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modern times, both within and master in Israel, advising a youthwithout the Establishment, espe- ful minister to take such a book as cially by the valuable productions Baxter's Call to the Unconverted, of the Rev. Mr. Simeon. We can- and to abridge it so as to form one not but conceive táis volume well or at most two sermons from it; calculated for usefulness; and and if those who are newly enterthough differing on some points ing upon the ministerial work were from the Author, who writes espe- thus to employ their time in abridgcially for preachers not belonging ing, and modernizing, and arranging to the Establishment, we apprehend for themselves sketches and skethe perusal of his conversations letons of sermons from the works may be highly beneficial to young of our elder divines, they would ministers among ourselves.

much sooner

become good stewards The two other publications are of the manifold mysteries of God especially intended for the use of than they possibly can be by atlay preachers, and contain in the tempting to fill up the outlines of whole eight volumes nearly four others; which, after all their exerhundred sketches of sermons. The tions, will often assume a lean and first volume of The Preacher is in- barren appearance. troduced by an essay on the com- Such an employment will indeed position of a sermon from the pen require labour and exertion : but of the late pious and judicious An- no man has a right to be idle ; and drew Fuller, from which, did our of all the idle beings upon earth, limits allow, we should be disposed none is so contemptible and so crito extract largely, and which is minal as the idle minister, and well worthy of being printed in a none will have so awful an account detached form. Several of the to render at that day when preachsketches in these four volumes dis- ers and hearers shall together applay the hand of a master, and we pear before the judgment-seat of should not be surprised if some of Christ. Nor are those who underthem proceeded from the same pen take to teach in any way, whether by which the Essay was written. as stated or occasional ministers, There is not, however, by any or as lay preachers, exempt from a means, either in The Preacher or solemn responsibility. While the in the Sketches of Sermons, that general diffusion of religious knowaccuracy of division, and that clear ledge is increased, it is of the utand lucid arrangement, which are most importance to take care that so striking in the valuable Helps its quality be not deteriorated; and and Horæ Homileticæ of Mr. Si- few things tend more to lower the

At the same time, it is standard of true religion, than the scarcely possible that so numerous crude, and partial, and imperfect an assemblage of discourses could effusions which are sometimes digbe collected without containing nified with the name of sermons. many valuable sketches, which We say not that this is the case may be filled up into admirable with the discourses of lay or occaand useful discourses.

sional preachers, for of them we It may, however, admit of a have no opportunity of judging; but doubt, how far the persons for some expressions in the Preface to whose use these volumes are espe- these Sketches of Sermons lead us cially published are competent to to fear, that the persons by whom such an undertaking. We are in- lay preaching is, generally speakclined to think that young preach- ing, encouraged, are not sufficiently ers, usually speaking, succeed bet

aware of the rapid deterioration to ter at abridgment than expansion. which that system is necessarily We remember one eminently a exposed.



A MORE interesting and exbilarating spec- Socinians, who deny the Lord that bought tacle was scarcely ever witnessed than that them—the want of love and charity prewhich was exhibited at Christ Church, vailing among others; and then especially Newgate Street, on Monday evening, May enlarged on the universal prevalence of the 5. The whole of that vast fabric was filled empire of Satan in the beathen world, as with the numerous assemblage collected alike displayed in the corrupt systems of from every quarter, to unite in ferrent ancient philosophy, or the barbarous pracprayer and listen to the Anniversary Ser- tices of the New Zealanders; remarking in mon before the Church Missionary Society. striking terms, that idolatry in every shape The service was read with the utruost de- was the worship of devils, and that the votion and solemnity by the bighly esteem

