תמונות בעמוד

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capital Poet. When the specimens zou have given from ilillen shall appear in the Sefeay on Gardening, France wilt demand more from e jour Fand, and Solace be pardoned for having seinemployed your momento, vince have been the ocession of apur Yountry's hearing Alat zou owe it She brightest were of receipur pocenardazur Peruby neverdio, norever will when Lerinces from you in vain.

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Painting the Franslation at dirawlery Hele_ to aware ofulehe Bifficultia that wile-atlend the Steention in the manner Surable wisho illiyrinker i fofalley iquorant of the Foench Language, which must malke Kimproceed very Howly. I not only ought Butwice neorie and emeekeweryfange myself, which, sendes my Printing House being in the Country, will prevent my beginning the Sangarefisnkite sam wettid at daarbiary file, weither Igriw Fune:

The Interval, however, allows me to own a great Favour, in order that I may forever an Stihion we terenworthy of the Work ar Radbe in my power. The your I had the Honour of receiving is written in such very small characten, that say Printer, unaruhamed to French Maniseriptumcls make suisbuke minbacher and confusion Might Flankethe Eberty of Begging Hat the Due de Nivernais mokeld onder one ofhie deschises howed me another Wory hansika üzvoney large and diskách Rund of both the Festand Nobe, wok hopsad recent exactly no te woulo phan to have the whole prindez Seouldiatamentrout my own Diligence and Attention without this effectures

Perhaps I am going to un speaker and for great freedom. Mit seller communicakid to main conection of lourofthedinés hantaded frometiltoo. Soudt at all pretend to judge which are the better, and French Pochrez but an English ear cannot help bring sorejudiced in favour of the first Translation final, vam aware, how not the varme preside signification in Sharesw'n winenglish.

the former. Fanowilimpolis nomene Han a Yemenkwithus ühise confined to signify a stout pond, which is one of the Ingredients of ancient Gardeur which the Modem Taile mostrandemnd; suid wifion Followes by the warto


que van de detourner, reems more strongly to convey the dea of a lineal Canai. This, I confift, is a meer English objection; get, Town too, that un Pleuse profond sounds home more nobly podie Phan untange Yauaks (fokuse Que Jardin, is slobo my imagination more bold and iMiltonie than de perd voud un monk but this criticism Soffer with himility and lumiliky send submit with proper deference to the better judgment of a true French Poet and

Share the Famour habe, withofhaubenoot repect and gralikule, the Due de Nivernoid's

mert otliged and most devoted London, Bosheleg Squan ,

Hor. Walpole


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