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merchant fhip, and cause two or three of the United States of North-America men to go on board of her, to whom and every of them, which mall be in the master or commander of the faid the ports, havens, roads or on the seas vefiel Mall exhibit his passport, ftating near the countries, illands, cities and the property of the veffel, and when towns of his said majefty, and tall ure the said verel thall have exhibited her his utmof endeavours to recover and pa fl port, the shall be at liberty to con. restore to the right owners, all suck tinue ber voyage, and it Mall not be vessels and effe&s which shall be taken lawful to'moleft or search her in any from them, within their jurisdiâion. manner, or to give her chace or force Art. 2. In like manner, the United ber to quit her intended course. States of North-America , shall protect

Art. 26. The two contrating par- and defend the veffels and effe&s beties grant mutually the liberty of hav. longing to the subjeAs of his Swedish ing each, in the port of the other, con- raajesty, which thail be in the ports, fuis, vice-consuls, agents, and commil havens or roads, or on the seas near faries, whose fundions that be regular to the countries, islands, cities and ed by a particular agreement.

towns of the said ftates, and thall Art. 27. The prelent treaty shall be vse their utmost efforts to recover and ratified on both sides, and the ratifica restore to the right owners all suck tion th all be exchanged in the space of vefleis and effeås which shall be ta. eight months, or sooner if possible, ken from them, within their jurisdic. counting from the day of the signature. tion.

lo faith whereof, the respe&ive ple- Art. 3. If, in any future war at sea, nipotentiaries have signed the above the contrading powers resolve to rearticles, and have thest.unto affixed, main neuter, and as fuch to observe their seals.

the stricter peutrality, then it is DON É at Paris the third day of agreed, that if the merchant thips of

April, in the year of Our Lord either party, fhould happen to be in a one thousand seven liundred and part of the lea where the thips of war eighty three.

of the same nation are not stationed, (Signed)

1 or if they are met on the high rea, GUSTAV. PHILIP, Count 1, without being able to have recourse to

de CREUTZ.) 10 their own convoys, in that case the B. FRANKLIN.

L. S commander of the thips of war, of the Separate Article,

other party, if required, fhall in good THE king of Sweden and the United faith and sincerity, give them all neces. States of North America, agree that sury affiftance, and in such case the the present treaty thalt have its full thips of war and frigates of either of effe&t for the space of fifteen years, the powers, thall protect and support counting frons toe day of the ratifica the merchant ships of the other, protion, and the two contracting parties vided nevertheless, that the ships claimreserve to themselves the liberty of re- ing asistance are not engaged in any newing it at the end of that term.. illicit commerce contrary to the prin

DONE at Paris the third day of ciples of the neutrality,

April, in the year of Our Lord Art. 4. It is agreed and concluded one thousand seven hundred and that all merchants, captains of mer. eighty three.

chant ships or other subjects of his (Signed)

Swedish in a jefty, thall have full liber. GUSTAV, PHILIP, Count 2 s Ty in all places vader the dominion or de CREUTZ. L. S.

jorildi&tion of the United States of B. FRANKLIN.

L. S. America, to manage their own affairs

and to employ in the managment of Separate Articles.

them whomroever they pleale ; and Art. 1. His Swedith majefty Mall are they Mhall not be obliged to make use all the means in his power to protect of any interpreter or broker, nor to and defend the vessels and effets be pay them any reward unless they make longing to the citizens and inhabitants use of them. Moreover the masters

de CREUTZ, } L. S.

of Mips thall not be obliged, in load. merchandizes are declared contraband ing or unloading their vessels to em or the exportation of which is forbid, ploy labourers appointed by public den, those only who fall have sold of authority for that purpose; but they intended to sell or alienate such mer: Thall be at full liberty, themselves to chandize, being liable to punishmeat load or unload their veffels or to em for such contravention. ploy in loading or unloading them whomsoever they think proper, with. Done at Paris, the third day of out paying reward under the title of April, in the year of our Lord, falary to any person whatever ; and one thousand seven hundred and they hall not be obliged to turn over eighty-three. any kind of merchandizes to other vel. Sels nor to receive them on board their

(Signed) own, nor to wait for their lading long. er than they please, and all and every

GUSTAV, PHILIP, Countl of the citizens, people and in habitants of the United States of America Mall reciprocally have and enjoy the fame B. FRANKLIN.