features and character of idolatry were ed Vicar, the Rer. S. Crowther, M. A.; and falsehood end licentiousness. Mr. C, then the sermon, as our readers will anticipate, glanced at the widely extended horrors of was preached by the Rev.J. W. Cunningham, the slave-trade, and closed the whole of M. A. Vicar of Harrow. The text selected this part of the subject by adverting to the on this occasion was John, xii. 31, 32. assaults of Satan on the true believer. Now shall the prince of this world be cast In considering the predicted overthrow. out ; and I, if I be lifted up from the earth, of this empire, Mr. C. referred to the prowill draw all men unto me. Mr. C. com- phecies concerning Christ as the seed of menced bis discourse by noticing the con- the woman, &c. and then proceeded to clusions of human reason as to the ex- point out the degree in which this victory istence of other classes of intellectual be- had already been accomplished; wbat is ings besides ourselves, and referring to the now doing, and what shall hereafter be efopinions of Socrates and the wiser heathens fected. He noticed the triumphs of relion the subject of dæmons, the importance gion in three quarters of the globe-the as well as the correctness of which state- quality of that religion which was commuments admit of considerable doubt. Mr. nicated—not a spurious Christianity, not a C. then proceeded to notice the empire of nominal outward profession, but a religion Satan upon earth, and the destruction of which exbibited the purest spirit of the that empire by the power of the Son of Gospel of Christ. He then dwelt upon God. In illustrating the empire of Satan, the advantages of this country for the proMr. C. adverted to the scriptural account motion of the work of missions, in that of this great enemy as the god and prince of true religion was professed among us, and this world; to the agents he employs, and that we possessed the most important stations the means by which be carries on his work throughout the world, and had the means, of destruction. He then defined with pre- through our extended commerce, of visiting cision the peculiar features by which the these stations with effect. He adverted government of Satan is distinguished, as an to the progress of education--the universal empire uf falsehood, error, cruelty, and attachment to missionary efforts--the sensuality. He noticed the extent of this growth of true religion among ourselves dominion, which might be considered as and the prevalence of prayer for the outvisible or invisible. The empire of Satan pouring of the Holy Spirit. He then adis visible where the true God is not known; verted to the completion of the overthrow invisible where the soul is subject to sinful which we were authorized to anticipate, lusts, though outwardly belonging to the and called upon his hearers not to be disvisible church. After making this distinc- couraged by obstacles, but to arouse themtion, he noticed the extent of Satan's em- selves to efforts commensurate with the pire under various heads, as the imposture magnitude of the object in which they were of Mahomet-the obduracy of the Jews engaged, and especially to exalt the cross the corruptions of Popery—the fundamen- of Christ as that which should most effectal errors of some nominal Protestants, as tually destroy the works of the devil..

ANNIVERSARY OF THE CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY. Every part of Freemasons' Hall was fully of their salvation. His Lordship expressed occupied with a numerous and highly re- the delight with which he witnessed so spectable assembly, when the President, many excellent men and pious women asLord Gambier, took the chạir at the usual sembled in support of the great cause of the hour of twelve o'clock on Tuesday, May 6. Missionary Society; while at the same time

His Lordship opened the business of the it was a deeply affecting consideration, that day by reminding the assembly, that they since last they met together some millions were met together in a holy cause, and of immortal beings were removed from the should therefore lift up their hearts in earth without tbe knowledge of the true thankful praise, and be joyful in the God God; and still more affecting, that many millions yet remained who had never heard rishing beathen? Nothing is wanting to his game. The conclusion from this was, effect this but the divine blessing on our that we should renew our exertions. Large- exertions. Already nearly twenty African ly we have received, let us largely give. youths are preparing for instructors of their

His Lordsbip then called upon the Rev. countrymen. Meanwhile, from every part Mr. Pratt to read the Report.

