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supported by native capital, and conducted by native talent.

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these two columns, and you will have
her correct age.
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9 17 33 5

6 IO 18 34 7 7. 7 II


9 IO 12 I 2 20
II II 13 13 21
13 14 14 14 22
15 15 15 15 23 39

18 20 24 24 40
19 19 21 25 25 41
21 22 22 26 26

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25 26 28 28 28
27 27 29 29 29 45
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.41 42 44 44 52 52
43 43 45 45 53 53
45 46 46 46 54 54
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How To TELL THE AGE OF ANY PERSON.-When the writer was a good deal younger than he is now, and attended school, he possessed what was termed an "age card,” which created considerable interest among his schoolmates of both sexes. It was a perplexing problem at that time how six rows of figures could be so arranged as to produce by so simple a rule an accurate answer. The Hartford Daily Times recently published the table above referred to, under the above new heading, and as a good deal of amusement may be derived from it by young people, we copy the following magical table of figures.

Just hand this table to a young lady, and request her to tell you in which column or columns her age is contained, and add together the figures at the top of the columns in which her age is found, and you have the great secret. Thus, suppose her age to be seventeen, you you will find that number in the first and fifth columns; add the first figures of








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THE STAR OF DAWN. Come forth, dearest, in the gray dawning,

Come weal or come woe in our lives, love,
Before yon bright star fades away,

Hand-clasped we'll press hopefully on;
While brightens the blush of the morning Then smile on me with those dear eyes, love,
Sweet, listen to all that I say.

For thou art the Star of my Dawn.
As that star heralds dawn in the skies, love,
Thy love to my soul brought its morn;

We seek not the chaplet of fame, love,
Then smile on me with those dear eyes, love,

Nor wealth with its gilded array, For thou art the Star of my Dawn.

But love with its pure altar-flame, love,

To brighten our heavenward way;

Yes, this is the coveted prize, love, My devotion can suffer no change, love,

Which we have so gratefully wonSo faithful and pure is its fiame;

Then smile on me with those dear eyes, love,
Nor fate itself thy heart estrange, love,

For thou art the Star of my Dawn.
I know 'twill be ever the same-
When sorrows and trials arise, love,

Sweet twilight has blushed into day, love,
We neither would meet them alone;

And smiles on the world at her feet; Then smile on me with those dear eyes, love, And mark o'er the hilltops, that ray, love, For thou art the Star of my Dawn.

Caressing the meadow so sweet;

See the sun in his glory arise, love, Both gladness and grief we may know, love,

And Nature rejoicing in morn; In season, both sunshine and rain,

Still smile on me with those dear eyes, love, But knowing kind heaven is o'er us,

For thou art the Star of my Dawn. We'll never repine nor complain

Lu Dalton.

THE CONTRIBUTOR. be hurled from their places as un

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A JUST REBUKE. ON the seventh of February, the Supreme Court of the United States decided that segregation of the charge of unlawful cohabitation was unlawful. The decision has been expected by the foremost attorneys of Utah, and by most of the sensible people, from the time that it was known the Supreme Court would rule upon the question. It has been strongly suspected that the Chief Justice of Utah and the Prosecuting Attorney have entertained this opinion as well as others. It would be a reflection upon their legal knowledge to think otherwise. They supposed that the cases which they had prosecuted with so much vigor against their victims could not be carried before the Supreme Court of the Uuited States, and have, therefore, felt secure in segregating the cases and piling up charges, agreeable to the vindictivness they have felt toward the parties accused. It can not be doubted that these officers have willfully and wantonly used their high offices for the purpose of persecuting the people, who have become subject to their outrageous court proceedings. They have proved themselves vicious zealots, determined to persecute the people without the authority of law; and in their zeal have corrupted the offices entrusted to them by the appointment of the President of the United States. They have proved their unworthiness to hold such positions. What excuse can they make for having sentenced men to long terms of imprisonment in the penitentiary, and to exorbitant fines, simply because they had the power to, without the authority of law. Such men should not be suffered to occupy the official positions entrusted to them one day, but should

be hurled from their worthy the confidence or respect of their fellow men. Scores of men have been placed in jeopardy of liberty and property, for periods varying from six months to three years by the infamous practice of segregation; and the same rule carried to its logical conclusion, would have imprisoned its victims for life, and bankrupted the wealthiest among them. Will any one presume to say that Judge Zane, who is regarded as, a fair lawyer, and Mr. Dickson, who is called a brilliant lawyer, have for a moment believed that so monstrous a doctrine as this was sanctioned by law? Their best friends say they do not believe it. If not, how true, then, are our strictures upon their course! How deserving are they of the infamy and shame of traitors, who corrupt themselves, prostitute the offices they hold to gratify personal hatred and spleen, or to promote selfish political aspirations, at the expense of their fellow men, whose liberties and properties are entrusted to their judicial care for protection and safety!

