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The Indian's proof of his pre-eminence to the Negro. 565 down on a withered Atump, leaning gerly seized her hand, and led her; her cheek upon her hand. After a relu&ant, to the carriage. They enlittle wbile, the bird was scared liom tered it, and driviog off with furious its perch, and fitted fram the thicket. Speed, were soon out of sight of those Louisa role from the ground, and hills which paftured the focks of the burft into tears! She turned and be- unfortunate Venoni. held Sır Edward. His countenance

(To be Continued.) had much of its former langour; and when he took her hand, he cast on the earth a melancholly look, and seemed For the Boston MAGAZINB. unable to speak his feelings. " Are

you, not well, Sir Edward?said A Dispute between an Indian Lourd, with a voice faint and broken. -..“ I am ill, indeed,” said he," hut

and a Negro, respecting the * my illness is of the mind. Louisa natural right of pre-emin " cannot cure me of that. I am li wierched ; but I delerve to be ro.

nence. << I have broken every law of lorpi N Indian and a Negro accidens, “ lality, and every obligat on of gra.

tally meeting at a bridge, over «litude. I have dared to with for

which they both designed to pass, ħappiness, and to [peak what I wished,

a dispute arose which of them ought thoogh it wounded the heart of my

to go foremost; the negro affirmed, deareft benefa&rels...but I will make that he ought to go foremost, because a severe expiation. This moment I negroes were above indians ; on the leave you, Louisa! I go to be wretch contrary the indian aflerted that he ed ; but you may be happy, happy. ought to go foremoi, because (lays in your duty to a father, happy, it he, to use his own dialeA) I can prove may be, in the arms of a husband, from scriptum,that indians are above whom the policfiou of such a wife Degroes, for, when God he make it may teach refinement and sensibility man, he put him into a fine garden, I go to my native country, to hurry where was crate many good apples ; through scenes of inkrome buliness or and God he tell him, he may eat any tasteless amusement ; that I may, if of the apples only one tree have poslitle, procure a sort of hall.oblivion charming fine apple, red on one side of that happiness which I have left and freaked on tother, this apple behind, a liflers endurance of that Adam muft no eat; but Adam he no life which I once dreamed might be mind it what God tell him, and so he made delighiful with Louisa.”

eat em dat apple,this make God * mefi Tears were the only answer fie angry at him and he drive him out could give. Sir Edward's servants of that garden, and tell him he must appeared, with a carriage, ready íor no come back again, but maft go and his departure. He took from his work, hard for his living. Now pocket two pi&tures ; one he had Adam after he leave em that garden asawn of Lovisa, he falened round have crate many children i py py he his neck, apd, kissing it with rapture,

die and leave it his children, after a hid it in his borom. The other he while every body grow meli I matheld out in a hesitating manoer. chet only Noah, now God he tell em " 'This," faid he, if Louira will ac. Noah he must go build crate "cept of it, may somet mes pni berin

canoe big enough to hold him and alt "mind of him who once offended, his family, cause he was going to

who can never cease to adore her. bring crale water to drown all the « She may look on it, perhaps, after

matcher folks : So Noah he make it so the original is no more ; when this

crate canoe and get all bis folks to go * hear: Thall have forgot to love, and

into it. When the craie water come & ceased to be wretched."

the matchet folks swim about that Lou sa was at last overcome: her face

crare was first pale as death; then suddenly it was crolled with a crimron blush « Oh ! Sir Edward !” said the, “What * Very. † By andby. I Wicked. at would you have me do!"... He ea. $ The Ark.

crate canoe and try to get ioto it, but Noub with his stick knock em fogers fo tiey drop into the water and all die. Well, py py crate water he all dry up, theo Noah and his folks come out of that crate canoe. And Noah he go to work and have it crate orchard and make it bundance of good cyder, now Noah he so much love em cyder and drink fo hard, he get mefi qualum and go to sleep naked. Nuw Noah have three boys, the two oldeft were good boys, but the youngeft was matchet boy, this matchet boy fee his father lie asleep and no cloaths on him he no want to cover up his poor farmer to keep him from catching cold, cause he is so matchet, he go tell his brothers come go see how fa. ther look, he is got quafum and lies fait asleep without any cloaths on, he Laugh reidy to kill his self to think ko'y his father look ; but his tother Brothers say poor father will get cold if we dont go cover him up, lo mbey go cover him up with cloaths that he might lie warm. Now when be awake up, they tell him what his

catchet boy had done, old man he lay it up, so when he come to make his will, he call his boys together and he tell his oldest boy, you mall be good English man ; lis' next boy he fell, you shall be good Indian ; but when his matchet boy come, he tell Him you shall be devilish Negro; lo you lee Indian are above Negroes.

pored in circles, and tinged with variety of bright lively colours, sery nearly represent the beautiful petals of some of our moft elegantly fridged and radiated flowers, such as the car. pation, marigold, and anemone. As there are a great variety of species of this animal, so these species ditter from each other in their form. The bodies of some of these are hemispherical, others cylindrical, and others fhaped like a fig. Their subfiance likewise differs; for some are fiff and glutinous, others Aethy agd, muscular ; but they are all capable. of alrering their thape, when they extend their bodies and claws in iearch of their food. We find them on our rocky coafts at low water, Ered in the Thallows or some solid fubitaace, by a broad bare like a sucker ; but they can shift their fituation, thouga their movement is very low. . They have only one opeaiog. which is in the centre of the upper most part of the animal ; round this are placed rows of Refiy claws : this opening is the mouth of the animal, and is capable of great extenfion : It is amazing to see what large shell 6M fome of them can (wallow, such as murcles, crabs, &c. When it has fucked out the 60, it throws back the mells through the same passage. Through this opening it likewise pro duces iis young ones alive, already furnished with little claws; which, as soon they fix themselves, they be gin to extend in search of food.

