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with hin the ratification of the De. It began upon the mountain west of finitive Treaty of Peace on the part the town, where it's direction appear. of Britain.

ed to be from north to south Auguft. 6. The Tankerville, Bri. While upon the mountain, no vetish Packet, Capt. M'Donough, arry considerable effe&s were produce rived here on Thursday laft, in 43 ed by it; excepting that it partly undays from Falmouth.

covered one barn, and broke down The Hon. Henry Laurens, Esq; a great number of trees. Upon leavformerly President of Congress, and ing the mountain, the direáion of it one of, ihe Ambassadors in Europe appeared to be from weft to eaft, from the United States, came paffen till it came within about a mile and ger in her; as did Mr. Laurens, his an half south-west of the meetingfon.

house, to Webster's mills; where it In the British Parliament a motion appeared to be in every dire&iony, was made by Mr. Pirt, and carried and blew a perfe& hurricane. It without a division, to continue the seems to have been occasioned by the American trade bill fix weeks longer. meeting of two heavy clouds-- one HARTFORD, Auguft 3. from the south, and the other from

The General Allembly of North the north. The whole ftorm thereCarolina, at their last reffion, passed fore collected with amazing blackness, an Ad vefting a power in the United and centred at the place above menStates, in Congress Assembled, to le- tioned; producing luch a scene of devy a duty on foreign merchandize for folation, as perhaps the memory of the use of the United States.

the oldest men cannot recollect to 10.A gentleman from the northward have been produced by a similar cause ioforms, That the Indians are pre- in New England. The wind entered paring to meet Sir John Johnson, at the house of Philo. Webster at the Niagara, where he has invited them north-west corner, where it tore off to a conference. His in veteracy to a large portion of the roof; and in its these States, and the many presents passage, it carried out at the opposite he has with him, forebode's nothing end of the house, almoft the whole propitious toour frontier settlements. side of one room. A girl of about We fear the great influence he has fourteen years old, who happened to among them will be used to fimulate be in the room, was carried to the those reftlers demons to hoftility. .diftance of about a dozen rods ; but

24. Tuesday last the Portland pack providentially, the, as well as the rest et, Capt. James, arrived at New of the family, escaped without much York, in 34 days from Falmouth : hurt. The furniture in the room The British papers brought by her was dashed all in pieces, and some of are as late as the 8th of July, which it has been fince found in fragments, mention that a negociation has been at a great diftance from the house. concluded between the Court of Lif- Various articles of cloathing, which bon, and these United States, by were contained in a case of drawers, virtue of which 4000 tons of Ameri- have been found as far as a quarter of can wheat are to be annually deliver a mile off, and in different directions. ed in Portugal, at a ftipulated price, A very large oaken plank, sawed for for seven years to come : That a the purpose of ship building, and new British government is to be weighing not much Mhort of three formed north of the Bay of Fundy, hundred weight, was carried from to extend weft ward an immense dir- the mill, the distance of 13 rods, protaoce ; and that a commiffion from bably over the top of a small house. the Governor, with commercial re. The barn, filled with hay and grain, gulations and instruations respecting was crushed entirely to the ground; ibe granting of lauds, were preparing though the frame was very smart and with the utmoft dispatch.." well braced. The orchard, confifting

SOUTHINGTON, August 20. of a considerable number of large trees Last Tuesday afternoon, about was destroyed; particularly the largo 4 o'clock, we had here a molt extra- eft tree, being about three feet in die ordinary and terrible gale of wind ameter, with a proportionable lop, ap. pears to have been fairly taken up by Calonge, to the Merquils de la The rools in the whirl, and carried to Fayette, respeding free ports in the distance of about eight feet before France, be entered on the journal, it Aruck the ground.


and, when published, transmitted to In the street, a few. rods eaft,'a new the supreme executives of the leve smart frame, covered only on the fore ral fates. fide of the roof, and the gable ends, The letters being tranflated, are as was carried completely off the cellar, follows: and crushed to the ground. Another Versailles, 29th of June, 1783. barn filled with hay and grain, was SIR, overturned ; and out of three orchards . I HAVE received the letter confifting of about one hundred and which you did me the honour to thirty large thrifty trees, loaded hea. write on the 17th of this month. You vily with fruit, not more than about defire to know what is meant by free eighteen or twenty are now ftanding. port.

