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Page, 191 On making Mortar, 339
Memoirs of Madememoiselle Epitaph on Yorick's Eliza, 340

313 The Beauties of B:evity, ibid.
On Agriculture,


On Education,

The lovitation,

Experiments made with the Verses written by an Englii

Aerostatic M.chine, 319 Lady to an American Offi.
On the Different Organs of the cer while a prisoner, 343

human Body, .324. la! The Officer's Answer, ibid. Z KWA Letter froin an American A Prayer to Indifference, ibid. W

Lady to her son, 326 The Wedding Ring, 344
Memoirs of the irfe of Igoatius To Flavella,

ibid. Sy Sancho,

323 The Divine presence. A Sacred Anecdotes of the Ruflian Em Ode, pire,

330 Epitaph on Laurence Stern,ibid. Jaltice (wayed by Money, 332

A deaf ear to adulation recom.' Treaty of Amity and Com-

mended to the Fair, 333 merce between his Majesty,
On the Coluber Cerafies, 334 the King of Sweden and
Luxury the effeminate debaser the United States, 347
of the soul,


11 MONTHLY CHRONOLOGY. On the intercourse between the Foreign News,.'. 350

American News, - ibid. Misfortunes of Gubbios, Gub. Proceedings of the General blestones, and Clutterbuck,



Meteorological Observations,
Voltaire's Prayer,

for Jave, 1784. ..358
With the following E MBELLISHMENT 3, viz.
No, I. Mademoiselle D'Eun, &c. No. II. The horned Viper.





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Boston Magazine,

For Y UN E, 1784.

Memoirs of Mademoiselle D'Eon procure every anecdote relative to

Miss D'Eon de Beaumont that merits de Beaumont ; commonly called

the public notice, and in order to conthe Chevalier. D'Eon.

vey a proper idea of the person of this HE extraordinary person lady, in whom we shall find a Arange age who has been known in

heterogeneous compound of male and London, and many other

female qualities, we obtained a ftriking

female qualities, we o parts of England, by the resemblance of her face, from an oriname of the Chevalier D'Eon ever

ginal drawing from the life, by a prifince the year 1763, wben the Duke de vate gentleman, at the time of the disNivernois was ambassador from the

putes between D'Eon and the count de court of France; having been finally

Guerchy. The realons for dire&ting discovered to be a woman, by authen

the ingenious artist, who executed the tic, indubitable evidence given in the

whole figure, lo decorate it in a manner court of King's Bench, at a trial for

truly chara&eriftic, will appear in the recovering a sum of money on certain

requel. . policies opened on the sex of the pre Miss D'Eon de Beaumont is descended tended Chevalier; every anecdote re from a geoteel family of the town of lative to our heroine has become a new Beaumont sur l'Oise, in the Ine of fubject of curiosity, and though many France, from which place Me takes the of the principal transations of that addition to her family name, a circumpart of her life which she passed in ftance very common among the England are generally known, and French, in order to didinguish the genhave frequently appeared in print ; yet try, from yeomen and tradesmen. it was the defire of many of our re- The rank in life of her parei.ts, the spectable correspondents, that we time of her birth, and every thing rehould draw up a concise account of lative to her domestic situation during the whole, to serve as a memorial of her infant years, seems involved in so angular an event; and as a warning profound recrecy ; however, from her in future again that credulity which uncommon understanding and critical leads so many of the good people of this knowledge in classical and polite learnkingdom into egregious errors, to the iog, it seems as if great care was taken prejudice of their fortunes, and to the to give her a finished education. At impeachment of their understanding. what time the first appeared in the habit la compiiance with the requel of our of a man,or what were the motives for friends, no paias kave been spared to so extraordinary a disguise, no person


has been able to ascertain upon proper could have obtained as a mistress of evidence ; all that has been circulaied the marmal Dukes de Brogho, de in public, is founded upon conjecture. Choiseul, &c. &c.

Some affert, that her parents pot By secret infuence then, easily to be her upon this scheme, that the mignt guest at, the was appointed minifter fucceed to an eftate in the family ca plenipotentiary to the court of Pererftailed on the male heirs. Others say, burgh, vefted with full powers to conthat she had a brother an officer in the ciude a private négociation with ine Gens-d'armes, whom he frequently.. unfortunate emperor, Peter III. foon visited at Versailles, and who, finding after his accetion ; the has not thought her a girl of high spirit and of aspiring proper 10 favour us with the object genius, advised her to enter herself as of this commiffion, all we know is, a cadet, and to pursue the ipilitary that the executed it to the enrire fatispath to honour and fortune in the faction of the French ministry ; and Chara ter and dress of a mag. A third as a reward for this portent letvice, report, and the most probable is, that the was nominated Secretaire d'Am. The absconded from her friends with a baliade to the Duke de Niver pois, Jover in this disguise, and being after when he was sent to England in the wards forsaken by her fwa'), wino was character of his late Mod Chrißian an officer, the took the military life masofty's ambaslador extraordinary, from choice, after having acquired a ' agd minifter plenipotentiary to the talte for it during her co-habitation court of London in 1962. Upon the with him. But all we can depend on return of the Duke de Nivernois to R$ autlied tic is, that the obtained a cor France, in the mooth of May 1983, Metcy of horse in the Fiench service, D'Eon was left as is usual charge wben she was very young, that the af. d'alta res in the absence of the ambas. terwards role to the rank of captain of rador ; batine nomination of another dragoons, and aid de camp to Mar being, ruipended for some time, the Thai Broglio, under whom the made Đuke de Nivernois made such a repre. snore than one campaign in Germany lentation, it is said, of the secretary's in the last war; and for her personal abilities, that the French moitry bravery, as well in reward for some thought proper to honour him with polirical tracts on the internal admini the commuffion and title of minister tration of government, the was ho- plenipotentiary: but this was io fact dioured with the royal and m litary or. only an empty honour, for there could der of St. Louis, the crois of which ora be no occasion for the exercise of any der the constantly wore in Eogland, full powers, after the ratifications of pendaot, froin a ribbon faftened to a the treaty of peace were exchanged. bution hole of her coat. To fine, bye To lay the truth,.no arfair of any con cene of thole.unrigues not unubval in sequence, with respect to the two couris, especially in that of France, crowne, fell under this lady's manage the was taken inin the ministerial de ment ; but having been secretary to partment ; but they must be frangers. the embassy, a post in some mearura indeed to the private histories of ine ministerial, because all the dispatches X untries of Verla lles, who ascribe pass through the baods of the secre. Tuis promotion to any legree of traur. tary, this gave her an opportunity of cendcnt merit ip Miss D'Eon. In detaining some papers in her hands to arms, 10 letters, and in love, she was ansver the purposes of leiligte eft at ejually skilled, 1.10 equally fuccef ful. the expeace of political intriguer. In by her i word th: acquired renown, the gionth or Odcber 1763, the Count for personal courage, wearing it ever de Guerciiy appeared al St. James's in 19.dy ta ftop the tongue of calumny, tie brazacier of ambassador from a:1 10 juinnicaie forward inquirers. Fiance, and ibe Mam Chevalier With her p:o five supported her pa Dizon had orders to re-assume the tous, ine Fitoch a pittry, aur! even functions vi secretary to the new am. anded their wiciner advice ; and by ballader, but this the Chevalier polii. the powers the promieber Oatural tively relused,and confronted the count cwicies, thome-dronerrelf a call, de Guercinyin le cucle at court, re!) i to heller promotion at couri, co taining the quality of minifter plentde tedirgulhe of a Mally than 10 potentiary, and expecting the hou vys

