תמונות בעמוד


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giving to the Father of spirits for of her religion was, as you have her release from this body of sin heard, placed upon the rock Christ, and death, and for the grace and and laid deep in humility. She mercy which he had bestowed on was an eminent pattern of faith, his servant then just departed in hope, and joy in the Holy Ghost; his true faith and fear.

of industry, fidelity, disinterestedThis, my brethren, is indeed ness, devotion, thankfulness, pathe duty of us all, as members of tience, meekness, and charity. that one body whereof Christ Je- Blemishes she certainly had, besus in heaven is the glorious head. cause she was a partaker of our If we speak of the excellencies of common, human, fallen nature; the faithful, it is with a view not to but they were the spots of God's exalt them, but to glorify God in children. For my own part, I can them, and to magnify him for that truly assert, that I know not what great grace which he bestows upon they were. Yet I doubt not but his saints. Blessed, then, be the she felt inward corruptions, which God and Father of our Lord Jesus she knew, notwithstanding the upChrist, who hath blessed this and rightness and unblameableness of all other his servants with all spiri- her conduct in the sight of men, tual blessings in heavenly things in would bring her in guilty before that Christ, according as he hath just and holy God who searcheth chosen them in him, that they the reins and trieth the heart. should be holy and without blame These, doubtless, she daily deplored before him in love; having pre- before him, and sought to have destinated them unto the adoption washed out in the precious blood of of children by Jesus Christ unto her Redeemer. Whilst from himself, according to the good principle of love and duty she stupleasure of his will, to the praise of diously and uniformly did all those the glory of his grace, wherein he good works which God had prehath made them accepted in the pared for her to walk in, she utBeloved, in whom they have re- terly renounced her own righteousdemption through his blood, even as a mean of justification. the forgiveness of their sins; ac- That she acknowledged to be at the cording to the riches of his grace, best but filthy rags; and therefore wherein he hath abounded towards she trusted to the merits of Jesus them in all wisdom and prudence. Christ alone for acceptance. His And may the same God, the God righteousness she gloried in, and of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Fa- that only. Therewith she looked ther of glory, give unto us all the to be clothed at the great day of spirit of wisdom and revelation in his appearing, and to be presented the knowledge of him; that, the in that robe perfect and spotless eyes of our understanding being en- before the throne of God. lightened, we may know what is “ My brethren, the circumthe hope of his calling, and what stances I have adduced are undethe riches of the glory of his inhe- niable evidences of the power of ritance in the saints; and what is religion in the soul. They are the exceeding greatness of his facts which incontestably prove power to them that believe, ac- the truth of the divine promises. cording to the working' of his They show, that the faithful sermighty power.'

vants of God do not follow cun“ Thus have I given you a faith- ningly devised fables when they ful delineation of the character of speak of his goodness, mercy, and the deceased. I think it may safe- love to their souls, but are witly be affirmed to be that of an ex- nesses, experimental witnesses, of alted Christian. The foundation their reality and influence. May we



you are the

The pro

all be enabled to produce equal- cross. You know not what a day ly clear and satisfactory evidences may bring forth. It may be the of our conversion to God! May we last opportunity that is afforded seek to be led by the same Spirit, you. Behold, now is the appointand follow our departed friend as ed time! Behold, now is the day she followed Christ! It is of the of salvation.' To-day, therefore, utmost importance to us all to ex- hear his voice inviting, persuading, amine ourselves impartially, and entreating you to turn to him and consider seriously, whether

be saved. • O stop not your ears possess this renewed state of heart and harden not your hearts, lest he and mind, whether we are really swear in his wrath that you

shall the children of God, and conse- never enter into his rest.' quently can entertain a well-ground- As for you, my friends, in ed hope of entering into eternal rest. whom the Spirit beareth witness Are there any among us whose con- with your spirit, that sciences accuse them of alienation children of God, you not only enfrom God, of love to sin, of slavery joy the highest honour and happito Satan, of undue conformity to ness in this world, in the comthe world; know that God is greater munion and love of the Father and than your heart, and knoweth all of our Lord Jesus Christ, but you things. If you continue in this have also in yourselves an earnest state, you must be wretched here of unutterable and eternal felicity and miserable for ever.