Sundry other buildings were cooli. By this term, fir, we mean a place derably damaged, several facks of hay to which all merchandizes, as well were destroyed, and scarcely a rod of foreign as domeftic, may be importfence, in the compaís of balf a mile, ed, and from which they may be rete was left standing.

ly exported. You will judge, fir.bg Many of the rails from the fences this definition, that all the mercoadwere carried to such a diftance, as to dizes of the north, without excetimake it neceffary to cart them back on, may be imported into l'Orrat, again.

and exported from it by the Ameri: The Auw of wind appears to have cans. In a word, i'Qrient will be rebeen about half a mile wide. It was puted foreign with regard to France, attended with heavy thunder, and as far as respeits coinmerce. Toe most violent rain.

prohibitions and duties upon foreiga BOSTON, August 2. merchandizes will take effect only, EXTRACT from the JOURNALS in case any persons de fire to introduce

of CONGRESS, May 8. 1784. in to the interior parts of the realm, On the report of a committee to the merchandizes subjected to tac whom was referred a letter of the one or to the other, 16th of April laft, from the Superin

I have the honour to he, &c. tendant of Finance, enclofing a letter

DE VERGENNES. of the 16th of December, and one of Mons, the Marquis de la Fayette. the voih January, from the Marquiss Versailles, January, 9th. 1784. de la Fayette ; with sundry papers

SIR. enclosed.

I HAVE communicated to the Resolved, That a letter be writ King, the observations contained in ten, by the preldens, to the Marquiss the memoir which you transmitted to de la Fayette, expreffing the high me, relative to the commerce of sense which Congrels entertain of America, and those which you made his importan: services, relative to at our laft Conference. the coin merce of France and there I am authorised to announce ta United States, and particularly to you, that it is the intention of his free ports ---that there is every rea. Majefty to graot to the United States foo to expect mutual and permanent the ports of l'Orient and Bayoone as advantages from there liberal mea free ports, and besides tliers, that of fures adopted by big moit Coristian Dunkirk, and that of Mersailles; the Majeily, and that an extenfiou there. firft of wbich eo joys abíolute free. of to the Won India colonies will, in dom, and the other is refiratoed in the opinion of Congress, increase the exercise of that freedom only those advantages, and produce the with regard to tobacco, which is moit faluta:y erruds.

there subjected to a doty. The Resolved, That a copy of a letter of Americans muy from this moment Che 29th of Jane lait, from the Count send their vefsels to those four ports, da Vörgenges, and one of the oth of where they will not meet with any January. duit, from Monsieur de kind of dihculty. You may, if ne:


cefiary,explain what is meant by free His molt chriftian majesty, informed ports, agreeable to the signification that the United States were not posthereof given by Monf. de Vergen. fefied of any harbour in the Eat Inpes, in his letter of the 29th of June dies, where their vefsels, trading to laft. The Americans will find above China, might refit, or where they all, at Dunkirk, all the facilities they might find fresh provisions, has or Can de fire for the sale of their leaf dered, that the harbours in the islands tobacco, their rice,, their timber and of France and Bourbon (also called other merchandise, as well as for the the Mauritius) hould be opened to Purchase of what they want, such as them, and that ihey thould enjoy Linens, woolens, brandy, &c. It is there, all prote&tion and liberty, in proposed to eftablish Atores and ma. going to and coming from China. gazines there, which shall be well 15. By a late accurate calculation Tupplied on terms very advantageous in a late Irith paper it appears that for their commerce. I have given 38650 persons of different descriptions orders to the Farmers General to failed from Ireland, during the years treat in prelerence, and at a reasona. 1731,1782, and 1783, for America.--ble price, for the purchase of the to. About 15000 have arrived in Ameribaccoes of North America, and more. ca fince the conclufion of peace. over the United States will be as Thursday lait a fill born infant was much favoured in France, in matters found in a small wooden box, under of Commerce, as any other nation. the Rev. Mr. Skillman's meeting

The complaints which they may make house, at the north end. The jury so you, or which Mr. Franklin and of inqueit which fat on the body, the other American minillers, which brought in their verdict,' that it was I would be glad to see, may transmit concealed there by some person vnto me on their behalf, Mall be exam. known, to prevent its mother being ined with great attention, and govern brought to shamo. ment will not suffer them to experi From the complexion of affairs in ence any kind of vexation. Every Europe, it is more than probable that poffible precaution will also be taken the flames of war will soon be very to prevent the sending out bad mer. generally kindled. The following chandise, which, if it has hitherto are within the prospect of belief: taken place, can only be attributed to England with France, in India ; Swethe avarice of some merchants of the den with Depmark; Ruiz with lowe At order. I am going immediately France; the Dutch with Prulia; and to examine what relates to the cul the Dutch with the Emperor. toms and duties which hurt com. 19. On the 26th ult. Gov. Harrison merce, this is an important subject, of Virgioia, issued a proclamation, and requires great attention. In fine forbidding the molestation of any perSir, you may rely, that I Mall be al. fon who shall return to that fate un. ways dispored, as well as Mons. the der the sandion of the treaty of peace, Marthal de Castres, and Monsieur and of the laws of that commonwealth. the Count de Vergenoes, to receive They have lately voted a ftatue of and liften with attention to the de- our late most worthy Commander in mands and further representations, Chiei, General Wallington. In con. which you mall think proper to make fequence of which bis Excellency Goin favour of the commerce of America. vernor Harrison has written to MrI have the honour to be, &c.

