Statistical Sketches of Upper Canada: For the Use of Emigrants

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J. Murray, 1832 - 120 עמודים

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עמוד 32 - Merry it is in the good greenwood, When the mavis* and merle' are singing, When the deer sweeps by, and the hounds are in cry, And the hunter's horn is ringing.
עמוד 51 - Memoirs, ip 166. All the forms and states of nature excite feelings of a gratifying description. Thus even the privations and hardships of a forest-life are found to have their charms : " I fell in with Moore's Life of Lord Edward Fitzgerald, and I cannot describe the pleasure I received from reading his vivid, spirited, and accurate description of the feelings he experienced, on first taking on him the life of a hunter. At an earlier period of life than Lord Edward had then attained, I made...
עמוד 56 - ... will do, but butter is more esteemed), and when it boils, put in the steak, turning and peppering it for about a quarter of an hour ; then put it into a deep dish, and pour the oil over it, till it floats, and so serve it.
עמוד 61 - And they told him, and said, We came unto the land whither thou sentest us, and surely it floweth with milk and honey ; and this is the fruit of it.
עמוד 53 - Formerly, that is to say, previous to the peace of 1815, a journey between Quebec and Sandwich was an undertaking considerably more tedious and troublesome than the voyage from London to Quebec. In the first place, the commissariat of the expedition had to be cared for ; and to that end every gentleman who was liable to travel had, as a part of his appointments, a provision basket, which held generally a cold round of beef, tin plates and drinking-cups, tea, sugar, biscuits, and about a gallon of...
עמוד 40 - Game dogs are useless for this purpose ; for, unless properly trained, they fly at tne throat, and get torn to pieces or hugged to death for their pains. The curs yelp after him, bite his rump, and make him tree*, where he can be shot. The bear of Canada is seldom dangerous. He is always ready to enter into a treaty, similar to what my Lord Brougham negotiated lately with Lord Londonderry, viz.
עמוד 38 - hark down' on the scent, when he will be sure to run for the water, where you can knock him on the head from a boat or canoe. But even in this defenceless position you must not approach him rashly, for he gives an ugly wound with his horns; and with the sharp hoofs of his fore feet he has been known to deal such a blow as has separated the muscle from the bone of a man's leg. You must, therefore, either shoot him, knock him on the head, drown him, by holding down his head with an oar, or seize hold...
עמוד 51 - And even now, when a tropical climate, privation, disease, and thankless toil, are combining with, advancing years to unstring a frame, the strength of which once set hunger, cold, and fatigue at defiance, and to undermine a constitution that once appeared iron-bound, still I cannot lie down by a fire in the woods, without the elevating feeling which I experienced formerly returning, though in a diminished degree.
עמוד 38 - ... and other haunts. • Another way is, to let a canoe or raft float down a . stream during the midsummer night with a bright light upon it. This seems to dazzle or fascinate the animal, who is fond of standing in the water when the mosquitoes are troublesome in the woods; and if the manoeuvre be skilfully managed without noise, he will allow you to come within a few yards of him; • — so near indeed will he allow you thus to approach, that there have been instances known of his having been...
עמוד 2 - ... required to be answered ; and so long as they came ' like angel visits, few and far between,' it was no great grievance to do so. But, after having written some reams in answer to them, and when every other packet brought one, and no later ago than last week I had two to answer, things began to look serious, and so did I : for I found that, if they went on at this rate, I should have no 'valuable time' to devote to my own proper affairs.

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