Without a in the world to come. meetness for heaven, you can have spect of that glorious rest reserved no share in the inheritance of the in heaven for you, who are kept by saints in light. The merits of the power of God through faith Christ himself, infinite as they unto salvation, will bear you up are and all-sufficient for the sal- under all the labours and sorrows, vation of the whole world, yet can- the trials and temptations to which not be applied to you if you re- you may be exposed in your pasmain impenitent. • Without holi- sage through this wilderness to the ness no one shall see the Lord;' heavenly Canaan. " You have a therefore, unless you are sanctified strong consolation who have fled by his Spirit you can derive no be- for refuge to the hope set before nefit from his atonement. Awake, you, which hope is as an anchor of then, thou that sleepest, and arise the soul sure and steadfast, and enfrom the dead, and Christ shall tereth into that within the veil, give thee light! Seek a conformity whither the forerunner is for you to the divine image, that you may entered, even Jesus Christ. Have be qualified to enjoy the divine no confidence in yourselves, but presence. Jesus saves his people place all your dependence upon from their sins. That salvation is God. Trust ye in the Lord for begun here by grace and perfected ever; for in the Lord Jehovah is hereafter in glory. Your present everlasting strength. Lead a life redemption from the love and of closer communion with him, power of sin is the only sure token and unreserved obedience to him. you can possess of your preserva- Be ready to do and suffer his will tion from the future punishment of in all things. Let your conversait. Close instantly with the gracious tion be as becometh the Gospel of offers made to you in the Gospel. Christ; avoid every appearance of Fly to the Saviour of sinners with- evil, and study to adorn the docout delay for pardon, grace, and trine of God our Saviour, at all strength. Lose not a moment in times, in all places, and under all securing peace and reconciliation circumstances.

Be not weary in with God through the blood of his well-doing, but be steadfast and .JULY 1823,


upmoveable, always abounding in death shall be no niore; you shall the work of the Lord. Be instant rest in his eternal kingdom, and be and fervent in prayer, and He who unceasingly employed in ascribing hath begun a good work in . you salvation to Him who sitteth upon will perfect it unto the day of Je- the throne and unto the Lamb for sus Christ. Then sorrow and sigh- ever and ever.” ing shall flee away, and sin and

O WERE I landed on that happy shore,
Where guilt defiles, where Satan tempts no more;
On that bright coast, whence sorrow wings her way,
And doubts and darkness yield to radiant day;
Where saints enraptur'd view. their Saviour's face,
And share the glories of his boundless grace;
That happy land, where seraphs tune the lyre,
And Adam's sons unite and swell the choir !

Could I but speed with wings of morning light,
I'd turn from earth to heav'n my ardent flight;
I'd quit this scene, this sinful, earthly clod,
Mount up in faith, and dwell with Christ my God.
But ah! the thought, the hope, the wish is vain;
I dwell on earth, and feel my heavy chain;
In Kedar's tent still fix'd is my abode,
My feet still press on Mesech's miry road;
Dark clouds arise and veil yon heav'nly sky,
Waves rise on waves still following as I fly.

Thus reels the bark oppress’d with wind and wave,
No coast to shelter and no port to save ;
Each rending plank sends forth the sick’ning groan,
Responsive to some sad, unpitied moan:
Still howls the storm where rocks beneath are spread,
While thunders echo round the seaman's head.

Blest souls! escap'd from life's tempestuous main,
No more to brave its gaping floods again;
Your port is gain’d-ye hail the joyvus strand,
Safe guided by your heav'nly Pilot's hand.

Come, gracious Spirit, source of joys divine,
For whom all other joys I would resign!
Lead, lead me to the fount whence comforts flow
To cheer the fainting traveller below.
O lead me to thyself! be thine my will,
And say to ev'ry tempest, Peace, be still!"
Break, genial morn, dispel each gloomy shade,
With light and love be all my soul array'd.
Bright morning star, one cheering beam convey;
And thou, O sun, bring on the glorious day,
That day which sets th’imprison'd 'spirit free,
Tears it from earth and centres all in thee.

Thus mourn'd yon pilgrim, when the low'ring sky
Frown'd gath’ring storms and forc'd the beart-felt sigh.
But He who hears affliction's ev'ry moan,
And smiles in love e'en while his children groan,
In mercy sent bis Spirit from above,
With tender accents whisp'ring “ God is love!”
As breaks the gloom when midnight speeds away,
And morn advances on the wings of day ;
So, lighter than the air, his sorrows fled,
As faith drew near, and rais'd his drooping head;
Bade him to rest on Jesu's promis'd aid,
And wait for joys that never, never fade!







such he was once to us; but I I hope that mode of private trust we have been blest with the prayer which you have adopted surest, the most stupendous, and has been the result of your own most endearing pledge of his love convictions rather than of my sug- redemption and reconciliation to gestion, and that you experience him by the blood of Christ; and the benefit I had anticipated. In that in consequence the love of whatever way you address your God has been shed abroad in heavenly Father, may it be always our hearts.” If, then, our God is under a deep sense of his awful love, how can we be disinclined to majesty and immediate presence, hold frequent communion with without dissimulation or

him? how can

we fear to ask on the one hand, and on the other, largely of him at the throne of without pharisaical verboseness grace? how can we ever be misor irreverent familiarity.

