תמונות בעמוד

Groton, Dr. Benja. Morse,
Townshend, * Mr. Wm. Hobart,
Dracut, Cape. Joseph B. Varnum,
Hollifton, * Capt.Staples Chamberlain,
Adton & Carlille, Fran.Faulkner, Erq;
Dunftable, Mr. Joseph Danforth,
Littleton, * Mr. Jonathan Puch,
East-Sudbury, * John Noyes, Esq;

County o? HAMPSHIRE. Springfield, Mr. Thomas Dwight, Welt Springfield, Abraham Burbank,

Justin Ely, Esq'rs. Wilbraham, Capt. Phineas Stebbing, Amherst, * Capt. Eli Parker, Granby, Mr. Benja. Eastman, Hatfield, Hon. John Haflings, Erg; Weffield, John Ingersoll, Erq;

Mr. Samuel Fowler, Ashfield, *Capt. Elith a Crenson, Hadiey, Capi. Oliver Smith, Belchertown, * Mr. Joseph Smith, Southwick, *Dr. Ilaac Coit, Greenwich, M. Caleb Weft, Warwich, *Mr. Janies Ball, Long-meadow, Mr Nathaniel Ely,ju.

County of PLYMOUTH. Plymouth, Joshua Thomas, Esq;

Mr. Thomas Davis, jun. Scituate, Israel Vinal, E'q. i Duxborough, * Mr Zedekiah Sanger, Marthfield, *S.muel Oikman, Eig;' Bridgewater, Capt. Nathan Michel, Middleboro', * Mr. Zebadee Sprout,

Mr. Iliac Thoinson, Rochester, Col. Ebenezer Winie, Plimpton, Cupi. Francis Snurtiiff, Pembroke, *Capi John Turner, Kinghon, Capt. Ebenezer Wathburn, Abington, Mi. Sunuel Browu, Hanover, *Mr. Mcizar Curtis, Halifax, Esenezer Thomson, Erg; Wareham, *Capt. David Nye.

County of BAR STABLE. Barnstabie, *Nymphas Mirfton,

Shearja Diub Bourne, Elg'is. Sandwich, Joseph Nye, Esq; Harwich, Capt. Kimbal Clark,

County of BRISTOL. Taunton, Job Smith

*George Godfrey, Esq'rs. Rehoboth, Stephen Bullock, Eiq; Swanzey. *Coi. Simeon Potter, Dartmouth, * Capi, Win. Clagham, Norton, *Cap. Israel Trow, Aitleborough, Eltha May, Eig; brighton, * Mr. Tho. B. R.chinond,

Freetown. *Capt. Levi Rounsevell,
Raynham, Capt. Noah Hall,
Mansfield, *Capt. John Pratt,
Berkly, Samuel Tobey, Eig;

County of YORK.
York, Col. Edward Grow,
Kittery, • Mr. Joshua Hubbard,
Wells, Capi. Jothua Bragdon,
Berwick, Joha Hill, Erq;
Biddeford, Capt. Benjamin Hooper,
Pepperellboro', *Mr. Paul Junkins,
Lebanon, *Mr. Jothua Pray,

County of DUKES-COUNTY. Chilmark. *Mr. Benjamin Baffet.

County of NANTUCKET. Sherburne, Alexander Coffia, Esq;

Mr. Peleg Coffio, juo.

* Mr. Stephen Paddock. County of WORCESTER. Worcefter, Samuel Curtis, Esq; Mendon, Capt.Peter Peoniman, Brookfield, Capt. Benj. Rice, Oxford, + Capt. Jeremiah Learoard, Charlton, + Mr. Ebenezer Davis, Sutton, Amos Singletary, Erq; Spencer, Mr. Isaac Jeakes, Rutland, † John Feffendeo. Elgi New Braintree, Maj. J Bowmar, Shrewsbury, † Mr Nat'l. Heywoou Lunenburg, Capt. Jofian Stearns, Fitchburg, Thomas Cowdio, Bla; Uxbridge, + Col. Seth Reed, Harvard, † Mr. Joreph Stone, Bolion, Ephraim Farbaoks, Elq; Srurbridge, t Ebenezer Crafts, Elo Western, Coi. James Stone, Leominster, Hon. Israel Nichols, Erg Douglas, Mr. Eliphuz Stearos, Grafton, + Capt. Nathaniel Sierra Petersham, † Jonathan Grout, Efq; Royal.lon, John Frye, Esq; Westminster, Capt. Elitha Jackson, Athoi, † Hiram Newhall, Esq; Princeton, + Hon. Moses Gill, El Dudley, + Mr, Jonathan Day, Barre, † apt, Benjamin Lee, Ward, Capt. John Prentice, Milford, † Capt. Ichabod Thayer, Sterling, + Capt. Epliraim Wildei.


