Work and Leisure, the Englishwoman's Advertiser, Reporter and Gazette: Being a New Series of The Woman's Gazette, Or News about Work, כרך 5

כריכה קדמית
Louisa M. Hubbard
Hatchards, 1881

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עמוד 59 - BE NOBLE ! and the nobleness that lies In other men, sleeping, but never dead, Will rise in majesty to meet thine own; Then wilt thou see it gleam in many eyes, Then will pure light around thy path be shed, And thou wilt nevermore be sad and lone.
עמוד 42 - Full little knowest thou, that hast not tried, What hell it is in suing long to bide: To lose good days, that might be better spent; To waste long nights in pensive discontent; To speed to-day, to be put back to-morrow; To feed on hope, to pine with fear and sorrow; To have thy prince's grace, yet want her peers...
עמוד 338 - This did full many who yet sleep unknown," — Oh ! never, never! Think'st thou perchance that they remain unknown Whom thou know'st not ? By angel trumps in heaven their praise is blown, Divine their lot. " What shall I do to gain eternal life ? Discharge aright The simple dues with which each day is rife ?
עמוד 338 - I slept, and dreamed that life was beauty ; I woke, and found that life was duty. Was thy dream then a shadowy lie ? Toil on, sad heart, courageously, And thou shall find thy dream to be A noonday light and truth to thee.
עמוד 59 - They are slaves who fear to speak For the fallen and the weak ; They are slaves who will not choose Hatred, scoffing, and abuse, Bather than in silence shrink From the truth they needs must think ; They are slaves who dare not be In the right with two or three.
עמוד 18 - FATHER, I know that all my life Is portioned out for me, And the changes that are sure to come, I do not fear to see ; But I ask Thee for a present mind Intent on pleasing Thee.
עמוד 241 - God did anoint thee with his odorous oil, To wrestle, not to reign; and He assigns All thy tears over, like pure crystallines, For younger fellow-workers of the soil To wear for amulets. So others shall Take patience, labor, to their heart and hand, From thy hand and thy heart and thy brave cheer, And God's grace fructify through thee to all.
עמוד 7 - ... the very bricks of which it was composed; employing themselves, meanwhile, in sucking their fingers most assiduously, with the view of catching up any stray splashes of gruel that might have been cast thereon.
עמוד 45 - We found ninety young men, apparently from eighteen to twenty-four or twenty-six years of age, in the school. Vehrli welcomed us with frankness and simplicity, which at once won our confidence. We joined him at his frugal meal. He pointed to the viands, which were coarse, and said, ' I am a peasant's son. I wish to be no other than I am, the teacher of the sons of the peasantry. You are welcome to my meal : it is coarse and homely, but it is offered cordially.
עמוד 365 - What shall I do lest life in silence pass ? " And if it do, And never prompt the bray of noisy brass, What need'st thou rue ? Remember aye the ocean deeps are mute ; The shallows roar ; Worth is the ocean, — Fame is the bruit Along the shore. " What shall I do to be forever known ? " Thy duty ever ! " This did full many who yet sleep unknown...

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