On Art in the Ancient Near East

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Brill, 2009 - 1182 עמודים
This two volume work is a collection of articles spanning the distinguished career of Irene J. Winter. The articles represent a cross-section of Winter's study of visual culture in the ancient Near East and cover the time period from the third to the first millennium BCE, with excursions into the contemporary. These two works will be useful to scholars and students interested in art history, cultural studies, architecture, archaeology, language, and ethnography of ancient Mesopotamia and its surrounding areas. Each volume may be purchased separately or as a set.

"These beautifully produced volumes bring together essays written over a 35-year period, creating a whole that is much more than the sum of its parts...No library should be without this impressive collection."
J.C. Exum

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IRENE J. WINTER, Ph.D. (1973), Columbia University, New York, is William Dorr Boardman Professor, Department of History of Art and Architecture, Harvard University. Her first degree was in Anthropology (Barnard College); her MA in Near Eastern Studies (University of Chicago), her PhD in Art History and Archaeology. Not surprisingly, her extensive publications have tended to be inter-disciplinary in nature.

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