L. S. privileges and liberties in all places un. der the jurisdiction of the said realm.

Art. 5. It is agreed that when mer. Now therefore, to the end that the chandises shall have been put on board faid treaty may with all good faith be The ships or vessels of either of the con- performed and observed on the part of tracting parties, they shall not be these states, all the citizens and inhabi-, Subjected to any examination' ; but all tants thereof, and more especially a!! examination and search must be before omicers and others in the service of the lading, and the prohibited merchan. United States,' are hereby enjoiaed dizes muft be fopped on the spot and required to govern themselves before they are embarked, unless Arialy in all things according to the there is full evidence or proof of frau ftipulations ahove recited. doleat practice on the part of the owner of the thip or of him who has he com. Done in Congrels at Princeton, this mand of her. In which care only he shall i twenty-fifth day of September, be responsible and fubje& to the laws in the year of our Lord one thor. of the country in which he may be. fand seven hundred and eighty, la all other cases neither the fubjects three, and of our sovereignty and of either of the contrading parties who independence the eighth. fall be with their ve tels in the ports of the other, uor their merchandizes ELIAS BOUDINOT, PRESIDENT.. fall be seized or molested on account of contraband goods, which they have CHARLES THOMPSON, Stec'ry. wanted to take on board, nor shall any kind of embargo, be laid op their ships, {adjects' or citizens of the fate whose


Monthly Chronology, for June, 1784.

Foreign News.

LONDON, April 23.

Extrad of a letter from the Hague, NIMEGUEN (Holland) March 2.

April 14, 1784. W e are in expe&ation of being “ The affair of the Statholder en

overwhelmed by the waters ; one gages the attention of people of all of our diArias, juft near us, containing ranks ; as it is likely to lay a basis of 72 villages, is entirely covered by the troubles not easily removed. There inundation.

has long been a design among the We are sorry to add, that from the French faction, to hiake the power of letters which we have been favoured the House of Orange, but hitherto with a light of, we are informed that without effest. The Baron Drugire, the beautiful town of Cologne is in a Envoy from Denmark, has delivered a fimilar situation ; most of the inhabi- manifefto, to the States General, who tants of the lower town have left are now fitting similar to that from the their houses, and quays that forinerly Court of Berlin, to which the Baron were remarkable for their opulence de Thuylemeyer is labouring daily to are now in ruins ; Maobeim is almoft obtain an aoiwer.entirely destroyed, and from Ander A letter from St. Maloes, mentions nac to the Werel, there is not a fingle that great rejoicings were made chere village but is ruined. The Baroo de and at Rochelle, Brest, and Rennes, Nyvenheim and Fiscal Omphal perish- upon the honourable acquittal of the ed, in attempting to relieve the unfor- Count de Gralie, who received the tupate people at Nimeguen.

most convincing marks of affeétion

and esteem from the magifirates of the VERSAILLES, April 11. great towns throogh which he passed

The 8th of this month, being on his way from Port L'Orient to PaMaundy Thursday, the King washed ris. the feet of twelve poor men, and serve

American News.: ed them at table, the Prince of Conde, Grand Master of the King's House

Coule- PHILADELPHIA, May 20. hold, was at the head of the Maitres d'hotel, and preceded the service ; the

The following is a description of the dishes were carried by Monsieur, the

Triumphal Arch and its ornaments, Count d'Artois, the Duke of Bourbon,

which was exhibited in celebration the Duke d'Enghein,the Prince of Con.

