The Chinese Classics, כרך 5,חלק 1

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קטעים בולטים

עמוד lx - at all points of the circle described by man's intelligence, the Chinese mind seems occasionally to have caught glimpses of a heaven far beyond the range of its ordinary ken and vision?'1 Well — we have examined the model summary of history from the stylus of the sage, and it testifies to three characteristics of his mind which it is painful to have thus distinctly to point out. First, he had no reverence for truth in history, — I may say no reverence for truth, without any modification.
עמוד xiii - Each one is designed to commemorate a fact; but whether that fact be a display of virtue calculated to command our admiration, or a deed of atrocity fitted to awaken our disgust, it can hardly be said that there is anything in the language to convey to us the shadow of an idea of the author's feeling about it. The notices, for we cannot call them narratives, are absolutely unimpassioned. A base murder and a shining act of heroism are chronicled just as the eclipses of the sun are chronicled. So and...
עמוד 312 - Fun-maon, who laboured in wooden carts and tattered hempen clothes to bring the hills and forests under cultivation. He made this proverb for them also, ' People's weal depends on diligence ; with diligence there is no want.
עמוד 287 - ... were represented, and (instructions were given) of the preparations to be made in reference to them, so that the people might know the sprites and evil things. Thus the people, when they went among the rivers, marshes, hills, and forests, did not meet with the injurious things, and the hill-sprites, monstrous things, and water-sprites, did not meet with them (to do them injury). Hereby a harmony was secured between the high and the low, and all enjoyed the blessing of Heaven.
עמוד 287 - (The strength of the kingdom) depends on the (sovereign's) virtue, and not on the tripods. Anciently, when Hea was distinguished for its virtue, the distant regions sent pictures of the (remarkable) objects in them. The nine pastors sent in the metal of their provinces, and the tripods were cast, with representations on them of those objects. All the objects were represented, and (instructions were given) of the preparations to be made in reference to them, so that the people might know the sprites...
עמוד 314 - He has called in shields and spears; He has returned to their cases bows and arrows. I will seek true virtue. And display it throughout the great land, That as king I may indeed preserve our appointment.
עמוד lxi - ... liable to do this. Third, he had more sympathy with power than with weakness, and would overlook wickedness and oppression in authority rather than resentment and revenge in men who were suffering from them. He could conceive of nothing so worthy of condemnation as to be insubordinate.2 Hence he was frequently partial in his judgments on what happened to rulers, and unjust in his estimate of the conduct of their subjects.
עמוד xcv - The sun and moon announce evil, Not keeping to their proper paths. All through the kingdom there is no proper government, Because the good are not employed. For the moon to be eclipsed Is but an ordinary matter. Now that the sun has been eclipsed, — How bad it is ! "Grandly flashes the lightning of the thunder; — There is a want of rest, a want of good.
עמוד 84 - matters of legal process, whether small or great, although I may not be able to search them out thoroughly, I make it a point to decide according to the real circumstances.
עמוד xxxviii - CWun-ts'ew, but so fully developed, and so much superior to the latter, that it has been said, "In no ancient history of any country have we such a vivid picture of any lengthened period of its annals, as we have from Tso of the 270 years he has embraced in this work.

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