Peale, of Poiladelphia, requefting bim DE. CALONNE. to draw a full length picture of the PS. The ports of Bayonne and General immediately, to be shipped l'Orient will be made fimilar to that of for France, where the work is to be Dunkirk with regard to entire free. executed under the care of the Hon. dom,

Thomas Jefferson, Esquire,
Mons, the Marquis de la Fayette. 23. At the late meetings of the

9. Every day envinces the dispositi MASSACHUSETTS MEDICAL ons which prevail in France towards SOCIETY, amongst the communicaftrengthening the bands of commerce tions presented, were the following, and politics between them and ibe vim. United States,

Oblervations Observationson man, or the various ill consequence of its exhibition,00 changes of matter, observable in the the contrary, the compleateft success. human conftitution ; with hints for By Edward Wyer, phyfician, Haliimprovement in the medical art .. By fax, Nova Scotia. Jofeph Greenleaf, Erq; of Bofton. An account of the diseases preva

The history of four pra&ical cases lent in Salem, during the year 1783, in phyfic. By William Gamage, Jun. together with Meteorological ob. A. M. Physician, Cambridge.

fervations, and a bill of Mortality Three cases of fractured Cranium, annexed. By Edward A. Holyoke, containing che histories of the symp Erg; M. D. Physician, Salem. toms attending them during life, and Remarkable effects of chewing the the state of the injured parts as disco common garden sage, and an acvered by diffe&tion after death -- By count of an uncommon fatus. By Mons. John Feron, first Cherugien Elisha Story, Phyfician, Marbleand Phyfician of the French Aleet in head. North America, and of the King's An experiment determining the hospitals in Botton.

expediency of the Sigualtian operaAn account of the diseases that tion. By Joseph Orne, A. M. Phy. prevailed in Salem, during the year fician, Salem." 1782, with a bill of mortality annexed. A fingular case of a mortification, Also, a case in Surgery. By E. A. which terminated successfully. By Holyoke, Esq; M.D. Phyfician,Salem, Simon Tufts, Esq; Physician, Med.

An account of the diseases that pre ford. 'vailed in and about Weymouth, from Appearances upon the diffeaion of

January 1782, to April 1783. By the a child, born without a gall bladder. Hon. Cotton Tufts, Esq; Physician, By N. A. Haven, A. M. Physician, Weymouth.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Paracentefis of the thorax, for an We are informed that upwards of empyema, followed by protrusion of two hundred houses have lately been a portion of the lungs, mortified, and burnt in Port au Prince. semoved by the koife. By Isaac Extrad from the Journals of CooRand, erg; Physician, Cambridge. gress.

An uncommon instance of the re. The device for an armorial atchieve generation of parts, which had been ment and reverse for the Great Seal destroyed by ulceration. By John of the United States in Congress af. Warren, Erq; Physician, Boston. sembled, is as follows:

Some observations upon the measles ARMS, Paleways of thirteen piecthat were epidemic at Salem in the es, argent and gules, a chief azure; year 1783. By E. A. Holyoke, Esq; the escutcheon on the breaft of the M. D. Pnysician, Salem.

American Eagle displayed, proper Experiments with the common holding in his dexter talon, an olive cow parsnip (fphondylium vulgare branch, and in his finifter, a bundle hirsutum. Park. C. B.) in cases of of 13 arrows, all proper, and in his epileply. By Jospeh Orne, A. M. beak a scroll inscribed with this motPhysician, Salem,

to, E Pluribus Unum. For the creft. Treatise on the exfoliation of ten. Over the head of the American Eagle, dons, in consequence of whitlow. An which appears above the escurcheon, hiftory of an abscess in the iliac regi. a glory, or, breaking through a cloud, on. Observations on the future of proper, surrounding 13 Stars, formthe scrotum. Hiftory of an abscess ing a constellation, Argent on an of the liver, with the fate of the Azure field. parts affedted, as discovered by dil. Reverse. A pyramid unfinished. fection. By Mons. Feron, firit sur In the Zenith an eye in a triangle geon and phyfician to the French surrounded with a glory, proper, over fieet, &c.

