תמונות בעמוד

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Forgive this helisur Discourse, Melebue, and impube vorne ofite faultiformes fanesent weakness, and hoa mind uneasy tile bil it had exprefeld dere stille spati Lede van de miration and who Knew noteskether it should ever have an opportunity of evenneberning ito Shawlme. hawe the honour to be with the highest respecto M. le soue,

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mortobliged mid Berkeley square morttevoted humble Jeronut Sam 6. vers.

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Having had Daumerous Shelapove, it war impofrible for toe, who le Dece, hores firefomy Flauthod od voonas Iwicked, for the speat pleasure va felt at the graciou a mente zou koue condescended to one to mej hekebing Resoured by pointing Your Translation FR2, Sconfeft formed that anpitious Wake-Butry Maniley was not bold enough to the tirpalamy lepo. Swear courious that I was already tattoo nobley Dihinaquiched by having the Bur' Jestivernois fermy Franslator, and the fullest pridecet humble content to Potteritief that vome time or other the beautiful meritofttel Version wohld dispell all tompábinerek and break out and shinaimpublicera

Intoxicated nd I am with this new Youdereenviou, belieumele de Dues helloonis not the sole usperienhofenezbatisfaction. Sourinkimahe vominku kion of bestowing more of your happy Halentin Franslation on an Suglisiz Author infinitely more worthy of emelezing Gour Pow; and more congenial, ache ware capital Pock. When the specimens zou Kase grisen from Milton Male oppear in the lifecy on Gardening, Farmine wicc demand more from jour Kard, and Ickéle be pabboned for awing minemployed sourmomenke, vince I have ban the session of a pur Youmbrey's hearing Rat zou ose it the brightest use of all your power and your Country neverdid, nor ever will when Lervices from you in vain.

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Printing the Translation of drawbem Hille tho aware of all the Difficulties that wilt'stlend the Sceention in the manner Swable wisho iliy Printer i totally ignorant of the French Language, which must make him foroceed very Howoles. I nok onliz ought but will nevrise and comecheverny pugemizself; whichi, Sievided my Printing Slowe being in the Counboy will prevent mybeginning the Funzorefion bill'Fam Bottled at trawberry Hile Weither I go w Funei

The Inderval, however, allows me trocha opeat Favourimorider that may foredren an Sdition sur litterenworthy of the West ar shall be in my power. The Your Shed the honour ofreceiving is writinin vuk very small anaekers that brey Arinter unseuntamed to French Mamuteristiwwili mahewielefe taistelle and confusion Might Floke the fiberty of Begging het the Duele Nivensis worldónderone sthis teesetories have no me another Wopy framseribedinguery Paroge and distinct Rand of both the Festand Nohe, with theprawid recent exactly w the well phone to have the whole pointed; Seouldnotouentrest my own! Diligence and Atentiow without Bhis effechamelo

Perkiapo Fam going to un cereaborad borgeat Freddom: Mis kullereom municakás do meiacerection of four of the lines how taked from kilkor. Flouth and all tretend to judge which are the better, as French Pockey-buhan English ear cannot helfe being homejudied in favour of the first Franslation Vangelo Jam aware, how not the voint presive signification in considh winenglish. Las the former. Shnowit implies no more than a perenkwithses ühisme conlinel to vigorify a whil-pond, which is one of the Jungpasisuk ofancient Gara dems which the Modem. Jaike motheondemus; oud when followed by the words


quicans de retourner, seems more shongley to convey the idea of a lineal Canal. This, I confift, is a meer English objection; get, Town too, that un Heuse poolond sounds home more nobly foodie Phin un large Yanato pobuse. Que Jardin, i shobo myimagination more bob and i Hiltonie than se perd voud un monk but this criticism Soffer with himidity and Pumiling, sound sabrit with proper deference bolha better judgment of a koue Treneh Bach swt Critie.

Shear the Honour the be, with the clinout respectand grabitele, thie Failure de Hivernaie's

mort obliged and most devoked London, Birkeley Saquare

Lumble servant


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