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therein. Hence they soppose it has happened, that the a&ual payments of ibere quotas bave been uncommu. nicated to the Office of Finance for the United States. The Committee are of opinion, that the States thould be defied to communicate to the Su. perintendant of Finaoce the pay. aments they have made under this requifition, and where they have been incompleat, to haften tbeir comple. tion, as the means ftill relled on by Congress, for the discharge of that part of the interest of the public debt. And while on this subject, they beg leave to add, that from the represen tation to Congress by the Minifter of Fraoce,referred to this Committee, they learn that in some of the states a discrimination has taken place beIween the citizens of their own, and subjects or citizens of other countries, which was not authorized by the Said resolution: they are of opinion, that such States thould be required to revise and reform their proceed. ings herein, and to extend the bene. fits both paft and future of this provision, equally and impartially to all persons within its description.

Your Committee theu came to con. fider ia what way it would be beft to Call for the sums requisite for the ser. vices before fated : And they thought it their duty in the first place to enquire, whether no, furplures might remain on former requisitions of Congress, after the purpofes were effe&ed to which they were original ly appropriated; under an assurance that it would be both the duty and sense of Congress to apply such furpluses, in every instance, towards Jeffeping the next requifitions on the States. They found, in fact, that such a surplus would remain op the requisition of O&tober 30, 1981, for eight millioos of dollars, for the services of the ensuing year, and that this furplus would be great from the following circumstances : That rey quisition was estimated on fuppofiti on that the Continental army would be compleated by the States to its full establishment ; and that cloathing, fubalieace and other necessaries for such an army, muft of course he pro vided. The Staies were far mort of producing such an army. Hence the calis for money were proportionally

abridged. It was eftimated too, oft the further suppofition, that we might be disappointed in the endeavours we were then exerting to borrow inoney both at home and abroad, and of 'course, that the whole must be supplied by taxes, Loaas however were obtained, and the surplus increafed by this second cause. A third circumstance has further enlarged it. The payments on this requisition, have been Imall aod low. Hence, infiead of modey, 'those who served and supplied ihe United States, have received certificates only that money is due to them, and there debts bave been transferred to the funds propored to be raised by way of impoft ; to that though the debts exift, they are removed from this to apother fund. To kgow then't he amount of this furplus, the Committee extended their enquiries to the sums actually received under this requisition, the purposes, to which they have been applied, and the anticipation's thereof Bill unsatisfied. , They found that 1,486,511.71 only of the eight millions of dollars had been received at the treasury at the clore of the year 1783 ; that there had been applied to the servces of the years 1782 and 1783, and that for other services of the same years, de bts were contracted to the amouot of about ope idillion of dollars more, which depend for their discharge on further receipts voder this requisition ; a fatement of the expenditures of which sums Mhould be made out and forwarded to the Legislatures of the several States. Your Committee then are of opinion, that a surplus of 3,513,488.28 dollars will remain on this requifition,after aniwering aft the demands which adually arose against it, which were not answered by Other means, nor transferred to other foods; and that this surplus ought to be applied, To Tar as it will go, to the common purposes of the United States, fo as to prevent new requifitions on them till the old Mall have been ex. haufted, and to thew to those who may have paid their whole quota of any requifition, that they will not be called on anew till all the other States shall in like manner bave paid up their quotas. (To be continued.)


Monthly Chronology, for July, 1784.


in hopes Adminiftration would do something for the wretched people of

this country during the recess. ROME, March 16.

LONDON, May 1. D y the death of the Chevalier, the Extract of a letter from Malta,

D laft branch of the Stuarts is the March 1. Cardinal d'York, aged 59 years, who

«A squadron is fitting out here by cannot, without quitting that dignity, order of the Grand Master,under the contract matrimony, and thus it is command of thie Chevalier Tnomafin, most probable that the race of Stuarts to join the Venetian squadron, and will become extin&t upon the death undertake, in concert, an expedition of that Prelate.

