Street Kids: The Lives of Runaway and Thrownaway Teens

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McFarland, Incorporated, Publishers, 13 באפר׳ 2010 - 244 עמודים
This timely book explores the complex and persistent problem of street kids in America, children who have run away or been forced to leave home--for reasons that include childhood sexual abuse and neglect, drug abuse, mental health and behavioral problems, sexual promiscuity, and issues related to gender identity. These children often become the victims of sexual exploitation by pimps, prostitution customers, pornographers, and pedophiles. Violence, sexually transmitted diseases, and substance abuse frequently result. The author discusses laws and programs designed to combat the commercial sexual exploitation of these vulnerable youth.

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R. Barri Flowers is a literary criminologist and mystery novelist with nearly 40 books and numerous articles to his credit. He is a recipient of the Wall of Fame Award from Michigan State University's renowned School of Criminal Justice.

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