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Monthly Chronology for May 1784..

Foreign News. LONDON, MARCH 10 X Elearn froir.Lyons, that on the V 20 ult. the Academy of that city declared Mr. Edward de MontRolfer a Fellow of that Society. They announced at the (ame time an extra ordiosty premium of 1200 livres, appropriated by the Sieur Fieffels, Intendent of inat Gerorality, and the Marquis de St. Vincent, fors the discovery of the moli certain and simple method of direaing at pleasure the aerofatic biloon horizontaily." The different competitors are to deliver in their pieces on the ift of September, 1734, and the premium is to be diftributed in the public Affembly on tie 7th of December following:

March 5. The Academy of Lyons have offered a prize of sol. to the author of the best essay on the following theme, viz. “ To discover the safell, least expensive, and most effectual means of directing air balloons at ples. sure." The candidales are to write in Latin, French, or English, and to send in their tralls before the first of Feb. 1785.

13. The late disputes between the Republic of Venice, and the Stites General of Holland, which were occasioned by the latter seiz'ng three Venetian ve fels, under presence of their being concerned in a contraband Trade en toe confl of Guinea, we are aflured is Ukely to be fertled to the Satisfattion of both nations by the mediation of tht Empress of Rusia.

gom trade for nine years, to com: mence the itt of July next.”

March 25. The town was yesterday thrown into a very great ferment, by one of the moft exraordinary incidents that ever happened in the annals of hiftory. Some robbers having got out of the fields over the gardeu wall of the Lord Chancellor's houle, in Great Crmond Street, from thence found means to get into the area, where they forced two bars of the kitchen window, and proeudedthrough it up stairs, made their way into a room adjoining to his Lord'hip's fudy. Here they broke open several drawers, and at last coming to that in which the great seal of England is de polited, they took it out of the bag in which it was kept, and carried it ort, together with two silver hilted (words, and about ico guneas in money. HOUSE OF LORDS,

WEDNESDAY, March 25. His Majesty being seated on the Throne, the Commons were sent for, and being come with the Speaker, the Kiog gave the Royal Aflent to 17 public and 6 private bilis ; after whicit his Majesty made the folowing moit gracious ípioch from the Throne :

« My Lords and Gentlemen, "Oo a full confideration of the prefent fituation of attairs, and of the extraordinary circumstances which have produced it.I am induced to put an end to this (cffion of Parliament; I feel it a duty wiich lowe in the conflitutior and co the country in iuch a fituation, to recur as speedily as possible to the sense of my people by cathing a new Parliament.

"In that this measure will tend to obviate the mischiefs ar fog from the uonapsy divations are difractions which bavelilely sublified; and that the various important obias which will require conlideration, may be afitrwards picotided upon with less in, terruption and with picr cffect.

Extra of a Letter from Paris,

February 16. “ By an arret of the Council of State of the mu of January, the king has suppressed the exclusi:e privilege of the negro trade; but through that Spirit of uprightoess wbich charac. terizes him, he grants, as an indemnic fication to the administrators and grantees, the exclufive privireccrthe

" I can have no other objed, but to preserve the true principles of our free and happy conftitution, and to employ the power, intrufted to me by law, for the only end for which they were given, the good of my people., Then the Earl of Mansfield, Lord

Chief Justice of the Court of King's
Bench, Speaker of the Houre of
Lords, by his Majeily's cominand,

- My Lords and Gentlemen, as It is his Majesty's royal will and pleasure, that this Parliament be prou rogued to Tuesday, the sixth day of April next, to be then bere holden, and thisParliament is accordingly pro. rogued to Tuesday, the sixth day of Arril next." Extrait of a Letter from Narles, Fab. 3.

" The vast quantity of loow, that has fallen detained the courier expect ed from Calabria a whole week, however he is at last arrived, and has brought very melancholy accounts from those parts ; the earthquakes have returned again. Near Palermo, the sea bas inundated upwards of fx miles of country, Several warehouses, full of merchandizes have been ruined; and it is reported, that after a violent fhock of an earthquake, Catania was covered by the lea."

of secrecy, till lately, on account of their being under a commitment. In in their joint letter of the 18th of July, the preliminary articles and their reasons for concluding them are explained. They observe that the British were very unwilling to make use of any terms that might give uneasiness to the Refugee Tories, and that the words for refloring the property of real Britifh subje&s were well underftood and ascertained between them, not to mean or comprehend American Refupees. Mr. Fitzherbert and Mr. Oswald, they say, know this to have been the case, and will readily confels and admit it.

