Pseudoscience: a critical encyclopedia

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Greenwood Press, 15 באוק׳ 2009 - 191 עמודים

More than just a collection of factual entries, this rich resource explores the difference between scientific and pseudoscientific pursuits in a way that spurs readers to ask questions and formulate answers.

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BRIAN REGAL teaches American history and the history of science and technology at the TCI College of Technology in New York--the school originally founded by Guglielmo Marconi in 1909. His previous publications include Henry Fairfield Osborn: Race and the Search for the Origins of Man (Ashgate, 2002) and Human Evolution: A Guide to the Debates (ABC-CLIO, 2004). His most recent article is "Maxwell Perkins Editor of Eugenics" in The Princeton University Library Chronicle (February, 2005).

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