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BARRY'S Sermon at St. Giles's, CAROLINE, or the Diversities of

254 Fortune, papie 162 BARTON's. Observatioris on Na CARTWRIGHT's Retaliation, 326 tural History,

329 CASA UX, Marquis de, Seconde Suite Belchier's Effays,

332 des Confiderations; &c. 127 Bell's Surgery, Vol. V. · 218 cmTroisieme Suite, 265 BeLLENDENUS, Remarks on the CASSANDRA's Letter to the Bishop - hew'Edition of, w 504 of London, . . 167 Berkeley's Sermon at Canter- CHAMPION's Reflections on the bury,

254 State of Great Britain, 313 BERLIN-Memoirs of the Royal CHASTELLUX's Travels in North

Academy of Sciences at, for. America, i i 38 1784,


. Remarks on, 43 Best's Treatise on Angling, 164 CHAVANNES-Esai sur lEducaB10GRAPHIA Evangelica. See

tion Intelle&tuelle,


CHEMICAL, Essays, by the Bishop BIOGRAPHY, Sacred. See Hun. of Landaff, Vol. V. 469 TER..

Chess, Treatise on. See Twiss. BLANCHARD"onShort-hand CHRISTIANITY, one great Ara * Writing,. *OP '84. gument for the Truth of, 266 BLOOD, ,and Bleeding, Observa- CHESTERFIELD, Earl of, and Dr. - tions on, in


Johnson, comparative View of Boethius, Translation of, 196 their Writings,... 457 Bonnet's Interesting views of CHRONOLOGY. See BURTON. : Christianity," " 509 CLARENDON's State Papers, Vol, Booker's Highlanders, a Poem, III. Sin

50 .

.. 439 CLERICAL Misconduct, Sermon Bowes, A.R. Trial of; ? 164, upon,

421 BRAMAH on the Construction of CLIMATEs, different Tempera.

Locks, sta: 406 "ture of. See KIRWAN. Brand's Strictures on Foote’s COLMAN'S (Sen.) Pieces in Prose * Observations on Hunter, 241 . and Verse,'

273 BRITISH Merchant, for 1787,405

- (Junior) Inkle and YaBrown's Dying Advice to his rico,'

- 384 Congregation, - ! 334 COMMISSIONERS of Accounts, BRYANT, John Frederick, Verses Lane's Reports of, Vol. 111. 85 by,

. 159. CONSIDERATIONS on the CamBUNBURY's Academy for grown bridge Oaths, . 505

Horsemen, s . 389 on the Connection between Burns's Poems, ad Edition, 491 Morality and Politics, -- 586 BURTON's Analysis of two Chro. Cooke's Edition of Aristotle's · nological Tables, ... 412 Poetics,..

1 BUTLER's Justification of the Ro- COOPER's one great Argument man Catholic Religion, 414 for the Truth of Christianity,

**266 NADOGAN'S Charity Sermón, COPLAND's Essay on the Christian 335 Character,

175 CAGLIOSTRO's Life. By a Lady, *** CORRESPONDENCE with the

; 246 Reviewers, 88, 176, 256, 336, CALONNE --Requête au Roi, 362

422, 512 CARICATURE Anticipations, &c. COUNTRY Parson's Letter to 153 Priestley,

419 CRAM




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) anity,

ÇRAMMOND'S Outlines of Human DIAMOND cut Diamond, a Farce,

78 Croft's Sermons at Bampton's Dibdin's Harvest Home, 245 Lecture,

269 DicTIONARY, Spelling. See Croft on the Wines of Portugal, Scott.


- Italian. See GRĄG. Crown, Land Revenue of. See LIA. St. John.

Dilion's Cafe,

503 CROWN Lands, Manors, Tene. Dion. See HARWOOD

ments, &c. held by Lease, Ac« DISORDERS in the Netherlands,
cóunt of,
: 413 Sketch of,

413 Woods, Forests, DISTRESSED Poet,

191 : &c. Report of the Commif. Done's Sermons, fioners of Inquiry concerning, Dore's Letters on Faith, 332

DULAURENS- Esai sur les EtaCUMBERLAND's Descriptive Ca blissemens des Hopitaux, 541

talogue of Pictures in the Pan Du MITAND's new 'System of 'lace at Madrid,


. 242 CUMYŃS's Introduction to Geo DUNCAN'Ś View of the Prography, &c. *. 323 phecies,

510 CUTHBERTSON, on an improved Air-pump,

Täst-Bourne described, 504

I EDUCATION, Intellectual, N ALGLEISH's Sum of Christi- *Essay on,'

174 ECKERMANN's Version of the DALRYMPLE's Inquiry relative Prophecy of Joel, 'to Gibbon's Account of Chrif- EDWARD and Sophia, a Novel, tianity,

253 DARBY's Vification Sermon, 511 " ELECTRICITY, Medical. See Davies's Sermon at Bristol, 254 LOWN DES. ' Dawson's Translation of Part of ELLIOT, Dr. John, Narrative of Genesis, 140 his Life,