against the regency of Tunis; after PARIS, April 13. which, these two squadrons are to The Count de Grass arrived in this form a junation with the Spanish feet city, from L'Orient, this day, amid to attack Algiers.” great acclamations, an end having 3. The Captain Pacha, at Conftan. been put to the enquiry into the tinople, has lately made a present to cause of the disafter on the 12th of the Ottoman Monarch, of a large edi. April, 1782.--The report of the Court fice which coft near 60,00ol. and is Martial, we understand, is favoura. fufficient to contain 10,000 marines. ble to all the officers employed on The people, in a ftatc of difperfion, that day ; and the condud of the were continually committing outra. çaptains Marbeuf de la Colcheterics, ges on the inhabitants, but face they Dames, Elterine, and two others,have have been colleaed observe the been much applauded for saving their ftri&eft order. They are a kind of thips, the Elizabeth, St. Bfprit, Re- Naval Janizaries, and may be emlande, Amcrique, &c. when the eng- ployed againft the land ones of that my, under Admiral Hood, parsued denomination, who have often subShem through the Mona passage, verted the government and dethronwhen the Caton, of 64, and the Jalon, ed the Grand Seignior. of 64 guns, both now in the Bnglish 6 The British commander in the service, were taken by the detachment Mediterranean has wrote to governunder the command of that Eoglish ment, requefting a reinforcement to Admiral.

the Britith squadron on that station ; IRISH HOUSE of COMMONS. the French, Spaniards, Dutch, NeaBELFAST, Saturday, April 24. politans aud Venețians, have fleets in

Alderman Warren faid that the chat sea of greater force than that number of emigrants was ro great under Commodore Lindley, who, in that it called loudly for the attention case of emergency, muft remain an of Parliament, there were now three idle spedator. mips in the harbour, and each of them according to letters from Berlin, have upwards of three hundred par. that martial Spirit which has so long Jeagers on board: He had seen them diftinguished the king of Pruffia, has and found them very decent, orderly not yet left him, though in his sevenpeople, moftly from Waxford and ty third year. He has ordered four Kilkenny, who declared they would grand encampments for his diversion be happy to stay at home if they had the cosuing summer ; one in Pomethe means to live. He mentioned this ragia, one in Silesia, one in BrandenEcc

burgh, Hurgh, and one in the Dutchy of ing the late warmth at Camdeı, they Cleves. Tne emperor goes to the experienced so severe a bail fior, north this summer, and is to have an that several sheep were killed, and interview with this old hero. When other damage done by the largenes kings Travel, politics are ou loot. of the hail itones. The basis of some great designs is Letters from St. Auguftine inform laying, which will affect more than us, that on the 27th of last month, a one of the continental powers.

party or about 30 men, under the poo Weftmidfter, Tuesday 18, 1784.

ied Col. M'Girth, met with a party

sed Col. M'Girth, His maiefly being seated on the of men under the command of Col. throne, adorned with bis crown and Young, lome little diftance from Auregal ornaments, aud attended by his guftine, which he immediately aofficers of Nate (the lords being in tacked, and killed Col. Young and their robes) commanded the gentle

his servant, and took eight or mine di man usher of the black rod, to let the his men, which he disarmed and let go. cominons know, it is his majefy's pleasure that they attend him imme.

PHILADELPHIA, July 1o. diately in rois house.

Sunday lalt, theath of July, being House of Lords, Wednesday, 19.

the anniversary of the declaration of After the ceremony of the choice our independence, thirteen changes of the Rght Hon. Charles Wolfrey were rung on the bells of CorintCornwall for speaker, was over, his Courch.-.-To commemoration of this majesty was pleased to make a molt great and glorious event, a company gracious speech from the throne."

oi select citizens, and a number of the

Cincinati, who were in town, aliem· 21. Yesterday the house of lords

bled, the two subsequent days, at the waited on his majesty with their ad:

City Taverul, where the occafion was dress.

celebrited with that joy and feljvity · Authentic accounts from Porden.

the everinemorable idea of independtic, on the coast of Guinea, dared February 28th, mention that a rehel.

ence must have created and inípi

red. dion had taken place among the Ne

12. The American Aeroftatic balgro Chiefs, who were dependent on

loon will ri e from the New Work the M or ih king, Ally Courie, who

house yard, with a period in it, be. narrowly escaped being alsaftiguied

tween the hours of five and seven Dear the riner St. John; and that

o'clock this evening. the king trad defeated the insurgents

'NEW.YORK, July 15. near Arguin,and put the ring leaders

We are jo formed from the back to death.