" They observe it was a more delicate mode of cxcluding the Refugees, and making a proper diftin&tion between then tween them and the subjects of Britain, whose only particular intereft in Ame. rica confilled in holding lands and property.

" They think the 6th article, declaring that no future confiscations Mould be made, &c. Qught to have lixed the time witb greater certainty, and the more fair confruction is, that it relates to the date of the ceffation of boftilities, as they says that it is the time when peace in fact took place, in consequence of prior, unformal, thor binding contracts, to terminate the war.'

«They consider the definitive treaty as only giving the dress of form to those contracts, and not as conftituting the obligations of them; they observe, that had the ceffation of hoftilities been the effects of a truce, and consequently nothing more than a temporary fulpenfion of war, another confru&tion would have been the right one.

" They say, Mr.Heartly had officially assured them, that positive orders for the evacuation of New York had been dispatched, and that no avoidable delay would retard that event ; that had they proposed to fix a time for it, the British Ministry would have contended that it should be a time posterior to the date of the definitive trea. ty, and would probably have been more disadvantageous to us, than as that article now stands

" They are surprised to hear that any doubts have arisen in America


American News. PHILADELPHIA, APRIL 24. As many erroneous opinions and ideas have been adopted respecting the TREATY OF PEACE, and a false, and tortured construction put there on by desigcing and reifth men, we are happy in having it in our power to present our readers with the following extrait of an official letter, dated Princeton, 08. 16, 1783, from the delegation of a filer flate, to the Governor thereof; which will, no doubt, fatisfy every candid mind as to the true intent and meaning of the Preliminary and Definitive Articles of Peace.

« WE should before this time have transmitted to your Excellency the material parts of the communications Congress havelarely received from the Minifters of the United States at Paris, had they not been under an injunction

respe@ing the time when the cessation and the Sieur de la Forest, Vice Conof hoftilities took place there, and say, ful at Savannah, in Georgia : whereit most certainly took place at the upon, expiration of one month after the date RESOLVED, That the commissions of that declaration, in all parts of the and brevets of the said officers be reworld, whetherland or lei, thit lay giftered in the secretary's office ; and north of the latitude of the Canaries' that thereupon a&te of recognition in The ships afterwards taken from us due form be immediately if(ned to the in the more northern latitudes ought States concerned, in order that they to be reclaimed and given up, and iay may furnith them respedively with they Mail apply to M.Hearily on this their exequatur or notification of their fubie&t, and also on that of the trant quality, chat the same may be made portation of Negroes from New York, known and publuned. contrary to the words, and intention of the provisional articles." ,


March 24, 1784.

« The late breaking up of the river Extra& from the Journal of Congress, Susgehaonah, ( on the 15th inft) has Wednesday, February 11, 1784. been the most uncommon, and attend

The committee confifting of Mr ed with the most extiaordinary effects, Ellery, Mr. Jefferson and Mr. Lee, beyond what has been known in the to whom was referred a note from the memory of any man now living in Hon. Minifier of France, dated the this country. 30th of January, informing, that his "The uncommon severity of the Moft Chriftian Majefty, from a de- cold congealing the ice to such an infire to favour the progress of com- credible thicknest, and depth of the merce between his real.n and the fnow, together with the sudden tlaws United States, has nominated four and rain, with a variety of other causes Consuls, and five Vice-Consuls, to re- contributed to the late uncommon inSide in the towns of the continent, andation, and swell of the ftream, where he has judged their presence ne. which came down in mountains of ice, cessary ; and that he has appoinied and overwhelmed almof the whole Mr. Barbe de Marbois, Consul Ge country. The confiernation of the neral for the Thirteen United States, inhabitants was not more amazing report, that they conferred with Mr. than their salvation surprizing, of Barbe de Marbois, who produced to which we cannot give a particular ac. them four commissions for the said count, only observe to the publick, Consuls, and five brevers for the that their houses, most of them where Vice-Coníu's ; whereby it appears the flood came) were driven, fome of that the Sieur Barbe de Marbois them one mile, some two, others five is appointedConsul General of France and seven miles, and some heard of no for the Thirteen States of America ; more. the S.eur de l'Etombe,Coníul of France "In one settlement (within a mile for the States of New Hampshire, square ) containing 27 houses, and one Massachusetts, and Rhode Illand;che hundreu and 72 inhabitants, there Sieur de St. Jeande Creveneur, Consul were loft (by the food) 90 bead of of France for the States of Conne&tiout, horned cattle (mofl of them oxen and N, York & N. Jersey ; the said Sieur Cows) 27 borses, 63 theep, and 108 Barbe de Marbois, conful of France swine, with almost all their other effor the States of Peopsylvania and the fe&ts. Five other settlements suffered Delaware ; and the Chevalier d'An. much the same excepting live fiock. nemours Consul of France for Mary. And although the inhabitants were in Jaod and Virginia ; also that the geur the utmost danger of being swallowed Torcain is appointed Vice Consulat up, some being in, and some on their Portsmouth, in New Hampthire ; tre houses, some climbing the trees, rome Sieur Barbe de Marbois, jun. Vice on floating ifiands of ice, and some saConful at Rhode. Itland ; the Sieur. ved the Lord knows how, yet none Ofter, Vice Consul at Richmond, in of them were lost, neither man, woVirginia ; tbe Sieur Petry, Vice Con- man nor child, and one only m ingi sul at Wilmington, in N. Carolina ; viz. Frederick Jackson 'Tha! 10