168 Deacon's Ordination, Sermon, ELIZABETH, Queen of England, and Charge at,

331 : History of, by Mademoiselle de Debate on the Repeal of the Keralio,

561 Test Ad,

155 ELUCIDATION of the Unity of Dee, River. See MANLEY." God,

148 DEFENCE of the Stadtholdership, EMBER Day's Exercise, 85

368 Essay on the Gift of Tongues, De Foe's History of the Union

. 510 · between England and Scot- EUROPE, political Survey of, 324

land, new Edition, 450 EXAMINATION of Picc's Plan for De Hymnis Veterum Græcorum, diminishing the Public Debts, &c. 587

. 321 DE LOLME on the Union of

Scotland with England, 501 TABLES. See TAPNER. . D'OHSSON, M. announce of his T

o See WALLBECK. Tableau général de l'Empire Falk's Russian Travels, Vols. 2d Othoman,


and 3d, Dialogues, on the Writings of Final Farewell, • 373

the Earl of Chesterfield and FitzGERALD's Riddle,. 79
Dr. Johnfon,
457 FLEAIAD, a Poem,








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Fletcher on the Health of Sea. Great Britain, State of. See men,

' ' 497 WENDEBORN. Foote's Observations on Hun GREENWOOD's Poem on Shootter, Part 111. 172 ing,

491 - Answers to,

241 GREGORY's Sermons, 451 Fordyce's Poems,

Greville, Miss, History of, 80 FOREIGN LITERATURE, 229, Grey's Memoria Technica, Select

Parts of,

165 Forster's History of Voyages, Griffith's Observations on the

&c. in the North, 290 Bishop of Cloyne, 417 FRANKLIN's Philosophical and Gulph-stream, in the Atlantic

Miscellaneous Papers, 288 Ocean, Observation on, 481 French Parliament, Remon Gutch's Edition of Wood's His. Itrance of,

320 tory and Antiquities of Oxford, FRESTON's Elegy, . 495

287 FULLER, Rev. Andrew, Observations on,

85 LJAARLEM, Philosophical So. -Miss, her Allan Fitz 11 ciety at,-Memoirs pub. Ofborne,

190 lished by, vols. xxiii. and xxiv. M ale's 4th Essay on Public Hafez, his Persian Odes transCredit, 302 lated,

. 184 GARRICIAD, a Poem, 161 Hales's Observations on the Genlis, Madame de. See Sil Pope's Supremacy, 417 LERY.

HAMILTON, Dr. his Edition of GEOGRAPHY, Introduction to. Smellie's Anatomy, &c. 240 See CUMYNS.

- Mr. his Origin, &c. GEORGI, M. his Publication of, of the Rohilla Afgans, 395 Professor Falk's Travels in HANWAY's Life,

220 Russia,

586 HARRISON on the Dry BellyGEORGINA, or Memoirs of the ache,

497 Bellmour Family, - 163 HARVEST-home, a Comic Ope. GESCHICHTE, &c. 584 ra,

245 Gifford's Elucidation of the HARWOOD-Death of Dion, 76

Unity of God, ... 148 HASTINGS, Warren, Articles ex. Gillum's Poems,

409 hibited against him, in ParliaGlasse's Sermon on the Procla ment,

155, 32 I mation,

512 Hawkins's Edition of Johnson's God, Apoftolical Conceptions Works, continued, - 56 of, 507, -- concluded,

131 GODBOLD.on Consumptions, 173 Hayley's Efay on Old Maids, GORDON, Lord George, his Trial,

239 HeerKENS— Aves Frifica, 540 Letter to the Attorney HeeToPades of Veeshnoo SarGeneral,

249 ma, Government, English. See Henrietta of Gerstenfeld, a MILLER.

Novel, GRAGLIA's Italian Dictionary,

Mortimer, 80 166 Hermit's Tale,

158 Grant's Essays on the Origin of HERRENSCHWAND-Discours sur "Society, &c. 19 le Commerce extérieur,

129 Gray's Supplement to the Tour

on Public Credit, 399 through Great Britain, 249 HERTZBERG, Count de, his Me






moir of the last Year of Fredes IngLEFIELD, Answer to, 503
ric Il.

505 INKLE and Yarico, an Opera,
Hewlett's Sermons,


HISTORY, Universal, 31 Jones's Three Sermons on Edu.
- Modern Part of, 103 - cation,

of Philosophy, Vol. I. JOHNSON, Dr. S. Works of, by


56, 131
- of Henrietta Mortimer,

his Debates in Parlia-
80 ment,

of Miss Greville, ib. More, laft Words of,
- of the internal Affairs

of Holland, .. 364 - his Writings compared
HOLLAND, Publications relative with those of Lord Chester-
364, 368, 411 field,

HOSPITALS, Effay on, by M. JORTIN's Sermons, new Edition,
Dulaurens, . : 541 with his Life,

Houlston's Observations on IRELAND, Publications relative

Poisons, new Edition, 241 to, 75, 84, 417, 426
HOWARD on the Venereal Dif.