of the world, and especially from the East, This commenced with an expression of from Calcutta, Cotym, &c. more assistgratitude to different friends for their as- ance is carnestly required. They call for sistance in visiting the various auxiliary more devoted missionaries; and if such societies during the past year. It noticed can be found who have been well instructed the vast increase of the Society's funds and in our own universities, they migbt be exertions. During the first thirteen years, most advantageously employed in training the gross amount of its receipts only up future pastors to the beathen, wbo might aniounted to 22,000l.; in the last year prove of incalculable benefit to succeeding alone they had received upwards of 32,000l. generations. The urgency of the case, and It stated, that the most promising fields of the indispensable necessity of communiusefulness were opening on every side ; that cating a more appropriate instruction to the the missions to Africa and India might be missionaries sent forth by this Society, bave extended with the utmost facility and suc- determined the Committee, after much decess ; and that had the Society one hun- liberation, to form a seminary under their dred more missionaries, and funds equal to own immediate inspection; and they have their support, they might be advantage- in consequence purchased suitable preously placed and employed. Tbe Report mises at Islington, consisting of a house, then adverted to the increasing number of offices, and garden, &c.; in addition to missionaries. In the tenth year of the So- which they are about to erect a plain subciety they had only nine missionaries em- stantial building for the accommodation of ployed, not one of wbom was an 'English twenty students, confidently trusting that clergyman; they had now more than the liberality of the Christian public will NINETY European missionaries, of whom enable them to complete this important obTWENTY-TWO are English clergymen. No ject without encroacbigg on the regular anless than nineteen labourers had been sent nual income of the Society, which is barely out to their respective destinations during equal to the current expenditure. The exthe past year.

The offers for missionary pense of the purchase, buildings and neservice were very numerous, and the Com- cessary furniture, will amount to the sum mittee endeavoured to use tbe utmost care of ten thousand pounds, which the Commitin the selection of those which were ac- tee hope may be raised by a separate subcepted. Fifty-seven persons had offered scription. The Committee express their full their services during the past year, of whom conviction, that the proposed plan will not eighteen had been accepted, twenty-seven only be found most effectual in the prepadeclined, and twelve were still under con- ration of suitable missionaries, but that it sideration. Twenty-two students

will eventually prove, in a pecuniary point pow preparing at the Society's expense for of view, the most economical. future service.

In reviewing the nine missions of the SuThe Society have now no less than two ciety, the Report commences with the most HUNDRED AND THIRTY native labourers of

uncivilized part, the NORTH-WEST AMERIvarious descriptions ; many most intelli- CAN Mission, of which there is as yet gent, assiduous, and devoted characters. little to communicate. The Rev. Mr. West The Society need only refer to the names is expected shortly in this country to take of Abdool Messee, and Mr. Bowley, as out his family; and the Rev. Mr. Jones has examples, whose steady course proves that recently been ordaioed to go out as an asnative teachers are every way competent to sistant to this station. The Committee are, form and instruct Christian churches. Nor however, strongly encouraged to the cultiis the African mission destitute of similar vation of this important and extensive field, characters, who undergo a degree of exer- by the representations of that zealous and tion which no European can sustain, and enterprising traveller Capt. Franlilin of whom our missionaries state that they The Report next adverts to the New teach schools, distriljute rations, plan ZEALAND MISSion. The dificulties arising buildings, and superintend their erection, from the conduct of Shunghee were novisit the sick, and, in short, as Mr. John- ticed in the last Report. His object in son expresses it, do any thing and every coming to this country is now clearly ascerthing, so that he can never sufficiently tained to have been, that of procuring praise God for such assistance. With arms and ammunition; and in addition to these examples before us, what shonld dis- those he by various means procured here, courage us from hoping, that God will on his arrival at Port Jackson he sold the raise up

sufficient teachers from among valuable presents which had been given fheinselyes to supply the wants of the pè- him by the Society, and by many benevo


