globes they dwell,

Unvers'd in envy's, or in Aattery's phrase, Roll from the heart and trace the veins. Greatness the flies, yet merit claims her praise; Through every tender tube they rove,

Nor will the, at her withering wreath repine, lo finer spirits strike the brain ;

But smile, if fame and fortune cherish thine.

The sciences in thy sweet genius charm, Wind quick through every fibrous grove, And seek, through porcs, the heart again.

And, with their ftrength, thy fox's softness arm

In thy full figures, painting's force we fied, If they with purer drops dilate,

As music fires, thy language lifts the mind. And lodge where entity began,

Thy power gives form, and touches into life They actuate with a genial heat,

The passions imag'd in their bleeding ftrife: And kindle into future man.

Contrasted strokes, true art and fancy show, But, when our lives are nature's due,

And lights and shades in lively mixtore flow. Air, seas, nor fire, their frames diffolve Hope attacks fear, and reason, love's controul, They matter, through all forms, pursue,

Jealousy wounds, and friendship heals the scul: And oft to genial heats revolve.

Black falsehood wears brighe gallantry's disgui:

And the gilt cloud enchants the fair-one's eyes Thus once an animalcule prov'd,

Thy dames, in grief and frailties lovely shine, When man, a patron to the bays; This patron was in Greece belov'd;

And when most mortal half appear divine. Yet fame was faithless to his praise.

If, when some godlike, favourite passion (ways

The willing heart too fatally obeys, In Rome this animalcule grew

Great minds lamcot what cruel censure blame, Mæcenas, whom the classics rate!

And ruin'd virtue generous pity claims. Among the Gauls, it prov'd Richlieu,

Eliza, Nill impatient love's powerful queen! In learning, power, and bounty great. Let love, soft love, exalt each swelling scene. In Britain, Halifax it rose;

Arm'd with keen wit, in fame's wide lift's a (By Halifax, bloom'd Congreve's Irains) ;

vance! And now it rediminish'd glows,

Spain yields in fiction, in politeness France To glide through godlıke Rutland's veins.

Such orient light, as the first poets knew,

Flames from thy thought, and brightens even A plague there is, too many know;

view! Too seldom perfect cures befal it:

A strong, a glorious, a luxuriant fire, The muse may term it beauty's foe;

Which warms cold wisdom into wild desire! In physic, the small-pox we call it.

Thy fable glows fu rich through every page, From Turks we learn this plague t'assuage, What mortal's force can the fierce heat afluage? They, by admitting, turn its course :

And yel-but say if ever doom'd co prove Thcir kiss will came the tunior's rage;

The lad, the dear perplexities of love! By yielding, they o’ercome the force. Where feeming transport foftens every pain, Thus Rutland did its touch invite,

Where fancy'd freedom waits the winning che While, watchful in the ambient air,

Varying from pangs to visionary joys, Thus little, guardian, subtil spright

Sweet is the fate, and charms as it destroys! Did with the poison in repair.

Say then- if love to sudden rage gives way, Th' infection from the heart it clears;

Will the soft passion not resume its sway

Charming, and charm'd, can love from love fett 'Th' infection, now dilated thin, In pearly pimples but appears,

Can a cold convent quench th' unwilling fore!

Precept, if human, may our thoughts refine, Expelld upon the surface skin.

More we admire ! but cannot prove divine. And now it, mouldering, wastes away :

'Tis goue ! -doom'd to return no inore! Our animalcule keeps its stay,

AN APOLOGY TO BRILLANTE, And mult new labyrinths explore.

FOR HAVING LONG OMITTED WRITING IN VEL. And now the noble's thoughts are seen,

In Imitation of a certain Minic of IraertalUnmark'd, it vicws his heart's desires ! It now reflects what it has been,

Can I matchless charins recite? Aud, rapturous, at his change adnires : Source of ever-springing light! Its pristine virtues kept, combine,

Could I count the vernal flowers, To be again in Rutland known

Count in endless time the hours ;

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Count the countless stars above,

Then could an empire's cause demand your care, Count the captive hearts of love;

The soul, that justly thinks, would greatly dare. Paint the torture of his fire,

Long has feigo'd Venus mock'd the muse's praise, Paint the pangs those cyes inspire !

You dart, divine Ophelia ! genuine rays ! (Pleasing torture, thus to shine,

Warm through those eyes enlivening raptures roll! Purify'd by fires like thine !)