unlike St. Paul's lipwrecked compa ny, fume on boards, and some on broken pieces of their houses. all came fale to lind: A salvation never to be forgotten !

" But alas ! for the suffering inhabitants, the ruin of their houses, and lors of ali their niove.ble substance, and support of lifs for themselves and families, for this and the current year; for that the fats (their chief improve. ment) are covered with ice to an in. credible depth, that to appearance. will forbid a former, if not even prevent a latier harveit. The fate of the inhabitants is very deplorable (at least a very considerable part of them) and calls for the help of all who can afford them any.

" The Darrator was present, aud an eye witneis of this amazing catar. trophe, which is, in very deed, be. yond descripcion: It bears no faint

It bears no faint resemblance of Noah's flood, or of the appearance of the frozen feas of Greenland. The ice went mountains Ligh, and bore down all before it.

“The aboriginal narrves tells us, orce in about 70 years there is such a food, that the mouprains and hills on: ly are seen. “ The above certified per


Inhabitants of Wyoming, on Sul.

quelannali, in behalı of many

other surcrers there." Alate Loudon paper has the following article:...- Mr. Herschel , the celehrated aftronomer, whose discoveries in opticks have been wonderfui, bas tried a new specula, co poweriul, that the objects in the moon are twice as diflinct as ever they were. He is de. cidedly of opinion that there is a burn1,18 mountain in the moon, as he sees feh irregular v.rous on clie point of Olime of the mountains in her, that no rtier rupinion will sufficiently account for them.

L ik No.1, orerions who are takert off the Confifcation, and banished Lift. and amerced 12 per Cent. 62 in Num. ber.

Lift No.2, of Persons who are taken off the Connicanon and Banishment Lift, 30.

Lift No.3. of Persons who are taken off the Lift of Coofiscation and B2nithment, and are now amerced 12 per Cent, and d.qualihed 33. By the United States ia Coagress. Bu the United States in

afsembled, April 26, 1784. RESOLVED, That the President be, and he hereby is authorized and di

eles, to adjourn Congress on the third day of June next, to meet on the thirtieth day of Of. next, at Trepton, for the dispatch of public business ; and that à Committee of the States ihall be appointed to st in the recess of Congress,

May 27. Yeferday began the first refsion of the General Court for this year, when the voies of the electors ibrough the Commonwealth being returned, they were examined, and is appeared, that

HIS EXCELLENCY Tohn Hancock, Elg; Was chosen GOVERNO R.

And His HONOUR Thomas Cushing, EI9;

Lieutenant Governor.
Hon. Jeremiah Powell,

Moses Gill,
Walter Spooner, .
Timothy Danielson,
Benjamu Chadbourne,
INathan Cuthing,
James Piercoli,
Jonathan Greenleaf,

Samuel Holten, Esquires.

County of SUPEOL K.
Eon. Samuel Adans, Esq; Prehdent.

Jeremiah Powell,
Jabez F. ther,
Cotton Tufts,
* , ham larath,
* John Lowell, bigoiree.

County of ESSEX.
IIon. Simuel Holten,
Stephen Choate,


BOSTON, VAT 10. Ti Gerera'Alleinlu ol S Carolina, laver fud an Ad dividing the PeruInes reiarned there inoue lullowing Cialis 1.2.

Jonathan Greenleaf,

Milion, † Edward II. Kobbins, Ilc; Samuel Phillips, jun.

Braintree, Col. Ebenezer Thayer, juo. Benjimin Goodhue,

Weymouth, + Nathaniel Bayley,59; • Tristram Dalton, Erqoires. Hingham, 4 Col. Charles Cuthics, County of MIDDL € £ X.

Cobasiet, Thomas Lathrop, Era;

Dedham, + Mr.Nathaniel Kingsbury. Boa, jofizh Stone,

Meufield, + Daniel Perry, Elg;
Abraham Fuller,

Wrentham, * Capt. Oliver Pond.
Eleazer Brooks,

Brookline, t Mr. John Goddard,
Ebenezer Bridge, Esquires,

Stoughton, + Capt, James Endicott, County of HAMPSHIRE, Medway, f Capt. Joseph Lovell, Hop. Timothy Danielson,

Walpole, † Major Seth Bullard,
John Bliss, '

Franklin, + M Samuel Lethbridge,
John Hiftiags,

Foxborough, Mr. John Evrett, * Caleb Serong, Esquires.

County of Essex. County of PLYMOUTH, Salem, † William Vans, Erg; lion. Nathan Cothing,

'+ Nathan Goodale, Esq; Charles Turner,

Mr. Samuel Page • Hugh Orr, Esquires.

† Mr. Miles Greenwood,

Danvers, + Mr. Gideon Putnam, County of BARN STABLE. Ipswich, t Dr. John Manning, lion. Solomon Freeman, Esq;

† John Patch, Erg; County of BRISTOL.

Newbury, + Ebenezer March, Erq;

* Mr. IcthuOrd way, Hon. Walter Spooner,

Newbury Port, Hon. T. Dilton, E[q; Thomas Duifec,

Rufus King, Efq; * William Baylies, Esquires. Marblehead, t Samuel Sewall, Elu; County of DUKE S-COUNTY

+ Capt. Nathaniel Lindley, and NANTUCKET.

Lynn & Lynnfield, 4 Mr. l. Carnes, Hon. #Leriuh Norton, Esq;

Andover, t Hon. Samuel Osgood, Erq;

Beverly, Mr. Nathan Dane,
County of WORCESTER. Rowley, Capt. Thomas Mighill,
Hon. Mores Gill,

Salisbury, Benja. Evans, Eig;
Samuel Biker,

Haverhill, of Samuel White, Ely;
Seth Washburne,

Topsfield, Mr. Abraham Hobus,
Israel Nicools,

Almibury, Mr. John Barnard,
Jonathan Warner, Esquires.

Bradford, Daniel Thurstor, Erq;

Boxford, Capt. Isaac Adams.
Hon. John Lewis,

County of MIDDLE S EX. County of LINCOLN. Cambridge, of Samuel Thatcher, Esq; H100. William Li:hgow, jun. Eignire

Watertown, Wm. Hunt, Erq;
County of BERKSHIRE:

Woburn, Samuel Wyman, Eig;

Concord, H . Joleph Hormer, Ers, Tahleel Woo Ibridge,

Newton, * Mr. Thomas Parker, *Tneodore Sedgwick, Esquire. Reading, James Bancroit, Elg; REPRESENTATIVES. Marlborough, Mr. Winslow Brighan,

Billerica, M j. Edward Farmer, County of SUFFOLK,

Framingham, Mr. Wm. Brown, Bolton, H10. William Phillips, Erg; Lexingion, Benja. Brown, Efq;

Hon. Caleb Davis, Ergi Chelmsford, Mr. Aaron Chamberlain,
Hon. + Samuel A.Oris, Emi Snerburn, Daniel Whitney, E[q;
Thomas Dawes, Erg;

Sudbury, Wm. Rice, Elgi.
Joha Rowe, Elli

M lden, * Ezra Sargeant, Erg;
Hon. Joines Sullivan, Esq;.

Wetton, * Capt. J{aac Jones,
+ Simuel Breck, Elg;

Ivediord, Airon Hall, Roxbury, Mr. Thomas Clarke, Westford, Mr Francis Laighton, Dirchefter, James Swar, E!

Waltham, * Mr. Abner Sanderfor,


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