Scarboro', f William Thomson, E.;
Gorham, Mr. Jofiah Thatcher,
New Glouc'r. Mr. Poleg Chandic


County of LINCOLN.

Archbishoprick of Salzburghi, 250,000 Broth-Bay, Capt. Paul Reed,


565,390 Wochrob, + Mr, Robert Page, Baden,

200,000 Bach, † Rev. Mr. Francis Winter. Augsburgh,


Bamberg and
County of Berkshire,

Wurtsbourgh, }

400,000 Sheffield and Mount Washington, Nuremburgh,

70,000 + Jobo Alley, jun. Erq;

Juliers and Berz,

260,000 Greac-Barrington, ¡Elij. Dwight Erq; Munfter

130,000 Partridgefield, Mr. Ebenezer Pierce, Ornaburg,

116,664 Wiliamstown, Capt. Jof. T. Skinner, The Pruffian Estates in the Pittsfield, Dr. Timothy Childs,

Circle of Westphalia, 550,000 Stockbridge, Hon. John Bacon, Eigi Naffua, Dillenberg, Siegen, ? New-carile, Major John Failey,

Dietz, and Hadaman,

''} 74,699

} Bowdo o ham, Mr. Zacheus Beal,


- 79071 Becket, f Nathaniel Kingsley, Erg; Mayence,

314,000 Richmond, Mr. William Luck, Palatinate of Rhine, - 289,614 WefiStockbridge, Elij, Wiliams. Esq; Helle Caffel and Darmftadt, 700,000 Alsord, + Mr. Ebud Hopkins,


7,000 Adams, + Capt. Reuben Himman. Franchfort on the main, 42,600 JOHN AVERY, jun. Esq; Sec’y. High Saxony, and circle


of Tranconia, Ron. S A. Otis, Erg; Speaker, and

Sweedish Pomerania, . 100,549 G. R. Minot, Eroi Clerk of the

Prussian Pomerania, - 462,970 hon. House.

Brandenburgh - 1,007232 a Thore gentlemen with these


77,898 marks + + angezed to their pames,

Schwartzburen, Magde. were not of the Hon. Senate or House

burg, and Mansfeld 271,461 Taft year.

Halberstadt and Hohenstein · 130,761 The Meteorological Society at Mau.

Hanover .

750,000 heim, by a letter from their Secretary, Brunswick, -

166,340 M. HEMMAR, to Professor WIL Holfein

300,000 LIAMS, have announced their in


220,000 tention of presenting to the University Mulhauzen

13,000 at CAMBRIDGE, a complete Set of Me. Hamburgh -

100,000 teorological Instruments. This dona. * tion will be at the expence of His

20,966,868 SERENE HIGHNESS the ELECTOR PALATINE. There loftruments are the moit exa&t of any that have yet

This calculation extends only to been made ; and they have been dira

the principal parts of Germany; when tributed throughout Europe, that ob- the inferior parts are added, the num: servations made in different places, ber in all is computed at 25 millions. may admit of the most accurate com

An Obituary for May 1784, parison. This generous offer the first

DI E D of the kind that has been made to any At Marblehead, 15 vitimo, the conpart of America) was in consequence sort of Mr. David Maply, having labourof the observations made here for se ed long under that distressing malady veral years years paft, being commu. the dropsy. The water drawn off by nicated to that illuftriogs Society. a surgical process, at thirteen different

The following estimate has been form periods amounted to one hundred ed of the inhabitants of all Germany. ninety-five pounds weight. According to this the numbers are as At Salem, 29 ultimo, Mr. Jonathan follows:

Bancroft Ætat.