Sweet through each ftriking feature streams your Then I'd strike the founding ftring !

foul! Then I'd thy perfection fing.

The soul's bright meanings heighten beauty's fires : Mystic world !—Thou something more! Your looks, your thonghts, your deeds, each grace Wonder of th' Almighty's store!

inspires ! Nature's depths we oft descry,

Know then, if rank'd with monarchs, here Oft they're pierc'd by learning's eye ;

you stand, Thou, if thought on thee would gain,

What fate declines, you from the muse demaod! Prov'lt (like heaven) enquiry vain.

Each grace that shone of old in each fanu'd fair, Charms unequal'd we pursue !

Or may in modern dames refinement wear; Charms in thining throngs we view !

Whate'er just, emulative thoughts pursue, Number'd then could nature's be,

Is all confirm'd, is all ador'd in you!
Nature's lelf were poor to thee.

If godlike bosoms pant fur power to bless,
If 'tis a monarch's glary to redress ;

In conscious majesty you shine serene,

In thought a heroine, and in act a queen.

VERSES. Wuile to your charms unequal verse I raise,

OCCASIONED BY READING MR. AARON HILL'S \w'd, I admire, and tremble as I praise :

POEM, CALLED iere art and genius new refinement need, Listening, they gaze, and, as they gaze, recede! Tbe lines marked thus '' are taken from Gideor. Can art or genius, or their powers combin'd, But from corporeal organs, sketch the mind?

Let other poets poorly fing l'hen sound embody'd can with shape surprise,

Their flatteries to the vulgar great!
The mufe may ennulate your voice and eyes. Her airy flight let wandering fancy wing,
Mark rival arts perfection's point pursuc !

And rival nature's most luxuriant store, lach rivals each, but to excel in you!

To swell some monster's pride, who shamcs a state, The bult and medal bear the meaning face,

Or form a wreath to crown tyrannic power! Ind the proud statue adds the posture's grace!

Thou, who inform’dst this clay with active fire! mag'd at length, the bury'd heroine, known,

Do thou, supreme of powers! my thoughts retill seems to wound, to smile, or frown in stone!

fine, is art would art, or metal stone furpass,

And with thy purelt heat my soul inspire, ler soul Itrikes, gleaming through Corinthian

That with Hillarius' worth my verle may shine! brass !

As thy lov'd Gideon once set Israel free, erene, the faint in smiling silver shincs,

So he with sweet, seraphic lays Ind cherubs weep in gold o'er sainted frines !

• Redeems the use of captive poetry,' (praise. f long-lost forms from Raphael's pencil glow,

Which first was formi'd to speak thy glorious Nondrous in warmeh the mimic colours flow ! Moses, with an enchanting tongue, cach look, each attitude, new grace displays; Pharoah's jutt overchrow sublimely sung! (our voice and motion life and music raise.

When Saul and Jonathan in death were laid, Thus Cleopatra in your charms refines; Surviving David felt the softening fire! She lives, the speaks, with force improv'd lbe shines ! And, by the Great Almighty's tuneful aid, fair, and more fair, you ev'ry grace transmit; Wak'd into endless life his mournful lyre. sove, learning, beauty, elegance, and wit. Their different thoughts, met in Hillarius' song, Cefar, the world's unrival'd master, fir'd,

Roll in one channel more divinely strong! n her imperial soul, his own admir'd!

With Pindar's fire his verse's fpirit flies, Philippi's victor wore her winning chain, • Wafted in charming music through the air!' And felt not empire's loss in beauty's gain.

Unstop'd by clouds, it reaches to the skies, Could the pale heroes your bright influence know, | And joins with angel's hallelujahs there, Or catch the filver accents as they flow,

Flows mix'd, and sweetiy itrikesth' Almighty's ear Drawn from dark rest by your enchanting straia,

Rebels should blush when they his Gideon see! Each shade were lur'd to life and love again.

That Gideon born to set his country free. Say, sweet inspirer! were each apnal known,

o that such heroes in each age might rise, What living greatness shines there not your own!

Brightening through vapours like the morning-star, If the griev'd muse by fome lov'd empress rose,

Generous to triumph, and in council wise! New itrength, new grace, it to your influence

Gentle in peace, but terrible in war! owes ! of power by war distinguish'd height reveals, When Gideon, Oreb, Hyram, Shimron shine Your nobler pride the wounds of fortunc heals! Fierce in the blaze of war as they engage!

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