Australia, from Port Macquarie to Moreton Bay: With Descriptions of the Natives, Their Manners and Customs, the Geology, Natural Productions, Fertility, and Resources of that Region; First Explored and Surveyed by Order of the Colonial Government

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T. and W. Boone, 1845 - 243 עמודים
Australia, from Port Macquarie to Moreton Bay with descriptions of the natives, their manners and customs, the geology, natural productions, fertility, and resources of that region first explored and surveyed by order of the colonial government.

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עמוד 255 - Treatise on the Principle and Construction of Military Bridges, and the Passage of Rivers in Military Operations.
עמוד 254 - We wish earnestly to call the attention of military men to the campaign before New Orleans. It is fraught with a fearful interest, and fixes upon the mind reflections of almost every hue. Captain...
עמוד 254 - New Orleans is penned by one of the ' occupation ;' whose soldier-like view and keen observation during the period of the stirring events he so well relates, has enabled him to bring before the public the ablest account that has yet been given of that ill-fated and disgraceful expedition, and also to rescue the troops who were employed on it from those degrading reflections which have hitherto unjustly been insinuated against them.
עמוד 250 - I have uever known an instance of a general officer who has shewn to a higher degree than he has done all the requisite qualifications to enable him to conduct great operations. He has manifested the utmost discretion and prudence in the formation of his plans, the utmost activity in perfecting his preparations to ensure success; and finally the utmost zeal, gallantry, and science, in carrying those plans and preparations into execution.
עמוד 249 - NAPIER'S JUSTIFICATION OF HIS THIRD VOLUME, forming a Sequel to his Reply to various Opponents, and containing some new and curious facts relative to the BATTLE OF ALBUERA.
עמוד 245 - Europe, as also of the professional skill with which those materials have been arranged for the complete development of that ever memorable conflict, offers a sufficient guarantee for a similar application of the author's unwearied zeal and research in the task he has undertaken of supplying what still remains a desideratum in our national history and military...
עמוד 103 - Sea Reach, that it was quite dark when we got to the entrance of the river; which, out of respect to His Excellency the Governor, under whose orders the bay was examined, was now honoured with the name of Brisbane River. The whole of the next day was spent in sounding the entrance and traversing the country in the vicinity of Red Cliff Point, and we did not reach the vessel until late in the night of the...
עמוד 255 - I was dining out, an old gentleman asked me whether the officers who were on guard in London, on the day of the Derby, did not receive a compensatory pension from government; nay, so firmly convinced was he that such was the case, that I had some difficulty in persuading him that his impression on the subject was erroneous."—Preface.
עמוד 102 - Ebb tide and depth of water, induce me to conclude that the River will be found navigable for vessels of Burden to a much greater distance, probably not less than 50 miles. There was no appearance of the River being...

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