We have taken the position from the beginning that the Edmunds law, itself, is an act of persecution, naming something to be a crime that is no crime, and rigorously punishing those accused of it. The law was made, ostensibly, to correct immorality among the Mormon people; but the Mormon people are not immoral, and the polygamists among them are the most moral. Because of this, men who have learned this fact, and all the Federal officials know it, if they be men of honor, will not prosecute those who are liable under it, for the offense it names. How can a conscientious man send his fellow men to prison when he knows that it is an outrage on society to do so. Some may say: "It being a law, it is the duty of the officers to prosecute the offenders against it;" but there is a higher duty known to men of honor, which is, to be just and merciful; to preserve conscience, though they lose position. Such men are not dependent upon the petty offices conferred upon them without the consent or ap


proval of the people, for a livelihood

that others should hold place and power and support. This is not complimen among the people. It is one of the sins tary to our Federal friends, but is it not and outrages which time and the justice just? They evidently have no scruples

of God will correct. or conscience to prevent them enjoy The most graceful thing, which our ing the emoluments of their offices, in present Chief Justice and Prosecuting Atcreased and enhanced by undue exer torney could do, would be to resign; but cise of their civil functions, to the prose

they will not do it, because they are not cution and oppression of the people who

men of sensitive natures, refined or feelhave a right to demand justice at their ing. They ought not to be suffered to hands. When men lay aside the senti occupy their places longer. The people ments of honor and all conscience defy, of this Territory have the right to dethere is no bound to their caprice, no

mand the appointive power that succeslimit to their vindictiveness, no restraint

sors be named to occupy their places. to their hate. They plunge on in their

There is as good reason for this demand course until the Eternal God of Justice,

as for the removal of a leper from among who varies not in holding all His child a community, as for the punishment of a ren to account, brings them to con robber or highwayman, or other vicious front their sins, and corrects them in

character who threatens the liberties and their unbidden course.

In judicial mat property of the people. ters He sometimes employs the Supreme Court of the United States as the correc

The origin of the term, “Brother tive, as in the presence instance. On a Jonathan,” as applied to the United previous occasion, when the bigoted

States, is as follows: When General zeal of the Chief Justice of the Territory

Washington, after having become the of Utah led him to some fantastic con commander of the army, went to Masstructions of the law, the same tribu sachusetts to organize it, he found a nal set him right, and the President great want of ammunition and other promptly removed him from his posi means of defense. On one occasion, it tion. That is what the President ought seemed no means could be devised for to do with Messrs. Zane and Dickson. the necessary safety. Jonathan Trumrule the men who accept

bull, the elder, was then Governor of offices in the Territory of Utah by ap

the State of Connecticut, and the Genepointment of the President of the United ral, placing the utmost confidence in States are indigent, dependent, almost His Excellency's judgment, remarked, incapable of making their way suc

"We must consult Brother Jonathan on cessfully, except they draw their vitality this subject." Washington did so, and from the government teat. It is usual the Governor was successful in supplyfor men of such character to prostitute ing many of the wants of the army. their offices for personal gain, caprice or Thereafter, when difficulties arose and hate. We need not look for these things the army spread over the country, it to be corrected until such time as the became a by-phrase, “You must consult people govern, and the incumbents of Brother Jonathan;" until, finally the name the offices, shall be the people's choice. has become a designation for the whole It is a sin and an outrage, in free America, country, as John Bull has for England.

As a

COMMENTS OF THE DAY. In one of our influential northern and bitter remarks, I note the following: newspapers, over the signature of a "I am most pronounced and uncomyoung man who has struggled upward” promising in my opposition to polygamy to apostasy, among other very caus and Church rule, because I know the

one degrades women and the other robs operation of all so-called Christians of man of his individuality.” In the columns every nation, are reckoned to be on that of an anti-Mormon paper, this would side. Therefore it may seem meritornot be worthy of a passing remark, but ious and opportune for even fledglings appearing as it did, without comment, in to clap their wings and crow lustily in one of our own papers, to be read in the popular clamor. But where is the the families of Saints, and the person truth to be found? To honest people making the assertion, apparently being this is the great desideratum, and I trust the son of a polygamist, may be suffi they will not fail to see it through the cient apology for making it the subject for murky atmosphere of the popular a few remarks. It would appear that errors of the times. In olden times, this young man has attained a wonder when truth was mightier than fiction, we ful degree of knowledge in relation to would have been directed “to the law "polygamy and Church rule."

