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A Catalogue of Manuscripts and other old Books

made use of or cited in these Annals, as well as in the former volume.


MSS. Harleian. COTTON library, several Tower Records. vols. there.

K. Edward's Book of Sales. King Edward's Council Book. MSS. Foxian.

Minutes of Council under Q. MSS. penes me.

MSS. academica.
MSS. Ceciliana et Burghlian. Extract of the Regist. of Con-

MSS. Guilielmi Petyt, armi- vocation, penes rev. Fr. Atterger. sometime keeper of the bury, D.D. decan. Carliol. Tower Records.

Archiv. edictor. parliamenti. MSS. in the king's Paper Tho. Randolph, (sometime Office.

ambassador to Q. Elizabeth,) Sir William Cecil's Diary. his Journ, and Instruct. MSS. in the Heralds' Office. MSS. Tho. Baker, S. Th. B.

Letters of the earl of Shrews- Collectanea Matt. Hutton, bury, lying in the same office. D.D. MSS. C.C. C. C. vol. Syno

Old printed Books. dal. &c.

Harborough of faithful and MSS. of the lord Grey of true Subjects, against the late Ruthin ; now lord visc. Longue- blown Blast concerning the Goville.

vernment of Women, printed at Sir Hen. Sidney's Memorials. Strasborough, 1559. Archbp. Usher's MSS.

The first Blast against the MSS. in biblioth. eccles. Ti- monstrous Regiment or Empire gurin.

of Women. By J. Knox: printed MSS. in biblioth. eccles. Lon

1557 dino-Belgic.

Gilbie's Admonition to Eng-
MSS. in biblioth.Lambethan. land.
MSS. Johann. D. Ep. Elien. How superior Powers ought
Registr. Parker.

to be obeyed of their Subjects ; Registr. Grindal,

and wherein they may lawfully Registr. Durham.

be disobeyed, and rejected. By Registr. decani et capitul. Christ. Goodman : printed at Cantuar.

Geneva, 1558.

3 A

William Whittingham's Pre- Life of Archbishop Whitgift

, face to it.

by Sir George Paul. A popish paper upon the burn- Letters of the Martyrs. ing of S. Paul's church. 1561. Bishop Jewel's Sermons.

Pilkington, bishop of Dur- Apology, or Answer in Deham, his Confutation of the said

fence of the Church of England, paper : printed by Will. Seres, by Bp. Jewel : printed 1562. 1563.

Jewel's Defence of the ApoPopish Questions and Cases, logy: printed 1569. privately dispersed.

Harding's Confut. of Jewel's Bp. Pilkington's Answer to Apology. the said Questions and Cases. A Detection of sundry foul

Declaration of the Proceed- Errors, &c. ings of a Conference at West- Bishop Jewel's View of the minster, ult. Mar. printed by Pope's Bull, anno 1569. Jugg and Cawood, 1559.

Jewel's Works. Troubles at Frankford.

Vita Juelli, per Humfred. Germaniæ ad Angliam, resti- Archbp. Cranmer's Answer to tuta Evangelii Luce, Gratulatio. Dr. Ric. Smith's Preface. Basileæ.

Archbishop Cranmer's CateAd Christum Anglorum exu

chism. lantium Ευχαριστικόν. .

His Book of the Sacrament. De Religionis Conservatione Memorials of Archbp. Cranet Reformatione vera, &c. per mer, by J. Strype. Lawrentium Humfredum. Ba- Fox's Martyrology.

Life of Bernard Gilpin, by The Book of Psalmes in Eng- Carleton, bishop of Chichester : lish, printed at Geneva, 1558. printed 1636. Dedicated to the queen.

Holinshed's Chron. The Geneva Bible, first edit. Review of the Court of K. 1560.

James. The Great Bible, printed 1562. Athena Oxonienses, A.Wood, The Bishops' Bible, 1572.

auth. Musculus' Common Places Fuller's Church History. translated, by J. Man. The Abbot Fecknam's Decla. of epist. dedicat. to the archbp. of Scruples and Stays of ConCant. printed 1562.

science, 1564. Camden's Eliz.