lent individuals, and purchased a formi- dleton, a loss under which they derive dable number of military weapons for the great consolation from the appointment of gratification of his corrupt dispositions. his successor, whose past services in the The grace of God, however, encourages missionary cause afford the most indis. his servants to hope, that their labours and putable pledge of his future exertions. The sacrifices shall not be in vain. Had all Report then notices the good effect prowho have been employed in their service duced by the native schools, and quotes maintained their Christian integrity, the Mr. Corrie's testimony to the order, attenCommittee would have bad no fear of the tion, and quickness with which the schoresult; but they are compelled to record, lars mutually corrected their mistakes in a that they have been under the painful ne- late examination of the schools at Burdcessity of separating two members from the wha, a result the more surprising when Society's service on account of their mis- contrasted with the apathy of the native conduct. There are, however, still seven- character. teen persons engaged in this mission. Not- Similar reports are received from the Sowithstanding every discouragement, it has ciety's missions in MADRAS, TRANQUEBAR, produced very beneficial effects; and while &c. The number of children in the schools the late erents call loudly for the exercise of is between 3 and 4000, and many who faith and patience, the missionaries need have been educated there have from various not look far to derive encouragement under causes left. The exertions of the Society the most trying circumstances.

“ I bad,” on behalf of the Syrian churches are at presays Mr. Marsden, “ a bard battle to fight sent carried on under the sanction and with for several years, on account of some un- the assistance of the Honourable Company's principled men who came out as mission- resident, Col. Newhall. The Rev. Mr. aries from the London Society. The Din Hough states, that the wants of India are rectors of that Institution, after spending beyond calculation; that they cannot hope several thousand pounds, feared that they to be supplied from Europe, but their best sbould be compelled to give all up. I ne- dependence must be fixed on the countryver had but one opinion, namely, that they born descendants of Europeans. The Rowould eventually succeed, and God bas man Catholics have for some time used abundantly blessed their exertions in Ta- this class for the service of their missions ; heite, &c.” This Society has but, indeed, but in order to render them available, the to read its own proceedings for encourage- instructions of well-educated men are inment, and especially those relating to dispensable.

T'he WEST AFRICAN MISSION. In com- At CEYLON, the Society report they have mencing this mission, the colony of Sierra eleven European labourers and twentyLeone was not primarily contemplated. three native assistants. Their schools conUnforeseen circumstances hare collected tain 500 children, of whom about one on that spot 17,000 inhabitants, of whom eighth are girls. The mention of female 15,000 are negroes, and nearly 10,000 li- children leads to a subject of incalculable berated slaves. The Society have here importance; whererer boys' schools are twenty-eight European labourers, assisted instituted, the natives begin to expect girls' by a great number of native teachers. Cap- schools also. This is joyful intelligence to tain Sabine, of the Royal Engineers, after those who know that the degraded state of spending six weeks in the colony, states, the females tends even more than caste itthat the representation of the improved self to retard the progress of Christianity. condition of the negroes is perfectly true; Miss Cooke speaks of the success she has and that be is persuaded there is not to be met with in the female schools at Calcutta, seen in the world a community so large and but declares it impossible to be satisfied so irreproachable. This community, the while so many are perisbing in ignorance. Committee remark, is founded on the word A hope is expressed, that at the approachof God, which renders other laws almost ing examination twenty young persons may uunecessary, of which some pleasing in- be recommended to some principal natives, stances were related.

as qualified to become teachers in their faFrom the MEDITERRANEAN MISSION, milies. The Committee express their earthe Committee report, that it acquires in- nest desire, tbat the ladies who have united creasing importance from year to year. Mr. to encourage the education of the natives Jowett, wiro bas recently returned to Malta, may double their exertions, and thus efstates, that he has received authority to fectually terminate the horrid practice of establish a printing-press, under certain self-immolation. regulations, which authorize him to do In closing the Report, the Committee more than be is at present able to effect. advert to the progress the Society has made.

In adverting to India, and referring to At the end of the first ten years the Society the Bishop's College at Calcutta, the Com- had only about 200 scholars, they have now mittee record their deep feeling of the loss 11,000. They had not more than twenty sustaiped by the removal of Bishop Mid- hearers, they have now many thousands; they had not one single convert, they have “Suppose that our funds were to be connow above a thousand stated communicants; sidered ample, our missionaries faithful and and while they are thus successful, their laborious—but can either funds or miscoadjutors in all other missionary societies sionaries convert one single soul ? Can meet with similar prosperity. An interest they cast down a single barrier of the in the conversion of the heathen is com- powers of darkness ? What then is it that inon to all.