54 Bohemia, :

2,100,000 At Plaiflow, in New Hampshire Moravia,

1,100,000 lately, Mrs. Hannah Belknap, aged Aufrian Silefii,

200,000 106 years, II months. She retained High and Low Lulace - 380,000 her mental faculties to the day of her Circle of Austria, - 4,150,000 death.

of Burgundy - 1600,000 At Martha's Vineyard, Mr. SamBavaria

1,148,433 uel Draper, school.mafler. 77

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At Springfield, Rev. Robert Breck, Mr. Joshua Gould,


25. Mrs. Mary Rogers, widow. és May 2. At Bofinn, Mrs. Rolinna 26. Mrs. Sarah Sigourney, confort Eluck, confort of Mr.Mute Black, 55 of Mr. Charles Sigourney, mer1.11. William Farinei,

35 chant. 12. Mirs Sarah Curtis,

At Lancaster, William Dual Mr. Nathaniel Brewer,

more, Erqi M:. Joseph Gendail,

27. Ac Boston, very sudden, Mr. 15. A: Little Cumbridge, M.3. Gles Hicks, lately from the Illand Ellebern Capen,

Tobago, a native of Philadelphia, a.d Ar Bo'ton, Mrs. Chiabeth Rug. formerly an officer in the Pennsylva. gles, confort of Mr. Robert Rug nia corps,

23 gles.

43. 29. Mr. John Hunt, mercbaat. 70 18. At Boson, John Bradford, Ery; late continuntal ageat in the marine Buried in the town of Bofion in My department,


1784, 32 Whiles, Mrs. Waldo,


10 Blacks. Mrs. Sarah Hodge, confort of Mr. Baptized, 32. Robert Hodge,.


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Meteorola (npry 1770776 1..
ÓL) ne fi ) .ur , Vui.

Vtiler. 27.372).8129.72 1973 19:55:

Il-loudy, (now, fair. al 8 841 92115T 54 15+

W. NW 4.

82119 54 153

No. ¿
N. E. 4.

Dloudy, fair.
pilti si

NW. E. Nrair. 1 i 80 at 52 bin

IN W. E. Ildo. 911 01 T5406 01:1) 61 63

SW. W.S4. Il/do. cloudy. 70 7154,561 N. E.

Icloudy, fair, s... 152 156 N. E.

I do. fair. 6) 73 00:5+ 71 63

SW.S. 4. ó 3.130.000

SW. NĖ.6. Wfair, cloudy. 130.13 39.17 15:51

NE. SE. licloudy, fair. und 03-;.9-2.10)


do. fair. 2.57 056 01154

SW. 4. E. War. 0239.0430045)

N E. E. 7 Oz 04 ólr


ljo, fair. 12 003

W. E. S.

lair, cloudy. 122.9 129 8929.73 55


cloudy, raia, c au 75 731 704

SW. E. lair, thunder, clo zili 81 89! 91 61

N. NE.

Icloudy, foggy, ra 20130.0230.07132.5353


rain. (in the 0.8 23-9.9529.95,27.90,52


Ido. cloudy. 2 07877)

N. E.

Il cloudy, foggy, 591 57 155

rain, cloudy. (ni 25 53 52 52:59 i 59,5 X NE.

Il cloudy, fair. 275 58 63 62 3 3 N. E.

fair, foggy 28' 70 73 63 59 24,552 E.

licloudy, fa:r. 41 56 63 150

I w. NW. 4 lliair, thund.how gi 67 63 63'57 5: 152 IN W. E. Udo. cloudy. 31 63' 63 68 .co 65 og S, E... "cleady, fair, cle

** The Observatios are taken at 8 o'clock, at one, and a in the evening. , The Thermometer ; Foienheii's Soale, is fufper: in a Stir cafe by the side of a North Window. The Figures, nexed to the ind, dencie the force; 4 a strong gole, 5 a stor993.

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J.Norma Sc.

Female:MinifterPlenipo.Capt.of Dragoons 86e.

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