Post Chaise Companion
317 through,

Howlett on Inclosures, 74 ITALIAN Dictionary. See Graga
HUNT on the Circulation of the

327 JUVENILE Speaker, 501-
Hunter, Rey. Dr. his Sacred.

Biography, Vol. III. I V AMSIN, the Egyptian hot

- Sermon at Walthamstow, 87. In Wind of the Desart, Account
- Mr. his Account of Pegu, 205 of its Nature, and terrible Ef-
HURRY's Tables of Interest, 502
HYDROSTATICs, See ÚR Ķeare's Distreft Poet, 194

Kelso on Elementary Air, 163
HYMNA Veterum Græcorum, 587 Kennedy's Sermon on Sunday


TEBB, Dr. John, Works of, Kentish Curate, a Novels 456
J with his Life,

348. KENTISH, Dr. on the Study of
JENYNS, Soame, Letters to, 201 Natural History,

ÍMISON on mechanical Powers,

on Sea Bathing, 407 -

164 KeraliO, Mademoiselle de,
- Arithmetic, 498 Colle&tion des meilleurs Ouvrages
IMPROVED Latin Orthography, François, composés par des
165 Femmes, .

INCLOSURE of Waste Lands. See -

Histoire d'Elisabeth,

Reine d'Angleterre, 561.
Indies, East, Publications rela- KIRKLAND's Inquiry into the

tive to, 155, 170, 171, 395,483 State of Medical Surgery,
INFANTS, Directions for the Ma- Vol. II.

nagement of,

171. KIRWAN's Estimate of the Tem-
INGLEFIELD (Mrs.), her Justifi. perature of different Climates,

(Capt.), his Vindi-

Essay on Phlogiston, 207 -
cation of his Conduct, 248 KLEUKER, M. his Answer to the









Prize Question propofed by the LUCINDA Osburn, 246

Society of Antiquaries at Cassel, Lumley House, a Novel, 162

relative to the Doctrines of the

588 M 'GAURAN, Major, Me.

Knight's Elegies and Sonnets, TV moirs of,


160 MACGILVRAY's Poems, 492
KNIPE, Eliza, her Six Poems, MACNAB's Plan of Reform in
282 English Schools,


Knox's Tour through the High- MADAN's Letters to Priestley, 419

lands, &c.

441 MADRID, Descriptive Catalogue

of the Pictures there, 329

ANDMANN's Elements of MAGISTRATE, fuperintending

L Tactics,

Power of,

Lane's Reports of the Commit. MANGEL Wurzel, Account of,
fioners, Vol. III.

LANGl`es's, French Translation - Sibille's Treatiseon, ib.
of Tamerlane's Institutes, 577

further Account of. See

LATHAM's Supplement to his

Synopsis of Birds,. ; 391 Mantell's Directions for the

LATIN Orthography improved, Management of Infants, 171

165 Manley's Letter to the Pro-
LAUREAU. See NewMAN.. prietors' of the Dee Naviga-
LEAKE's Syllabus of his Course tion, i

of Lectures on Midwifery, 408 MARTIN on the Marriage Law
LECTUres on the Creed of Pope of Scotland,
Pius IV.

252 MARRATTA State, short Account
- for Sunday Evenings, of,


Vol. II.

253 MARSHALL's Rural Oeconomy

Lee's Hermit's Tale, 158 of Norfolk,


Letter to the Directors of the Mary Queen of Scotland vindi-

British Fisheries,

• 73 cated,

472 .

---. from Dr. Butler to Lord MEASURES. See WhITEHURST.

75 MEMOIRS of Mrs. Baddeley, 83
- to Dr. Priestley, from an end of a well known Wo-


420 man, &c.


--- - from a Coun-

e of the Medical Society,

try Parson,
419 Voll.

LETTERS to Soame Jenyns, Esq. MEMOIRES de l'Academie Royale

201 des Sciences, &c. de Berlin, pour

Levi's Letters to Priestley, 418 1784,


Levy, Mr. Account of his Con-

d'Agriculture, &c. for

. dua,

169 the Years 1785 and 1786, 581

Locks, new Invention of. See MERRY's Paulina, a Poem, 325


MESSIAH, or Sermons, &c. 211

LONDON unmasked, 248 METEOROLOGY. See De Luc.
LOOKING Glass for the Mind, 80 MIDDLETON's Biographia Evan.

: 369 gelica, Vol. IV.
LOWNdes on Medical Electricity, MIDNIGHT Hour,

240 MILLAR's historical View of the
LOTTERY, Guide to, 109 English Government, 106
Luc, M, de, his Thoughts on Miln's Phyfico theological Lec-
Meteorology, Vol. II. 116 tures,

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