trustful of his goodness? and why As you apprehend your want of do we ever fail to return him love leisure to answer my letter will for love, and daily to present ourcontinue for some time, and it will selves to him “ a living sacrifice,” therefore be out of my power to which is “ reasonable,” so deadapt my communications to your lightful a “ service ?” It is true existing circumstances, I shall in that we occasionally perceive him the interim, as opportunities may hiding his face from us, and exeroffer, substitute a few plain and ercising us with the rod of correcspontaneous remarks on some inte- tion. But this discipline is for the resting portion of Scripture, leav- healing, not the destruction, of our ing you to amplify them by your souls; for, “ whom the Lord loveth own meditations.

he chasteneth, and scourgeth every 1 John, iv. 16. “ God is love." son whom he receiveth ;" and If we did not know by sad expe- though he hides his face for a little rience, we should think it impos- moment, yet with everlasting kindsible that a believer could be so ness he regards his people. O little influenced by the multitude of then let us ever bear in mind his endearing and encouraging declara- unchangeable love. Let us bless tions which are made in the Scrip- him in health and prosperity, and tures of truth. On the important trust him in affliction and adverarticle of the pardon of sin, he is sity; and remember, that however assured that his sins are forgiven our circumstances may vary, his him for Christ's sake. In refer- eternal loving-kindness orders them ence to the relation lie stands in all, and that if he has once loved to God, he is told that he is a child us he will love us to the end. of God, a member of his household These, my dear G. are poor faint or family. And if he inquires what effusions on such a subject; but God is to him, pre-eminently and God can bless them to you. O emphatically, under the Gospel may He who is love itself dwell in dispensation, the Apostle declares you, and teach you experimentally, God is love.” None, indeed, in spirit if not merely in the letter, but the believer in Christ can know “ what is its height, and depth, and him under this endearing character. breadth, and length," for Christ's To the wicked he is “ a consuming sake. Amen. fire” and a God of terror; and



Lord's CONDEMNATION AND DEATH. Isaiah, liii. 8.—He was taken from And the eunuch answered Philip

prison and from judgment, and and said, I pray thee of whom who shall declare his generation? 'speaketh the Prophet this? of himfor he was cut off out of the land self or of some other man? Then of the living : for the transgres- Philip opened his mouth, and besion of my people was he stricken. gan at the same Scripture, and

This verse and the preceding preached unto him Jesus.” Acts, cannot but remind us of that simple ix. 31–35. and affecting narrative recorded in “ He was taken from prison and the ninth chapter of the Acts of from judgment:" i. e. He was arthe Apostles, of the conversion of raigned and condemned in a most the Ethiopian eunuch. He had violent, arbitrary, and illegal manbeen to Jerusalem to worship, and ner, contrary to all law and justice. as he returned his Bible was his He was not cast into prison and companion. He read it as he sat afterwards brought to a fair trial, in his chariot, and in this way but proceeded against, not only unsought to keep alive in his heart justly but in the most summary those serious impressions which the manner. He was hurried away as grace of God had made. Not soon as his enemies had taken him, inany of his rank, it is to be feared, allowed no time for his defence, make the sacred Scriptures the brought forth to answer the accusacompanion of their journeys; but tions of false witnesses, urged to there are some whom divine grace · say something that might give a has taught to love and to reverence colour to the sentence of condemnthe word of God, and this pious ation which his enemies were deternobleman was one of the number. mined to pass upon him, and then God, who never leaves the humble accused before Pilate, and his imand serious inquirer after divine mediate execution demanded with truth, had provided for him a suit- great clamour and violence. able teacher. Philip, who but a his humiliation his judgment was short time before had preached taken away.”—“ He was taken off Christ in the city of Samaria with by the magistracy, and by a judigreat success, was directed to cial trial.”

cial trial.” But the magistracy meet this pious man, and as soon were then most corrupt and wicas he saw him, the Spirit ordered ked, and they acted not as upright him to go near and converse with and impartial judges, but as the him. He asked him in the first determined and implacable enemies place, whether he understood what of the blessed Jesus. It is one of he was reading. He said, How the blessings of that form of governcan I, except some man should ment under which we live, and it is guide me ? and he desired Philip a blessing which we ought to be that he would come up and sit with thankful for, that such violent prohim. The place of the sacred ceedings are not suffered in our Scriptures which he read was this, courts of justice. No man's life He was led as a sheep to the can be taken from him by a judislaughter, and like a lamb dumb cial sentence contrary to law, nor before his shearer, so opened he can any accused person say that his not his mouth : in his humiliation judgment is taken away. But the his judgment was taken away: and Lord Jesus was unjustly and illewho should declare his generation? gally condemned, and in his trial for his life is taken from the earth. (if trial it can be called) bribery,

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