Enough Is Enough: Building a Sustainable Economy in a World of Finite Resources

Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 5 2012 - 256
If management theories and systems (think: ""Management by Objectives"" and ""Process Optimization"") are the religion, consultants are the high-priests. With years as a top Fortune 100 executive and, yes, management consultant, Karen Phelan exposes the whole game. Takeaway: consultants have forgotten that business are made up of real people, not numbers. Empathy, not MBA's, is the real future of management. ts the People, Stupid!Karen Phelan is sorry. She really is. She tried to do business by the numbersthe management consultant waydeveloping measures, optimizing processes, and quantifying performance. The only problem is that businesses are run by people. And people cant be plugged into formulas or summed up in scorecards. Phelan dissects a whole range of consulting treatments for unhealthy companies and shows why theyre essentially fad diets: superficial would-be fixes that dont result in lasting improvements and can cause serious damage. With a mix of clear-eyed business analysis, heart-wrenching stories, and hard-won lessons for both consultants and the people who hire them, this book is impossible to put down and impossible to ignore. Karen Phelan and other consultants may have broken your company, but shes eager to make amends. Finally, an author challenging our broken management models who has credibilityshe has been there. Karen Phelan not only explains why the emperorour sacred ways of managinghas no clothes but provides us with insightful alternatives that promise to add real value to our organizations and the people that make them function.Dean Schroeder, award-winning coauthor of Ideas Are FreeFunny, irreverent, and outrageous, this book is making a deeply serious point: talking to actual people and figuring out how to help them work together better is whats going to make organizations stronger, not another PowerPoint presentation.Rosina L. Racioppi, President and CEO, Women Unlimited, Inc.


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An important must read book. Easy reading, not patronising but a gentle stroll through an evolving idea of just why Enough is Enough. Better than another doom and disaster expose, it actually maps out ...



Rob Dietz is the editor of the Daly News and the former executive director of CASSE (Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy).