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. I have often fancied to myself, that 'nor' do I wonder at it ; I should have our ideas of the invisible world, are no opinion of your tafte, if you was not altogether as remote from the reality, "charmed with the correa file, the ele. as the imaginations which a man born gant di&tion,the harmony of language, blind, forms about colours. The way the thousand beauties of expreffion we have got of confounding spiritual that run parrallel with the knowledge and sensible things together and mixing of the world, and the arts of life, the conceptions of vilble and invisible through this complete system of refineobje&ts, teams with as many absurdi. ment. This mifterly writer has ties,as a man blind from his birth would furnithed the present generation with make in a treatise upon the rays of light. a code of polleness, which, perhaps, It is a well-known story of one of these surpasses any ining of the kind in the dark gentlemen, that when he had English language. But when he sacri. with much labour and application ftu fices truth to convenience, prabity to died the nature of SCARLET, he with pleasure, virtue to the graces, generof. uncommon fagacity and penetration, ty, gratitude, and all the finer feelings determined, it must needs be exa&tly of the soul, to a momentary gratifica. like the sound of a Trumpet. Our tion, we cannot but pity the man, as blessed Saviour alludes to this incapa- much as we admire the author ; and city of mankind fo fuok in seose, to I never see this fascinating collection conceive the things of another world, of letters, take up by the youthful when he tells us, if I have told you reader, but I tremble, least the honesed earthly things, and ye beleve not, pofon, that lurks beneath the fairest how Hall ye believe if I tell you of Powers of fancy and Rhetoric, mould heavenly things.” Objects and actions leave a deeper tincture on the mind, of so different a nature ficm any thing than, even his documents for an exwe have seen, could never be described ternal decency and the remblance of to our understandings any more than morality. colours and light may be brought down to the apprehensions of a man

I have no quarrel with the graces ; who never saw either. Those who

I love the Douceurs of civility, the would be glad of an example to il. placid manners, L'aimable, and a'l Juftrate the impotence of the imagina:

the innocent arts of engaging the el. tion to conceive fome fimple image, teem, and alluring the affections of which it never received by the eyes,

mankind The passion is laudable, would do well to form an idea of the and may be indulged to the highest colour of those garments, with which, pitch, confiftent with the eternal law the Author of " A Voyage to the

of rectitude ; hut I love better that World in the Moon," says, the lunar

frankness and fincerity, which berpeak inhabitants covered themselves from a foul above diffimulation ; that genethe cold, when his traveller saw them.

rous, resolute, manly fortitude, that He tells us, that the colour was the equally despises and refifts the temptamost beautiful he ever raw, but he

tions to vice in the Purlieu's of the could not de (cribe it, because it was as

Brothel, or the anti chamber of the different from any colour upon earth,

Princess, in the arms of the emaciated, as red and white.

diftempered prostitute, or beneath the Having thus prepared my reader (miles of the painted courteran, who for it, I intend in my next to give decorates her guilty charms even with him a late hiftory, from the Philoso. the blandimments of honour. And phical Tranfa&tions, of the cure of a however ennobled by birth, dignihed person blind from his infancy.

by rank, or justly admired for his liter.

ary productions, I must beg leave to A Letter from an American Lady to differ from his Lordship, and thinkit

her son in Europe, on the celebra by no means necessary that a gentle. ted letters of the late Earl of Chef. man, in order to be initiated into the terfeld.

science of good breeding, should drop My dear Son,

bis humanity; or to acquire a courtly Y Perceive hy your last you are en- 'mein and become an adept in politeness ,

raptured with lord Chefier feld, that he Mould renounce i be moral seelings: or to be master of the graces, contempt be affects to pour on lo fait Inat his life Mould be a contrast to a part of the creation, are as much every precept of Corianity.