reitiements that a number of robbera Ally Courie is the moft powerful

have been discovered about the Ohio, prince on the cont of Guinea, great

who rob the inhabitants of cattle, part of the Negro Co els paying him

negroes, and any thing they can lay Tribute ; he is a frie manometan,

ther hands on. Five have lately and has, upon several occasious, ma.

been killed, and two wounded and niitfied particular attachment to the

taken, who discover their number Eoglim nation.

to be about eighty five PROVIDENCE, July 8.

Oo Monday the 28th'ult. the ho:

nourable General A lembly of this CHARLESTOWN (S. C.)' State, convened at Newport; and on June 17.

Thuriday the iftinftant, the questoa Saturday and Sunday the weather which has been so long in agitation, was exceeding warm ; the Ther: It'hether this Stale wilt veft Conmometer on the firft day was 95, on grers with a power to levy an import Sunday 28. On these two days fe of five per cent on all goods imported veral peirons died suddenly, occa. ,from foreign pari6, was again brought Sioned, mon probably; by their in on the carpet in the House of Repre. confiderately drinking cold water, or sentatives - when, after a very lengthy Liquors. Is is remarkable, that dur aad warm debate, during the whole

"American News.



day, and a part of Friday, the quel- were of opinion that only such as tion was put and negatived by a were adually due ought to be pro. great majority, 12 being for granting visted for, and that the remainder af zhe Impoft, and 52 against it.

the sum to be raised ought to be a 2: BOSTON July 8.

plied equally for -redeeming a pro Last Monday the angiversary of portion of all the consolidated debt; our Independence was observed here. but the House, impreffed with the The joy of the day. was announced idea that. The second class of the ar. by the ringing of bells, and discharge my notes would become due belore of cangon. At twelve o'clock his other, provision could be made for "Honour The Lieutenant-Governor'paying them, and that in such a (his Excellency being abfent hy rea cale, a tax muftillue for that purpose son of indifpofition) the Hon. Coun. by a warrant from the Ticalurer, cil, Senate and Representatives, re. agreeably to the act on which the paired to the Old South Church, notes originated, which would be where an able and well adapted pray. an unpopular measure, were ol opi. er was made by the Rev. Mr. Eck. nion, that the bill in the form propo. ly, and an ingenious Oration was sed was not ineligible ; and on their pronounced by Benjamin Hitch principles adhered to their own plan. bourne, Esquire. At one o'clock the Thus the matter came to a ftand, and train of artillery, commanded by each side seemed to paule Robert Davis, Esq; marched into cus of carrying their own lyfiem nto State Street, and honoured the day 'effet, but at the same time, cautious with the discharge of 26 rounds, al- of doing it at the risque of the Bill. ter which they repaired to Mr. The Senate, however, receded from Woarte tavern, where an elegant their propofition, and at the Linie dinner was provided, and a number time' rent down to the floure a bll of patriotic toals were drank.

for making :he Continental: an. The day was concluded with that Officer's certificates for two years joy and feftivity, which ought to interest due on his notes, seceivable have animated every real friend to in discharge of the last moiety of the the Ludependence oí America. Continental Tix.. Bosh bills have

The glorious Independence of the Since been enacted. Thus a part of American States, was also celebrated the requisition relinquished by Conin the town of Roxbury.

grers was appropriaied towards deThe Hon Jimes Lovel, Esq; for- fraying this: States quota of the Con. 'merly a member of Congress, from tinental debt. * this State, is appointed by the Hon. . The unfettled situation of the abb General Court, Naval Officer of the

ren tees and their eftates required a port of Boston. 12. Friday last his Excellency the

decisiou. Several of them had reGovernor was pleased to prorogue the

turned and were licenced to reman

in the State by the Governor and Great and General Court of this

Council agreeably to the act of the Commonwealth, to Wednesday the

last Session. This licence : remained 13th day of October next, then to

in force until the adjournment only, meet at the State House in this town..