of that rank from the king and queen. a pension was granted to D'Eon, by The court was greatly ambarrassed up the Court of France ; and another, if on this occafion : the Count de Guer- report speaks true, by Lord Bute. chy wrote home to complain of the Tous made easy in her circumstances, insult offered to his character ; D'Eon the pretended Chevalier again appeardid the same, and in lifted upon hold. ed in publ:C, furnished a house io Petty ing his rank, until the king of France, France, and lived in splendor and ele. under his own hand, should dispiace gioce. Before the end of the same him: a letter for this purpose was year the publithed Memoires pour ser. immediately forwarded from the re. Vir a l'histoire generale de Finances. cretary of fate's office at Versailles par Monsieur D'Eon de Beaumont, by order of the king : but this had no Chevalier de l'ordre royal & militaire effect on D'Eor, who fill maintained de St. Louis, Capitaine de Dragons, her post, votul Louis XV, was obliged Cenieur Royal, Aid de Camp de M. to write a letter in his own name to M. le Marechal, Duc & Comte de our gracious sovereign, to inform his Broglio,et Miniftre Plenipotentiaire de majesty that D'Enn had no longer any France aupres du Roy de la Grande public character at London, upon Bretagne, 2 vol. 810' A work of great which she was forbid the court. Ex- erudition and not unworthy of a miasperated at this, our heroine came to nifter of ftate. It should seem that an open rupture with the Count de D'Eon meant.to have thrown herself Guerchy, and then first made it under the protect on of the minority known to both courts, that Me was in who voted agaioit the peace, if they poffeffion of certain papers relative to had availed themselves early enough the peace, which if made known to of her offer ; but this being neglected, th: publicg. would embroil the people the accepted the pensions, and Dr. of England with adminiftration. The Musgrave's ipformation of her intenalarm occalioned by this circumstance tions the turned to ridicule. was very great in the cabinets of both from this period, losing all hopes of courts, and in the firft motions of re being employed again in any public senim pt it was said Count de Guer. chara Aer, and being unsuccessful in chy was countenaoced in an attempt her applications to be permitted to to po:lon D'Bon; and the matter went return home in safety, the gave a loose so far that upon an information on to the pleasures of gallantry and in. oath, the grand jury of Middlesex trigoe, and in consequence of an illa fonnd a bill of indictment against the placed coa 6dence, the secret concernambillador for this offence; the pro ing her sex began to be whispered ; secut on, however, was stopt by a writ but it is false that she ever appeared of ooli prosequi. The following year, io a female dress at Petersburgh, nor D'Eon pobitihed an account of his cor was ler sex known in France by more respondence with the French ministry, than two or three persons of rank, uder the pompous title of Negocia among whom were Broglio and ChoiLions ; but they cootained little more seul. Tne first rumour that the Chevathan private letters on trihinz common bier was a woman paised only through bubnets. Yet the relections on the the circles of the guy and polite about Count de Guerchy were deemed to St James's and Wellminner, but the amount to a libel, co which D'Eon affiir getting wind, it reached the was prosecuted in the Court of King's City about the winter of the year Bencin, found gnilty, and aiterwards 1770, and opened a scene of gaming outlawed for non appearance. Her of the mort extraordinary kind : Jadythip now thought proper to ab. preiniums were given from ten to scond, but the court of France find. Freeen guineas to receive one hundred, juz her to be is the veia lor publica. is tbe chevalier, minifter, captain, &c. tion, and apprehensive of some dir. proved to be a wom 21). In April agreable discovery, thought proper to 1771, madam abfconded, and her

Put an cod to the dispu!e, on the in friends thought proper to colour her kom tercero af Coogt Viry, the Sardi. ableace by an alarming advertisement,

man ambasador, and Lord Bute, the purporting apprehensions that she maodiactgrers of the peace ; by re- might have been seized and carried calling Guerchy, and at the fame time clandeftially to France ; but in June


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