Letters on the Philosophy of the Human Mind: Third Series

כריכה קדמית
Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts, & Green, 1863 - 269 עמודים
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עמוד 81 - Even the number of marriages annually contracted is determined, not by the temper and wishes of individuals, but by large general facts, over which individuals can exercise no authority. It is now known that marriages bear a fixed and definite relation to the price of corn...
עמוד 222 - That passion, from whence men take occasion to run into the dreadful vices of malice and revenge; even that passion, as implanted in our nature by God, is not only innocent, but a generous movement of mind. It is in itself, and in its original, no more than indignation against injury and wickedness : that which is the only deformity in the creation, and the only reasonable object of abhorrence and dislike.
עמוד 138 - A language will often be wiser, not merely than the vulgar, but even than the wisest of those who speak it. Being like amber in its efficacy to circulate the electric spirit of truth, it is also like amber in embalming and preserving the relics of ancient wisdom, although one is not seldom puzzled to decipher its contents. Sometimes it locks up truths, which were once well known, but which, in the course of ages, have passed out of sight and been forgotten.
עמוד 140 - Roman -husbandman separated the corn from the husks; and ' tribulatio,' in its primary significance, was the act of this separation. But some Latin writer of the Christian church appropriated the word and image for the setting forth of a higher truth ; and sorrow, distress, and adversity, being the appointed means for the separating in men of their chaff from their wheat — of whatever in them was light, and trivial, and poor, from the solid and the true, — therefore he called these sorrows and...
עמוד 72 - It is a law of nature, that water flows from an upper to a lower situation ; that it seeks its level ; that it is heavier than air ; that all bodies tend towards the earth ; that flame rises towards the sky ; that it destroys the organization of...
עמוד 137 - I shall urge on you in these lectures something different from this ; namely, that not in books only, which all acknowledge, nor yet in connected oral discourse, but often also in words contemplated singly...
עמוד 139 - fossil poetry ' ; in other words, we are not to look for the poetry which a people may possess only in its poems, or its poetical customs, traditions, and beliefs. Many a single word also is itself a concentrated poem, having stores of poetical thought and imagery .. laid up in it.
עמוד 98 - ... the likeness of a former thought, and a sign to make it known to others, appears unexceptionable. Names, indeed, do much more than this; but whatever else they do, grows out of, and is the result of this : as will appear in its proper place. Are names more properly said to be the names of things, or of our ideas of things...
עמוד 78 - These being the peculiarities of this singular crime, it is surely an astonishing fact, that all the evidence we possess respecting it points to one great conclusion^ and can leave no doubt on our minds, that suicide is merely the product of the general condition of society, and that the individual felon only carries into effect what is a necessary consequence of preceding circumstances.
עמוד 78 - In a given state of society, a certain number of persons must put an end to their own life. This is the general law; and the special question as to who shall commit the crime depends of course upon special laws; which, however, in their total action, must obey the large social law to which they are subordinate.

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