and to the testimony (for) if they speak There are no doubt a large number of not according to this word, it is because very earnest people in Utah and else there is no truth in them.” But in this where, who entertain opinions in accord enlightened age, the "law” and the with the assertions of this writer, who “testimony," whether we appeal to the are too honest to affirm that they had Bible and the ancient worthies, or to the a knowledge of the correctness of their Constitution of our country and its inopinions. Not so with him, however, he spired framers, are all held to be anti"knows” whereof he speaks, and boldly quated and effete when called into declares his knowledge. What a revo requisition on the “Mormon question.” lution this knowing gentleman could But no amount of such “knowledge" effect among the “degraded women,” on the part of our enemies in relation to and the "robbed" men of Utah, should the supposed evils of "polygamy and he produce in support of his declara Church rule" can ever deprive truly entions, the strong evidence upon which lightened people of the consolation his knowledge is based, to the convinc afforded in the fact that the Bible, the ing of the aforesaid “degraded women” Prophets, the Patriarchs and Apostles, and “robbed" men! I scarcely need the God and Christ of pure Christianity, say, there are very many intelligent men together with the Constitution of the and women in Utah, and elsewhere, who United States—the fundamental law of will, and do take the opposite view of the land-and its framers and honest this question, and who are, no doubt, as supporters are all on our side of the well qualified by experience and famil question, while only prejudiced and uniarity with all the facts to say that they are informed, and rabid and bigoted abettors “most pronounced and uncompromis and advocates of a spurious Christianity ing' in their support of "polygamy are arrayed against us. Their strongest and Church rule,” for they know that argument being that the sentiments of women are not degraded by the one, the age, the unblushing corruption of nor is man robbed of his individuality which cannot be denied, are against by the other; and notwithstanding this patriarchal and scriptural marriage and in may be the unpopular side of the ques favor of monogamy, and, I may add, tion they neither fear nor shrink from brothels, whoredom, foeticide, infantithe task of producing evidences of the cide, foundling hospitals and moral and correctness and truth of this view.

practical frauds and corruptions in high Just now, in Utah, it may be thought and low places, with all the damning by some persons a very valuable time, concomitant evils of a corrupt age. perhaps, to cry down "polygamy and The whole Christian world, so-called, Church rule.” The power of the courts, may believe Mormonism to be false, sustained by the general government, "polygamy" an evil, and the "Church presumably backed by fifty-five or sixty rule" of the Saints a threat against civil millions of people, and the popular co government, but fortunately for the Lat

ter-day Saints, the facts are against this When we hear individuals declare that view, and it is apparent to those who they know "polygamy,” as accepted by know the facts that the world” is in the Latter-day Saints, degrades women, error on these matters. The world take and Church rule robs man of his indiviit for granted because it is the popular duality, we involuntarily think-bosh! view, and they are unreasoning and un The most learned men of our time, minreasonable upon the question of Mor isters, politicians, astute statesmen and monism. The world have not given the learned priests have been trying for the subject a calm, unbiased, candid and last thirty-five to fifty years to solve the thorough investigation. They have problem of plural marriage and Morlooked at Mormonism through the col monism, and to prove what this young ored spectacles of popular prejudice.

man says he knows, and they have They long ago jumped at the conclusion utterly failed to do it with logic, reason, that nothing good could come out of history, religion or fact, and not content Nazareth, “and in them is fulfilled the with these weapons they have resorted prophecy of Esaias which saith, by hear to the violence of mobs, to driving, ing ye shall hear, and shall not under plundering and murdering the Saints, stand, and seeing ye shall see, and shall with no better effect. And now they are not perceive: for this people's heart is trying to shield themselves in their dewaxed gross and their ears are dull of termined efforts to obliterate the truth, hearing, and their eyes have closed, lest by the slimy covering of rigorous and at any time they should see with their unconstitutional laws. eyes, and hear with their ears, and

They cannot do it from the Bible. should understand with their hearts, and should be converted and I should heal

They cannot do it upon physiological, them.” And again: “And for this cause

moral, religious or rational grounds, nor God shall send them strong delusions,

by mob-violence; hence they resort to that they should believe a lie, that they

violent, coersive, revolutionary Congressall might be damned who believe not

ional enactments, and strained and torthe truth, but have pleasure in unright

tuous constructions thereof.

But they will fail, and the reason is they are fighting correct principles. Mormon plural marriage is not a crime in fact, its effects are not degrading nor evil, nor immoral, nor wrong. If it were, God would have denounced it through His great lawyer Moses, and through the prophets. And Christ would have reproved its practice among the Jews, and classed it in the category of crimes which he denounced. No man can prove it wrong either upon historical, Scriptural, moral, religious or physiological principles or grounds. The "Church rule" of the Latter-day Saints is as invulnerable to the attacks of their enemies.

If the principle of plural marriage, as revealed to the Church through Joseph Smith, as sanctioned, approved and ordained in ancient times, by the God of Abraham, and Jacob, and by the patriarchs and prophets, and by the Son of God himself, is not in itself a crime or an evil, then it follows that it cannot degrade women, and hence, he who says


When we hear individuals shouting themselves hoarse in a “pronounced and uncompromising opposition” to the divine institution of plural marriage and "Church rule,” our experience of nearly forty years, and the information we have gained by observation and study, impells us to cast towards them a suspecious eye, apprehensive that there is "something rotten in Denmark.” We have proven repeatedly, through years of experience, that it is not the innocent who cast stones at plural marriage, as a rule; on the contrary, the degree of the “pronounced and uncompromising” ascerbity of the opponents of celestial marriage, may generally be guaged by the extent of venereal and other crimes in which they, themselves, are steeped. They are also the most indignant and boisterous in their protestations of ignorance when their true character is charged home to them.

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