of the happy'return of Peace. ti, and the Duke of Penthievre; and The Arch is fifty feet and fix inches by the principal officers of his Ma. wide, and thirty Give feet and fix injesty.

ches in height. The Arch is fourteen In the afternoon the Queen washed feet wide in the clear, and each of the the feet of twelve poor women, and small arches nine feet. The pillars are served them at table. The Marquis of the Ionick Order. The entablature, de Talaru, First Maitre d'hotel to her all the other parts, and the proportions Majefty, preceded the service ; the correspondent to that order ; and the dishes were carried by Midame Elin whole edifice is finished in the ftyle of zabeth of France, the Princess of architect proper for such a building, Lamballes, Superintendant of the and ured by the Romans. The pillars Queen's house-hold, and by the ladies are adoroed with spiral feftoons of ol the court.

flowers in their natural colours.


The devices and inscriptions are dir. same. The countenance of Cincinatos tbuted in the several parts appropor. is a firiking resemblance of General tione by the ancients to such oina. Washington. Vi@rix virtus. Vidtoment.

rious virtue. 1. Over the cen er arch, the temple XIII. On the dye of the next peder. of Jadus fiut. Numine favente mag tai, militia exercising. Protegentes Dus ab integro faeculorum nafcitur gaudebunt. Protecting they fall en. ordo. By the divine favour a great joy. and new order of ages commences. On the spandrels of the centre arch

11. On the south side of the Balur thele letter, S.P .P. The sepate trade, a buft of Lewis the XVI!h, Me- and people of Pepsylvania. rendo memores facit. His merit makes 'The top of the balustrade is embellift06 remember him.

ed with figures, represepting the cardiIII.On the other side of the balustrade, pal virtues, juftice, temperence, and a pyrimidal cenotaph to the memory fortitude. of nose brave men who have died for 'The whole building illuminated by their country in the late war. Ob pa about twelve hundred lamps, friam pugnando vulnera paff. These

At the Meeting of the CINCINNA. fry.

TI, held in this City, they wiole V. On the south side of the frize, the following Letter, addressed th: ne Lillics,the arms of France. Glor: To the senior Land and Naval Officers jam iuperant. They exceed in glory. of his Mont Christian Maiefity, and

V. On the lelt of the former, a others, Members of the Society of plough, theaves of wheat, and a ship Cincinnati, in Frauce. under Cail, the arms of Pensyivania. Gentlemen, Terra fuis contenta bonis. A laud con WE, the delegates of the Cincio. tented with its own bleffings.

nati, having judged it expedient to VI. On the left of the preceding, a make several iflential alterations and sun, the device of France, and thirteen amendments in our inftitution, and fars, te device of the United States. haviog thought it our duty to corima. Coelo criti. Allied in the beavens. nicate the reasons, upon which we . VII. Co the left of thelaft, two hands have acted in a circular address to the joined holding branches of olive and State focieties, do now transmit for the caduceus of commerce. Concor- your information, a transcript of dia gentiam. The concord of nations. that letter, together with a copy ol

VIII. On the south paogel, confede- the initution as altered and amended. rated America leading upon a soldier ; Conscious of having done what piu. miltary, trophies on each lide of them. dence and love of our country didated, F des exercitus. The fidelity of the we are persuaded you will be satisermy.

fied with the propriety of our conIX. On the other pinnel, Indians duet, when you are informed, our de. building churches in the wilderness. cisions were influenced hy a conviction, Ponant ferocia corda. Their favage that some things contained in our oril.earts become mild.

ginal fyfem might eventually be proX. On the dye of the south pedestal, ductive of consequences, which we a library with instruments aad emblenus had not foreseen, as well as by the of arts and sciences. Emoliunt mo. current sentiment which appeared to 'res, There foften manners.

