Jesus the Messiah - The Synoptic Tradition of the Revelation of God in Christ: With Special Reference to Form-Criticism

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"An exceedingly valuable and constructive book which should find a place on the shelves of every serious student of Christian origins and of every Christian minister.. A masterly examination of the teaching of Jesus both in relation to the contemporary apocalyptic background and to abiding Christian life in the world and the Church.. A book to be widely and often read." Contents Include: The Primitive Christian Confession - Form-Criticism and the Gospels - The 'Signs' or 'Might Works' of Jesus - The Teaching of Jesus - The Note of Crisis and Fulfilment - The Teaching of Jesus - Its Character as Religious and Ethical Absolute - The Messianic Categories in the Tradition - The Passion and Death of the Messiah - Epilogue: Jesus Messiah

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