beneath the relement of a woman of Con there be a portrait more unna. education and resection, as derogatory tural and deformid, or an obje 9 more to the candour and geerolity of a wrie Completely ridiculous, than that of a ter of his ackno wieged abilities and father exerting a'l the powers of buil. fame; and I believe in this age of reliant talents, iided by the chicanery finement and pbilo ophy, few men inof lubrie politician', tije fale reilun- dulge a peculiar asperity with regard ings of the infidel tribe, and the vulgar to tie sex in general, but such as have witticisins of al one voluptuaries from bren udfor upate in their acquaintfoliu: Ce ar to Borgia, to arouse the ance, unsuccessful in their address, corrupt pafions in the blom of he or roured from repeated disappointloa, to infiame the desires, and to urgements; and lowever practicable this Those loose gratificationt, which it was connoiseur in the spirit of intrigue, teen the work of age to C Unireact,by might announce the conquest of the all the arguments of rearon, relig on whole fax, it mas been asserted by one and philcrophy And, is in the pangs of his biographers, that he was never of paternal anxiety, le had sometimes koon to be succesful in any of his om:rred the consonant S. and incul. gallantries, but that which brought cated on his votary of plealure, the Mr. Stanhope into the world. I ever neceffiiy of a spark of prace in the couldered bumao nature as the lime heart, however exploded by les beaux in both rexee, nor, perhaps, is the soul esprits, it might have produced a very differently modiged by the vea, brighrer embellishment of manners in bicle in which it is placed; the foibles, the person, than all bis lordship's fiu- the piffions, the vices, and the virtues died rules, bis laboured maximas, his appear to spring from the same source, machiavilan politicks, improved in and under similar advantages, fretive religious' (chool of Voltaire, or quemily reach the same degree of persupported by all the advocates for fection, or link to the same lages of Simulation,and diffimulation,ihat have pravity which lo often stamp disgrace lived since the Auguftan age, when on the human forin; yet, cufom, il Toxury was in its zenith, till the more molt countries, has branded licentinus perlect model of education, exhibited maoners in fernale life, with peculiar by the nobie Lord Chefter field, -- But marks of infamy ; but we live in days I admire his fermon on reviler in Sappily adroit in the arts of removing mate10-liter in re; yet, believe there every impediment to pleasure, wheiz happy emanations are, much oftener, the bars of re&itude are systematically the effects of a conscious moral princi. rearoned down, and no other distinctiple, than the result of that finished on is necessary but a dextrous talent turpitode, beld up under a simrey vel at concealment, of deception, and urged on Mr. S:an. It may, perhaps, be deemed presumphope as the point of perfection ; and tion for a woman to speak thus freely Ium perfuaded, had the same brilliancy of ro celebrated a work as Dormer's of thought, and the many mafierly advice; but I thi)! yet venture to say ftrokes of genius been played off, vitli more, as I have read his letters with a view to love higher motives oi ac attention, much more with a view to tion; hid his lordship laid a little more the happiness of some I love, than for * ftress on purity of sentiment,and less on my own pleasure or advantage. ... I the efficacy of intrigue and gallantry,it think them crowded with the repetimight have correded the errors of his tion of the most trifling injunctions, Taw traveller,and, perhaps,fooner have replete with observations, rules and Tobbed off the aukwardness inherent precepts, exceedingly advantageous to his charader, than uapoal oil about for the condu&t of younger bfe, but which the careful parent is lo solicitous. marked with the most atrocious liHis Lordhip's feverity to the ladies cence of thought, and flained with inOnly reminds me of the fable of the finuations subversive of every moral Jion and the man ; I think his trite, and religious principle; the utile is backneyed, volg 41 observations, the lo Audiously blended witb the vile, Τι



that in some of his letters one would of some of the most distinguished per nitake Lord Chieftur field for a f1.01, soos in the pation; and is already was not his cloven itt p dricovered by known to the public for his correspoo1!precipiunieto procure an arrange- dence with the celebrated Sterpe. ment for li sio viciale.

The original motive tor introducmg I am hapry in having a son, to bis name to the word, was the desire whom I idi d.vlore the full dow of of evi'cing, that an uptutored African sentiment and tiem xture of iodigna may potte's abilities equal to those of tion, that arists in the internal bolom of an European ; and it muft be acwien survey ng fuch a fpecious digest knowityg d that, in support of this o m.fciiet, ko anifully adapted to lead propofition, the le:ters before us afford into error the oft valuable part if Tuladu indubitable testimony. The society. the youth, adorned with ni prelept, bowever, is not the only in. tive prace, and ine rudiments or eve- fiance oí the kind recorded in the an. Ty excellence implinicd in his beart. nals of literature. Rome, in the moft Iftei inexpreflable plewuie in believe fourithing age of the republic, acquir. ing you to be a reader capable of in ed by the pirans of d Hative of Alrica, véltigating truth, while charmed with such reputation to her theatre us not the tary numbers sportively rarged only rendered her therivai of Greece in to diffuse it ; aut toigh you adınire con edy, but has tranimitted to all Le painted evil, the polished ad- fofienity at unequalled example of dress, and melodious ftile, you canoot dramatic purity and elegance. Alied to be a prolelyie of the modern Clodius. Terence,bythe quarter a wilch he was

'It is the rule of lops and fribbles, born, and io Epictetus by the furtune the half learned scep!!c: the disciples of of his early life,il may be affir med, that Hume, ad Bol.rgbroke, who are the in these letters of Ignatius Sancho, we devotees of a man, bold enough to a meet with the ingeauty of his comVow himself the cisampion of every patriot, and the philofophical lenti(pecies of vice, only cioathing it de. inents of the moralist. This extraordi(ently, that will subserve the guilty Dary jerson was born in the year 1729,

easure of the accomplified debau. On board a fl. pidine flave iade,a few chce. Had I nor made my letter fo days after it bad quid the coast of lengthy, I would aud an observation Guined for the Spanish Weft ladies ; or two irom the celebrated Mr. Ad. where the nex climate foon put an. diron, who did more to the improve end to the life of his mother; and a inent of the Engliih laoguage, and to ft of desperation, excited by the incorrect tie fie of the age, ita per supportable forrors of llavery, to the båps, any other man ; and was a par existence of his tather. Atlittle more rellei juftly TUN, with regard to tafle, than two years of off, the child, who manners, and even the graces, so far had already received the name oi Igas they can be taoghi by letters, I be. Dalius, was brought to England by lieve Lord Chesterfield would drop in his matter, who have him to three the comparison.

maiden lifters, relident at Greenwich, I expect the pleasure of seeing you by whom, in the petulance of their hère daily, hut if you are prevented, difpofition, he was difunguished by you will answer some of my letters, as the surname or Sancho. Tie late you are rather in arrears; when you re Duke of Moutagu, who then lived collect that circumfance, you will not at Blackheatli, says the biographer,

rodenciebt in Les Bienseances, as to accidently saw the little Negro, and negle& a point of poliieress to a Lady, admired in him a frankness of man. as well as duty to a most atfe&tionate nere, as yet unbroken by servitude, mother.

and unrefined by education. He

brought lim frequently home to the Memoirs of the life of IGNATI duchels, indulged his turn for readirg

with presents of books, and firongly US SANCHO.

recommended to his mistresses the (from the CRITICAL REVIEW.) duty of cultivaring a genius of such T HE worthy Ignatius Sancho apparent fertility. The temper of I was honoured with the friencih:p

· those

those ladies, however, was far from of the atmosphere--made me involunbeing suited to lo generous a dispo- tarily cry, « Lord, what is man, that Sition ; and, instead of foftering ihe thou in thy mercy art ro mindful of natural talents of young Ignatius, bim ! or what the son of man, that they often threained to return him thou so parentally carest for him!” to his African Navery. He deter. Divid, whore heart and affections mined at init to abandon the house of were naturally of the first kind (und the three filters ; and his noble patron who indeed Tad experienced blessings being recently dead, he few for pro without number) pours forth the tection to the duchers, who, after grateful sentiments of his enraptured fome difficulty, occasioned by the re- soul in the sweeteit modulations of port of an amour in which Sanchio pathetick oratory ;-- the tender mer. was said to have been deteaed, at ces of the Alm ghty are not less to mitted him into her hoorenold, where may of his cieatures but their he remained, as butier, until her hearts --!Inlike the royal disposition of death. He was afterwards taken into the thepherd king, are cold, and unthe family of the present duke of touched with toe sweet ray o grati. Montagu, who honoured him with tude. Let us, without meanly shelhis fovours during a service of conf. tering our infunies under the examderable length. Towards the clore ple of others -p-rhaps worse taught.of the year 1773, repeated articks of or poffcond or less le:(ure for sell.ex. the gout, and a constitutional corpu. amination let us my dear M ., look leace, rendering him incapable of lar. into ourselves-- and, by a critical exther attendance in the duke's family, amination of the pal events of our he settled himself in a shop of grocery, lives, fairly confess what mercies we in Westminfter, with a dererving have received... what God in his goodyoung woman whom he had some nels hath done for us.--and how our time before married ; and here, with gratitude and praise have kept pace in rigid industry, they decently, main. imitation of the son of Jesse... Such tained a numerous family of children. a research would richly pay us, for the At last, in December 1730, a series of end would be conviction to muchon complicated disorders put an end to the side of miraculous mercy.--fuch the life of this honest and respected an unanswerable proof of the superinAfrican.

tendency of Divine Providence, as Such is the account of Mr. Igna. would erectually cure us of rath de. tius Sancho, as delivered by his bio. fpondency-- and melt our hearts... grapher. With regard to his talents, with devotional alpiration, till we an idea of them will be best conceived poured forth the effufions of our souls from his letters ; for which purpose in praise and thankigiving. When I we have made the following extracts. endeavour sometimes to turn my

thoughts in wards, to review the power August 8, 1777. or properties the indulgent all-wiseFa“Know your ownsell, presume nci ther bas endowed me with, I am ftruck God to scan;

with wonder and with awe worm, “The only science of mankind, is poor infignificant reptile as I am, with man.”