His book to the queen's Sir Simonds D’Ewes, his commissioners, touching the Journal of Parliaments.

oath of supremacy.

sileæ, 1559

Horne, bishop of Winchester, cy, esq. his Answer to Fecknam's book, A Romish Discourse, whereprinted 1565.

by the two religions were comVariorum Itinerum Deliciæ. pared.

Antiquit. Britannicæ: printed A Warning against the danat Hanover.

gerous Practices of Papists, 1569. Execut. of Justice in Engl. Hieron. Osorius's Latin Epiprinted 1582.

stle to the Queen, 1562. Answer to the Engl. Just. by Dr. Haddon's Answer to Cardinal Allen.

Osorius, by way of letter to Visions of Elizeus Hall in him, 1563. metre. 1561.

Osorius's Answ. to Haddon. Erasmi Catechesis.

Dr. Haddon and John Fox; Secretary Cecill's Letters. their Reply in Latin more Admonit. to the Parliament. largely. Afterwards printed in Dr. Whitgift's Answer to the

English. Admonition.

Haddoni Lucubrat. printed Treatise of the Cross, by 1567. John Marsbal, a student in di- Roger Ascham's Latin Epist. vinity at Lovain: printed 1564. His Schoolmaster.

The Answer to it, by James History of the Council of Calfhill, B. D. printed 1565. Trent, by Father Paul.

Bullinger's Comment on Da- A godly and necessary Adniel.

monition of the Decrees and Lavater's Comment on Jo- Canons of the Council of Trent, shua.

translated out of Latin into Phil. Melancthon's Epit. of English: printed 1564. Moral Philosophy.

An Apology written by Bp. His Discourse upon the 13th Hooper : printed 1562. chapter of the Epistle to the A Pearle of a Prince; being Romans.

Osorius's Epistle to the Queen. A brief and lamentable Con- Translated into English by sideration of the Apparel. Shacklock : printed at Antwerp,

A book containing the judg. 1565. ments of learned foreigners, A Declaration of the Doings concerning cap and surplice. of the Ministers in London,

Campiani Opuscula Selecta. which have refused to wear the Antw. 1631.

upper Apparel, and ministering The rooting out of the Ro- Garments of the Pope's Church: mish Supremacy, by Will. Chan- printed 1566.

Examination, for the time, Dr. Geo. Abbot against Hil's of a certain Declaration lately Reasons unmasked. put in print in the Name and Tortura Torti; by bishop Defence of certain Ministers of Andrews. London, refusing to wear the Homilies against wilful ReApparel : printed 1566. bellion: printed 1569.

Pet. Martyr's Comment upon Bp. Sparrow's Collections. Gen.

Synodus Anglicana; the ApHis Dialogue De utraque in pendix to it: printed 1702. Christo Natura.

A Tract to the Queen's poor His Epistles.

deceived subjects in the North Archbp. Usher's Letters. Country, drawn into Rebellion. Archbp. Bramhal's Works.

1569. Coke's Institutes, part III. A Warning against the danand IV.

gerous Practice of Papists; and Dyer's Reports.

especially the Partners of the Coke's Reports.

late Rebellion. 1569. Two Sermons preached in State of the English FugiLent, 1553, before Q. Mary, tives. by Watson, bishop of Lin- Part of a Register. coln.

Latymer's Sermons. The setting open of the sub- Bullæ Papisticæ contra Seretil Sophistry of Tho. Watson, niss. Reginam Elizabetham, et D.D. by R. Crowley, 1569. contra inclytum Angliæ regnum

Sir Tho. Smith's Orations, promulgatæ, Refutatio ; per for and against the Queen's Henricum Bullingerum: printMarriage. Hemingius's Postils, translat

An Exposition of the Proed into English : printed 1569. phesy of Aggee; by Jam. Pilk

A Treatise of Justification : ington, master of St. John's in printed at Lovain. Found a- Cambridge : printed 1560. mong the Writings of Cardinal His Exposition upon NehePole.

miah, set forth by John Fox. Leicester's Common Wealth. Common Places of Erasmus

A Discovery and plain De- Sarcerius ; translated into Eng. claration of the Inquisition of lish by Ric. Taverner. DediSpain; translated into English: cated to K. Henry VIII. printed 1569.

The Commons' humble SubSandys, archbishop of York, miss. and Desire to return to his Sermons.

the Cath. Faith. 1570.

ed 1571.

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