Counseling Fathers

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Chen Z. Oren, Dora Chase Oren
Taylor & Francis, 23 ביוני 2009 - 344 עמודים

Men do not often come for counseling because they are having difficulties with being a father, but many of the presenting problems and reasons for seeking help can be related to the roles and responsibilities of fathering. The dramatic shift in societal expectations of being a father can often leave men confused as they navigate conflicting views, demands, and responsibilities.

Counseling Fathers is designed to bridge the gap between fathers and professional helpers. This book provides the mental health practitioners with a guide for working with fathers in therapy, whether the issues of fathering are at the center of the discussions or in the background. The organization of the book speaks to the variety of today's fathers and the issues that they face. Part I provides an historical overview of the fathering movement, a strength-based approach to working with fathers, and an assessment paradigm using gender role conflict theory. Part II takes a cross-cultural approach, with a series of chapters that look at counseling with Latino, Asian, Black, and Caucasian fathers. Part III looks at specific populations of fathers, including first time fathers, teen fathers, stay-at-home fathers, gay fathers, and older fathers. Counseling Fathers provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive resource for family and individual practitioners who work with men who father.


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Chapter 1 The New Fathering Movement
Chapter 2 Counseling Fathers from a StrengthBased Perspective
Chapter 3 An Assessment Paradigm for Fathers and Men in Therapy Using Gender Role Conflict Theory
Counseling Fathers Ac ross Ethnic Groups
Culture Machismo and Spirituality
Chapter 5 Working With Asian American Fathers
Present and Responsible Black Fathers
Affirming Cultural Strengths While Addressing White Male Privilege
Chapter 8 Challenges and Clinical Issues in Counseling Religiously Affiliated Fathers
Chapter 9 Increasing Clinical and Contextual Awareness When Working With New Fathers
Chapter 10 Working Therapeutically With StayatHome Fathers
A Developmentally Sensitive StrengthBased Approach
Stepping Into the New Frontier
Chapter 13 Counseling Older Fathers
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Counseling Specific Pop ulations of Fathers

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