· the eye, these words Annual Coptes. History of an lıydrocephalus inter. On the base of the pyramid, the nu. nus, in a child, treated with repeated merical letters M,DCC.LXXVI. And doses of calomel, in the quantity of underneath, the followiog motto, 4 grains every fix hours, without any Novus Ordo Seclorum.

ge. Extra&t of a letter from l'Ori. M. d'Espinous, reprimanded unania ent, June 2.

moully." Le Marseillois, M. de Car« The Council of War assembled tellene, acquitted and commended in this city have given sentence on unanimously. Le Pluton, M. d'Al. the affair of the 12th of April, 1782. bert de Rioms, acquitted unaniThe following is the sentence, as it moully and commended. was committed to the Court, on May “ All the Captains of the Frigates 23, viz. Or the Hercule, Maní. and Cutters were acquitted unaniCoalis, reprimanded. The Neptune, mously." M ons. D'Alenes, reprimanded. La The Generals Lincoln, Knox and So verain, M, de Glandeves, acquit Putoam, being appointed Commilted, unanimously. LePalmier, Mon. fioners to settle the eastern boundary de Martellery, acquitted, but not line between the American United unanimoully. Le Northumberland, States, and the lands belonging to

M. de Coinbaud, acquitted unani. Great Britain, as agreed to by the moufly. L'Augufe, M. de Bougan. Jate Definitive Treaty, left” this ville, reprimanded unanimously, for town for that purpose on Thuifday having rafhly hazarded his life. L' lat. Ardent, M. de Gouzillon, suspended 31 This day being one of the days for three months unanimously. Le appointed for the meeting of the SuScipion, Mons. de Chavels, acquit. preme Judicial Court for the County ted. Le Brave, M. D'Amblimont, of Suffolk, the Judges, Barifters, and acquitted, but not unanimously. L' Attorneys,in their robes,went in proCitoyen, M. Dettry, acquitted unani. cefsion to the Court house, in Botton, mously. Le Cæsar, M. Lamb, ac. where, the Court being opened by quitted and commended unanimous proclamation, and the preliminary ly. Le Dauphin Royal, M. de Mon business settled, the Grand Jury for peroux, acquitted, not unanimously. the body of the County was called, Le Languedoc, M. D'Aros, acquitted and sworn, the chief jufice then gave and commended. La Ville de Paris, the jury an elegant charge, pointing M. le Comte de Graffe, acquitted out their duty, ftating and defining unanimously. La Couronne, M. de the several crimes they had cognizMitton, acquitted and commended, ence of, representing the great impone but not unanimously. L'Eville, tance of their appointment, and urgMonf. de Tilly, acquitted unani. ing upon them the faithful discharge mously. Le Sceptre, Mons. le Compt of their duty. de Vaudreuil, acquitted, but not unanimously. Le Glorieux, Monf. Bill of Mortality for Auguft, 1784. de Troghoff, discharged, and com Male Whites, above 6o, mended unanimoufly. La Diademe, Females, do. do. Mons. de Montecler, acquitted una Male, do. tetween 12 and bo, nimously. Le Deftin, M. de Goim Female, do. do. py, acquitted unanimously. Le Mag. White Children under 12, nanime, M. le Bigne, acquitted, but Black do. under do. not unanimously, and that it should Prop. of Females to Males, as 2 to la be recorded in the journal to be presented to the Minister, that after the AO OBITUARY for Auguft. relief of the morning, he endeavour

DI BD, ed to retreat and Ay, Le Reflechi, Lately at Saybrook, Conneticut, M. de Medines,acquitted unanimous Rev. William Hart, Ætat. 72n ly. Le Conquerant, M. de la Gran At Dunftable, Doctor Thomas diere, acquitted unanimously. La Fletcher, Magnifique, de Martigneis, acquit. At Philadelphia, Doctor Peter ted and commended unanimously. Hedengran, of this town, 49. Le Triumphant, M. le Marquis de 31 ultimo. At Western, Rev. Vaudreuil, discharged, but not unani. Isaac Jones, paftor of a church mously. La Burgoyne, M. de Cha there, Tite, unanimously acquitted and com At Windham, county of Lincoln, mended. Le Duc de Bourgogne, Mr. Reed, of Otisfield, killed by






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