prevail among our fellow citizens. XI. On the dye of the next pedestal, Under these circumstances, we viewed a large true bearing thirteen principal it as no proof of magnanimity to perand dirinci branches loaded with frut. fit in any thing, which might possibly Robore lipitis maturabunt. By the. be erroneous, or to counterad the trangth of the body there will ripen. opinion of the commodity however

X11. On the dye of the pedestal, upon founded. Nor were we displeased to the right hand, in partling through ine find the jealous eye of patriotism center arch, Cincinatus, crowned with watching over those liberties, which laurels, returning to his plough, the had been established by our common plough adorned with a wreath of the exertions, especially as our country.

men appeared fully disposed to do ful husbandman, who immediately be juftice to our intentions and to appre- fore, with pleasing fatisfa&tion, might hend no evils, but such as might hap. have viewed in his teeming field, the pen in process of time, after we, in growing grain waving responsive to whom they place so much confidence, the morning breeze, now, alas ! in fhould have quitted the ftage of huone short bour, by a breath of the nan action ; and we fatter ourselves, Almighty (if we may so Speak) his we felt no less interested in guarding hopes, with the fields of corn, are against disastrous contingencies in hurled into one general ruin. averting present or future political A letter from a gentleman in Annaevils, than the moft zealous of our polis, dared May 10, says, “ Con. compatriots.

gress having received information that . For us then it is enough, that our the Hon. John Jay, Efq; one of their benevolent purposes of relieving the Ministers Plenipotentiary in Europe, vufortunate Mould not be frustrated, was about to return to America, have that our friend thips should be as immu• appointed him to the office of Secretable as they are facere, and that you tary of Foreign Affairs ; and the have received the tokens of them with Hoo. Thomas Jefferson, Elg; formerly such tender marks of sensibility. For Governor of Virginia, and a late Deyou, Gentlemen, let it be sufficient, legate in Congress, for that State is that your merits and services are inde appointed to go to Europe as Minilibly impressed upon the hearts of a fler Plenipotentiary, to join Mr. Awhole nation, and that your names dams and Dr. Franklin, to negociato and actions can never be lost in obli- treaties of commerce in behalf of the vion.

United States of America." Cheriming such sentiments and re. ciprocating all your atfeftions, we NEW.PORT, June 19. pray you will have the goodness to be. The public are hereby informed, lieve, that although nothing could that the Light house, at the entrance have encreased our friendship and of this harbour, is completely repairveneration, yet by your alacrity in ed, and the lights are now burning associating with us, you have taken there as formerly. the most effectual measure for riveting more strongly those indissoluble

BOSTON, June 3. ties.

On the 28th May an ordinance for By order,

putting the department of finance into G. WASHINGTON, President. commission was read a third time, and Philadelphia, &c.

passed in Congress; and on the 3d inft.

Congress proceeded to the election of NEW YORK, June 17. 'three com millioners, to be filed, Board We hear from Poughkeepsie, in

of Treasury, when the honourable DaDutches county, that on Sunday the

niel Thomas Jenifer, of Maryland, the

honourable Oliver Ellirworth, of Con6th inftant, they had the most terrible guit of wiod and hail ever known in

necticut, and the honourable that place, the hail-fones (many of

Denning, of New York, were duly which were nearly as large as goose

elected. They are not to enter on the eggs, but of all shapes and sizes) broke

business of their appointment before nearly every pane of glass on the

the roth of November next. northerly fide of their buildings, ils The receiver of the continental extent was biit a few miles in breadth, taxes, for the state of Virginia, adverbut the deftruation and devastation tiles his reception of 45167 dollars, in that it spread over the gardens and the month of April, on account of that fields of corn exceed description. ftate, for the use of the United States. Numbers of baros, barracks, &c. The fellows of the Amerian Acadewere overturned, and several trees my of Arts and Sciences, at their an. turned up by coe roots; geese,turkeyny. Dual meeting on the 25th uit. elected and other kinds of poultry were al. the following gentlemen officers for most all deftroyed. Thus the care.' the ensuing year:


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