They are found all round the coafts of England, but the coafts of Soffex and Cornwall furnim us the greatest varieties of them. The islands in the East Indies are likewise remarkable for many kinds of them.

The Actinia Societa is of a' tender Aethy substance, and confifts of Dany tubular bodies, swelliog gently to wards the upper part, and ending like a bulb, or a very small onion ; on the top of each is its mouth, sur rounded by one or two rows of gentacles, or claws, which when con tra&ed, look like circles of beads. The lower part of these bodies have a communication with a firm flechy wrinks led tube, which flicks fast to the rocks, and sends forth other Beshy tubes, which creep along them in various


An Account of the Aetinia So

cieta, or clustered Animal Flower, described in ibe annexed Plate.

(By John Ellis, F. R. S.) THE Adinia, called by old au

1 thors, as Aldrovandus, John. Iton, &c. Urtica marina, from its fup. pored property of fringing, is now more properly called by some late Englifh authors, the Animal Power, This name seems well adapted to it ; for the claws, or tentacles, being dis

Very drunk.


Elakistoberos's Answer to the New Testament Christian. -567 dire&ions. Those are full of differ sibly raid, or done in bis observati-' ent sizes of inere remarkable animals, ons, &c. His design is very far which rise up irregularly in groups from being obscure. Wbether he is' near to one another.

well entitled to so much allurauceila Tais adhering tube that fecures his conclufioms rei pecting the characthem laft to the rock or thelly bottoin ter of the GREAT SAVIOUR of the is worthy our notice. The knots that world, perhaps his intelligent fellowwe observe, are formed in several Chriflians, will not he.ro fully agreed. parts of it, by iofinuating itsell into I shall but imitate his goodness, the icequalities of the coral rock, or when in my turn, I lay before him, Isy grałping pieces of thells, part of and the mterefled public, a collection which ftill remain in it, with the fiethy of a few scriptures, which respect the fubftance grown over them. - wonderous character abuve mention

Wben we view the inside of this ed. animal dissected length ways, we find QUERY ift. Are there not in the a little tube like a gullet leading from person of Jesus Christ, two diftinct na.' the mouth to the stomach, from igres ?... See 1 Cor. x, 9. Neither lec whence there arise eight wrinkled, us tempt Chrift, as some of them small guis, in a circular order, with a tempted him, and were destroyed of yellowish, soft rubílance in them ; serpents... Psal. xxvii, 18. They these bend over in the lorm of arches tempted God in the wilderuers, by towards the lower part of the bulb, alking meat for their lufts..- Isaiah ix, whence they may be traced to the 6. Unto us a child is born ; unto us a garrow part of the upright tube. fon is given, and his game Mall be

called Wonderful, the Mighty God, Explanation of tbe Plate.

the Everlasting Father, and ihe Prince Fiz. 'A. The AAinia Societa, or of Peace....Matt. i, 28. 'Those thall CLUSTERED ANIMAL-FLOWER, call his name Emanuel, which being with its radical tube adhering to a interpreted, is God with us....Lol. ii, rock. (a) One of the animais ftretch. 9. la bim dwelleth all the fullness of ing out its claws.

The Godhead, bodily... Observe well, Fig. B. A perpendicular diffe&ion Rom. ix, s. Of whom, as concerning of one of these bodies, to thew the the Aem, Chrift came wlio is God over gallet, inteftines, ftomach, and fibres, all, blefied forever.. John. iii, 16. or tendons that move the 'claws. Hereby perceive we tre love of (b) A young one arising out of the God, becaule he laid down his life adhering tube.

for us. He lid a life be could lay down, which therefore is diftin&t from

the divine. .. John 1, 1. In the begin To the · EDITOR$ of the BOSTON ning was the word, and the word was MAGAZINE.

with God, and the word was God.--

1 Tim. ii, 16. God was manifest in the 'Gentlemen,

Aerh - John v. 20. Jesus Chrift, A S the Clergy of this country,have this is the true God, and ereriral life. A never assumed any authority, to The unprejudiced reader, I appre Jord it over the heritage of God; and hend, will be ready to say, that in the esteem it the undoubted privelege of above noted texts, it seems at least to the Laity, to examine for themselves be aflerted, that in the Son of God, all articles of faith, I hope they will there are two.diftinct uatures always discover the like candour, and • QUERY 2d. Are not many, if not - meekness in receiving inftrudion avd 'all trie prerogatives of the fupreme, information from them, when their ererval' God ascribed to Jesus aflillance becomes necessary.

Chrift? I would by your permission, Gen If Is not creation, the work of God itemen, take this method, jun to no only? Heb. iii, 4.' He who built all

tice the good intentions, of the New things, is God. - Pral. cii, 24, 25. O · TASTAMENT-CHRISTIAN, in your my God, thy years are throughout : Magazine of O&ober last--and thaok all generations ; of old haft thou laid him (or whatever may be deemed sen the foundations of the earti, and-tlie Сccc


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