Peace on Earth: Roots and Practices from Luke's Gospel

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Liturgical Press, 2004 - 174 עמודים
In Peace on Earth Joseph Grassi emphasizes the practical means Jesus suggests to make peace a reality. He focuses on the roots of peace and justice found in the nonviolent and compassionate life and teachings of Jesus. Grassi teaches that Luke?s summary of Jesus? teaching in the ?Sermon on the Plain? has a central place as a practical guide for believers to develop a life of peace and nonviolence in imitation of Jesus as a nonviolent Messiah. Luke?s Jesus goes to the roots of true peace through the practice of nonviolence, love, compassionate justice, true repentance, and forgiveness. External power and domination are renounced and replaced by inner power, humble service, and a priority for the needs of the poor and marginalized.Chapters are ??Peace on Earth??Luke?s Subversive Christmas Story,? ?Jesus, Messiah of Peace and Non-Violence in the Passion Story,? ?John the Baptist: The Mission to ?Guide Our Feet in the Way of Peace,?? ??Justice and Peace Shall Kiss One Another??Luke?s Gospel of Justice,? ?The Inner Sources of Peace: Forgiveness and Metanoia,? ?The Sermon on the Plain: Part I. Roots,? ?The Sermon on the Plain: Part II. Praxis,? ??Love Your Enemies??Responses to Violence from a Gospel of Peace,? ?The Sign of Jonah, the Comic Prophet of Metanoia,? ?Women of Peace and Courage,? ?An Upside Down World: Peace and the Priority of Little Ones,? ?Bread and Circuses versus Jesus? New World Food Language,? ?Jesus? Last Passover Supper and Testament for Continuity,? ?Jesus? Compassion for Animals: A First Step Toward a Non-Violent World,? and ?Spiritual Combat for Peace: The Power of the Holy Spirit and Prayer.??Grassi addresses many issues of enormous importance both in the Gospel of Luke and in our contemporary world. This book would be very useful in small group discussions at the parish level.? Catholic Books Review?His primary concern rather is to highlight some of the central themes of the Gospel of Luke as it is written, examine the meaning of these passages in light of the Hebrew Scriptures and the social context of Jesus? time, and to explore some of the implications of those themes for Christian life today. In this task he succeeds well. This book would make a valuable addition to any parish, college, high school, or personal library.? Catholic Books Review?Grassi has written a fine book?certainly a needed one for responding to the violence and war in our world. It is a hopeful book in that he realizes the first steps toward peace on earth are knowledge and understanding of the ultimate goal of these initial faltering steps. By his contribution to this understanding of our ability to see more clearly the Gospel message of peace, Grassi is enabling us to take those first steps.? Catholic Library World?In Peace on Earth Joseph Grassi offers a beautiful and timely reading of Luke's Gospel. In its careful exegesis and contemporary parallels, readers will find lectio divina?a gentle guide to meditation and right action. Contrasting the violence, polarization, and ?peace as security? militarism of imperial Rome with Jesus's enduring message of love, justice, and the power of nonviolence, this book offers a powerful reminder to our world today.? Diane Dreher Professor of English and Associate Dean College of Arts & Sciences, Santa Clara University Santa Clara, California?Veteran biblical scholar and pastoral theologian Joseph Grassi turns to the theology of Luke?s Gospel to develop a case for peace and nonviolence.? The Bible Today?[Grassi] traces the theme of peace through Luke?s Gospel with special emphasis on the very practical means that Jesus suggests to make it a reality.? New Testament AbstractsIn this reflective volume, Joseph Grassi unpacks a theme of peace-making that is woven throughout the narrative tapestry of the Gospel of Luke. As a text for group study, it could be an excellent conversation starter that would hopefully result in community action. Grassi's apparent wholistic pacifist bias is well supported by the Gospel of Luke.

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Jesus Messiah of Peace and Nonviolence in the Passion
The Mission to Guide Our Feet in
Justice and Peace Shall Kiss One AnotherLukes
Forgiveness and Metanoia
Part I Roots
Part II Practices
Love Your EnemiesResponse to Violence from
The Sign of Jonah the Comic Prophet of Metanoia
Women of Peace and Courage
Peace and the Priority of Little
Jesus Last Passover Supper and Testament
The Power of the Holy Spirit
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מידע על המחבר (2004)

Joseph L. Grassi is professor emeritus at Santa Clara University.

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