Diffuse Lung Disorders: A Comprehensive Clinical-radiological Overview

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Miriam Sperber
Springer, 1999 - 510 עמודים
Diffuse Lung Disorders aims to bring together pathologists, clinicians and diagnostic radiologists to produce a simplified analysis and a unification of the existing concepts in the diagnosis and treatment of diffuse lung diseases. With the goal of optimising the diagnostic and therapeutic approach, the book is arranged in a way that will permit the presentation of various entities in a global, practical and realistic manner. Pathological changes are highlighted and the latest diagnostic modalities are then presented, emphasising the use of new techniques such as MRI and high resolution CT. Finally, detailed therapeutic strategies are proposed based on epidemiological findings, radiographic manifestations, and the complex pathophysiological basis of each disorder. The resulting volume will appeal not only to the sophisticated practitioner but will also provide material that is sufficiently organised and didactic to be used by the young physician.

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Medical History and Physical Examination
Bronchoalveolar and Serum Markers of Lung Disease
Pulmonary Function Tests
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