regard to superior beings..- mortal "THERE is fomething foamazingly I ke myrelf. Amongit, and at the : graod --so Rupendously affect. very head of our riches, I reckon the ing in the contemplating the works power of reflection: Where? where, of the Divine Architect, either in the my friend dorh it lie? Seurch every moral or the intellettual world, that I member from the toe to the nose. ali-think one muy rightly call it the cor- all ready for a&tion but all dead to dial of the soul-it is the pbyfic of the thougiit,It lies not in matter,uoria the miod. and the best antidote against blood; it is a party, which though we W024 pride--and che supercilious mur- fewl and acknowledge, quite paft che manags of discontent. . Smoaking my power of definition it is inat breath of morning pipe, the friendly warmth of life wnich the sacred Archite& breach. that glorious planet the run--the le- ed into the nostrils of the firft man... Riency of the air.. the chearful glow image of his gracious AI.ker, and Ict

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it animate our torpid gratitude --it Sonday evening we expefted him, the rolls on, although dim,nilhed by our hearth was swept - the kettle boiled .. crual fail, through the whole race, the girls were in priot --and the marks * We are feirfully and wonderfully of the folds in Mrs. Sancho's apron Inade," &c. &c. were the sentiments till visible -- the clock paft fix -DO of toe royal preacher upon a felí re Mr. R- Now to tell the view ; but had be been bleffet wth whole truth, he did add a kind of the full blaze of the chriftian d spea clause, that in case nothing material fation - What would have been his rap. happened of horp:tal business he would fuies? The prom se of never, never surely do himself the &c. &c. &c. ---endng exiftence and felicity, to posseis So upoo'the whole I am not quite clear eternity - Glorious, die diul thought.' that he deserves censure, but that he to rile, peu aps, by regular progres d rappointed us of a pleasure, I am ve11n, froin planet to planet, to he old ry certain. You don't say you have the wonders of immenîty ; to pass feen Mr. P. I beg you will, for I think from good 10 beiter - increafiog in he is tre kind of soul congenial to goodness knowledge Live to glory your own Apropos, the right hand in cur redeemer.. to joy in ourselves... fide (almost the boitom) of Gray to be acquainted with prophets, sages, Street, there is a Mrs H. an honest heroes and poets of old tiines - and and very agreeable Northern lady, join in symphony with angels! And whom I thould like you to know some. now, my friend, thou (initest at my file thing ol, which my easily be done ; tile notions - wty prełch to thee? For il you will do me the credit juft to this very good and fimple reason, to knock at her door when you go that get your thoughes in return. You way, and tell her there is a Devil that jhall be my puiloropher -my mentor · hus not forgot her civilities to him, my friend ; you, happily disengag. and would be glad to hear the was ed from various cares or life and fami well and bappy. Mr. R. called on me ly, can review the little wurld of min in the friendly style, w en I say that, I with fleadier eye, and more compared mean in the Ri manger, he asked a thiagtit, tuan your friend, declining question, bought some tea, looked hapo fast joto the vale of years, and beset ry, and left us pleased: He has the with infirmity and pan. Write now graces. Tue gout reized me yesterday and then, as thought prompts, and morning, the second attempt, I look inclination leads rerute my errors... ed rather black all day .; rell Mrs. C. were I am juft, give me your plaudir. I will lay any odds that me is either Vour welfare is truly dear in my the hapdromeft or ugleft woman in fight ; ayd if any man has a mare in Bath, and among the many trinkers my heart,or commands my respect and

the means to bring with her, tellier esteem, it is I - M

pot to forget healin. May you all be Witness my mark,

enriched with that blefliog, wanting I. SANCHO," which, the griod things of inis world

are irath. You can write tirerome To Mr. R

Terters! Alas! will you yield upon the

receipt of this ? if not, that palm 20, Muy, 1779.

queftionably belongs to your frend. MY DEAR WORTHYR

I. SANCHO. TOUR letter was a real gratifi.

V casion to a romething better principle tho pride it pleased my Anecdotes of the Rufian Empire. selflove...there are very few (believe mbi gore regard or notice I care about " OUNT Munich was prime ... youriell.. hrother, and O---, with w minifter of Rum, in the reigo about tree more at non--form the file empress Anra 'Ivanowna, and wjole of iny male friendly connexions, in that of her fucceffor Tvan : _"88 Your bro:birr is no: hall ro honest as I condemned to feffer death by the Dn. taught him, he promises like a trades. prelo Fiz beth, but received a pardon mail, but performs like a lord. On the ica old; aad, infieari ni being


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