An union in prayer for the must be invoked, as the only means of deoutpouring of the Spirit generally prevails. stroying the kingdom of Satan? What but The sum now annually raised is magnificent that operation of the Holy Spirit, which compared with the former penury, however will put spiritual weapons into the hands small in comparison of the magnitude of of our labourers, and will out of their the object. More than one thousand pounds weakness perfect strength ? is daily raised for the evangelizing of the “Since we can humbly but confidently world. The Society possesses great local trust, that this Holy Spirit has been vouchadvantages in the stations it occupies ; it safed to us, and has dwelt upon the labours meets with considerable favour from persons of our missionaries, we may surely be encouin power both at home and abroad; four raged to persevere in faith and prayer for a heads of colleges in our universities have larger portion of his blessing, which in bis. been added to the list of its Vice-Presidents own good time will assuredly be granted." during the past year, besides various Lord Calthorpe seconded the motion other persons distinguished for rank or in a brief address. station. But great as are our trophies, far Major Mackworth, on moving the second more remains yet to be done; and long- Resolution, expressive of satisfaction at the continued and strenuous exertions must progress of missions in India and Ceylon, be used before the divine promises are ful- particularly in the establishment of female filled, and that manifestation of the divine schools, begged to offer a few observaglory takes place in which we are encou- tions which occurred to him during a visit raged to hope.

to several of the Society's stations in the After the Report was read, John Thorn- South of India. The general character of ton, Esq. the Treasurer of the Society, pre- the mission in that part of the world was sented the annual statement of the accounts, that of great promise. A bold was begiowhich he prefaced by a few remarks. He ning to he obtained on the affections of the especially attributed the rapid increase in people. A youth who had been brought up the Society's funds during the last few years in one of the Society's schools, refused an to the result of the question which arose in offer of an employment which would have 1808, as to the practicability and duty of yielded him above six pounds per month, converting the Hindoos, which was at that preferring to take the usual stipend of eight time confidently denied. At the renewal shillings per month as a reader and inof the East India Company's Charter, how- structor among bis poor benighted fellowever, it was solemnly' and deliberately de- countrymen. Major M. recalled with much termined, that the Hindoos might and pleasure the recollection of his visit to the ought to be converted, and the informa- Syrian Christians. He was present at the tion thus communicated had aroused the first sermon ever preached to these intepublic to redoubled exertions.

resting people in their own tongue, by Mr. The Bishop of Gloucester moved the Fenn, one of the Society's most valuable seradoption of the Report. “ In that Report,

vants. He also saw much of the reverend we had heard with delight of increase of Metropolitan, and rarely could be found a funds, of patronage, and of the progress more humble Christian, or one more enmade. Let us then look to the cause of tirely devoted to the care of those intrusted these successes. The Lord Jesus had told to his charge. The conduct of the misus, • Without me ye can do nothing;' that sionaries was most exemplary. It was is, without my power and influence ex- impossible to conceive of three brethren erted to give efficacy to your lábours. Here more united in seal and devotion to the then was the cause. What had induced so great work in which they are engaged. many to spare their money, and even to The Earl of Gosford briefly seconded this save that they might spare it, for this ob- Resolution. ject?

What but faith in the promises of W. Wilberforce, Esq. M. P. in moving God, that genuine faith which' aboundeth the third Resolution, “ That the disin love? And what is it that gives us able couragements attendant on the New Zeaand devoted missionaries? What can pre- land mission should stimulate to more serve those missionaries in their manifold fervent prayer," remarked, that the Report temptations? What can carry them through did not at all gloss over, or keep back, all their trials and labours? What but any of the discouragements or disappointfaith and full reliance on the support of that ments received in the course of the SocieGod, whose cause they are endeavouring to ty's labours.

When the state of the heathen world


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