and to leave their persons or their

property without further attentica Proceedings of the General was inexpedient upon every princi

ple. Still however, i he event has Court.

proved, that there did not fubfift NOTWITHSTANDING the favour: that cordiality for their interests able aspect which the money matters which was necessary to reinfate them of the Commonwealth wore at the in their former enjoyments, agree. publication of our Jall number, they ably to the recommendations of Conwere afterwards thrown into great gress. Their affairs were introduc, hazard by the disagreement of the ed with the Governor's message, two Houses. The Scoate conceiving when a list of those who had been that too great preference was given licenced was laid before the two. by the Tax 6.11 to the army notes, Houles. This was succeeded by pe..

titions .


titions from the persons themselves in force, for the time a figned for a praying to be naturalized. Andi fuming this subje&. 'Indeed the very sometime afterwards a joint Com peculiar cale of Mr. Brattle, well mittee was appointed to revise the known to the public, was noticed in law paffed the laft Sellion 'touching a further manner.' The Senate pailthis lubjca. This' Committee re ed a bill in order to naturalize him, ported a bill declaring the eftates of and sent it to the House. It was read absentees which were under lease, to there the first timae ; but, left it Thoeld be confiscared to the value of such seem to have been carried by manJease,and stopping the intereft on debte 'agement in a thin House, it was re. due to them for the time the warlafted; ferred over, for the second reading, to but making, no mention of their per the next reffioni fons at all. As the passing of this The revision of the laws was attend bill would concede à point that was ed to as usual in every vacant opporfound by no means to be granted; tunity. The aas which are publishwhich was, that the principal of such ing, muft afford the beft idea of this debts was not confiscated, the report bofpers. The moft material alterawas carly involved in debate. The bill tions or explanation of the laws we was not opposed upon this principle recolle&t to have been made are the enly; for those who supposed that the abolithing of the right of furvivos debis, or rather the credits in quer. hip in joint-tenancy; the enabling tion, were not confiscated, diflenred of heirs to bring real actions for their from the report as being contrary to inheritance jointly or severally ; the that article of the treaty, which pro. extending of the jurisdi&ion of jufvided that no creditors on either fide tices of the peace to a&tions where Should meet with any lawful impedi. the damages may amount to four ment in the recovery of their juft pounds, as has been already men. debts. And they could not but (up tioned ; the conftituting of the sapofe it a shameful evafion, to conti preme judicial court, the court of apder the character of absentees in such peal in probate matters, in the room a problematical view, as to make of the governor and council ; tbę them of any side or no ride as coove. giving of power to this Court to niency might suggeft. So averfe did grant sale of the roal eftates of persons The Hour appear from the bill, at deceased, minors and persons Boa one stage of the debate, that an order compos mentisfor payment of dette, passed for bringing in a resolve and to licence executors of admioito prevent absentees recovering Arators to perform contraas made judgment in any a&tion brough: 'by deceased persons for the conveyby them against the citizens of the ance of such eftares. A great adCommonwealth, till the further din vantage that will result from the rerections of the Court. This measure vision is, that the old code will, in all however, died away, io fiience. Afiprobability be reduced to one third ter much debate, the fubje&t under of its prelent size. consideration was found to involve lo the course of the feflion, a peti. in it a queftion of great magnitude, tion was preferred by a committee in not only with respect to the sums of behalf of all the congregational minimoney it would effect, but as it car. fters in the Commonwealth, to incor. ried with it à construction of the porate a (ociety for the purpose of treaty ; a question too that no pre 'managing a fund for affifting the wie tedent was offered to determine, and dows and orphans of the clergymea which, if decided wrong, might be a of that order. This petition was grafruitful fource of future contention. ciously received, and leave was given, It was therefore referred to the next without commitment, to bring in a ficting, when the members might be bill for the purpose requefted. On better informed and relieved from reading the bill it appeared, that the the pressure of orber important af Govenor, the Prefident of the Sefairs : ånd the whole business was nate, the Speaker of the House of Re. wound up by a resolve for continu: presentatives for the time being, and ing the licences granted to absentees other official and refpe&able charac


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