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The committee of Congress, who constitution and government for them. were appointed to draft a plan for the sel ves. temporary goveroment of the Western Provided that both the temporary Territory, have presented the follow- aud permanent governments be eftaing, which whea ratibed by that ho. blished on there principles as their banourable body will form Ten new fis. 1. That they fall forever reStates, viz.

main a part of the United States of A. HAT the territory ceded or to be merica. 2. That in their persone, 1 ceded by individual States, to the property and territory, they thall be United States, shall be formed into subject to the government of the Udiftina States, bounded in the follow. nited States in Congress affembled, ing manner, as nearly as such ceffions and to the articles of confederation, will admit; that is to say, northward in all those cases in which the original ly and southwardly by parallels of la- States thall be lo subject. 3. That titude, ro that each State thall com. they shall be subje&t to pay a part of prehend from south to north two de the federal debts contra ed or to be grees of latitude, beginning to count contracted, to be apportioned on them from the completion of thirty-one de. by Congress, accord ng to the same grees north of the equator : But any common rule and measure, by which territory northwardly of the 471h de- apportionments thereof Thall be made gice, shall make part ofthe State next on the other States. 4. That their below. And eaftwardly and westward. refpe&tive governments thall be in reJy they shall be bounded, those on the publican forms, and shall admit no òģētiņ222\\2ūti ņģ2/2/2/2/2ņēm/ti2§Ò►ņēmâūņēti\/2\ăū2ū2ņģti ūtiņò§Â§§§§ and the meridian of the lowest point hereditary title. 5. That after the of the rapids of Ohio on the other; and year 1800 of the chriftian æra, there those adjoining on the eaf, by the shall be neither flavery nor involunsame meridian on the weftern fide, tary servitude in any of the said States, and on their eaftern, by the meridian otherwise than in punishment of of the weftern cape of the mouth of crimes, whereof the party shall have the Great Kanhaway. And the ter been duly convicted to have been ritory eastward of this laft meridian, personally guilty. between the Ohio, Lake Erie, and " That when soever any of the said Pennsylvania, shall be one State. States thall have, of free inhabitants,

That the settlers within any of the as many as shall then be in any one said States thall, either on their own of the least numerous of the thirteca petition, or on the order of Congress, original States, such States Thall be adreceive authority from them, with mitted by its delegates, into the Conappointments of time and place, for gress of ibe United States on an equal their free males of full age to meet footing with the said original States ; together for the purpose of eftablish- after which the aflent of two-thirds iog a temporary government, to adopt of the United States in Congress asthe conftitution and laws of any one sembled shall be requisite in all those of the States, so that such laws never- cases, wherein by the confederation theless shall be subje& to alteration by the aflent of pine States is vow retheir ordinary legislature ; and to e. quired. Provided the consent of pins rect, subject to a like alteration, coun- States to ruch admiflion may be obties or townships, for the election of tained according to the eleventh of the members for their legislature.

articles of confederation. Until sucha That such temporary government admiffion, by their delegates, into Thall only continue in force in any Congress, any of the said States, alter tiate, until it shall have acquired twen: the establishment of their temporary ty thousand free inhabitants ; when goverament, thall have authority to giving due proof thereof to Congress, keep a fitting member in Congress, they hall receive from them authori with a right of debating, but not of ty, with appointments of time and voting. place, to call a convention of repre. That the territory northward of the Tentatives to establish a permanent 45th degree, that is to say, of the com

pletion pletion of 43 degrees from the equator, Commonwealth of Massachurelts. endexrendog to the lake of the woods, By hie Excellency Jona HANCOCK, thall be called SYLVANIA. LONDON, March 5. convenieuce of such a diffolution, then Yesterday the House of Commons that things should go on as they are. carried up an address to St. James's, Would not Mr. Onslow have rewarmly advising the removal of figmed his gown, or laid his mace, 28 the Min ifry. It being a drawing Mr. Powys suggefted, on the table of Toom day, the Court was full of la- the king's closet, if he had received the dies. The speaker, attended by Mr. answer of yefterday ! Fox, and many other members, went

Esq; Governor of the CommonThat of the territory under the 45th wealth of Massachusetts. and 44th degrees, that which lies weft: A PROCLAMATION. wird of Lake Michigan, shall be cal. T H EREAS an uonappy dispute Jed MICHIGANIA, aud toat which

has fubfifted between some of is eartwardthe.cui, within the penin the citizens of the date of New. York fula formed by the lakes and waters and ine people inhabiting the territoor Michigan, Huron, St. Clair, and ry called the New Hampshire Granis, Erie, thall be called CHERRONESUS or fiate of Vermont ; and it being and shall include any part of the pe probable, from the present difpofition Diosula which may extend above the of the parties, that the same contro. 45th degree.'

versy may be recommenced lo the Of the territory under the 3d and great difless and calamity of all con420 degrees, that to the well warri, cerned therein ; and there being great through which the Afepisipi, or Rock reason to fear that some of the citia River, runs, thall be called ASSENISI. zens of this Cominonwealtii, who live PIA ; and that to the weft ward, in on the borders of the said state of which are the fountains of Mulking. Vermont, may, by incautioufy intera um, the two miamis of Ohio, the Wa.. meddling with the contention, involve Lan, the Illinois, be miami of the themselves and families in that distress lake, and Santulky rivers, shall be cal which is at all times the consequence lad NIETROPOTAMIA.

of civil diftentions, unles care is ta. Of tie territory whicn lics under the ken to prevent it : Lift and 40th degrees, the weftern, I HAVE therefore, at the request through which the river Illinois runs, of the General Court, thought fit to shall be called ILLINOIA ; that next issue this proclamation), commanding adjoining to the east ward, SARATO and enjoining it upon all the citizens GA; and that between this last and of this Cominon wealth, that in all Pennsylvania, and extending from the and every controversy now exifling, Onio, to the lake Erie, shall be called or that may hereafter exist between WASHINGTON.

the citizens of New York, and the Of the territory which lies under people inhabiting the said ftate, or the 39th and 38th degrees, to which between any of them, in whatever fhall be added so much of the point of form or manner the same may exilt, laod within the fork of the Onio and they, the citizens of this commonMiffifippi as lies under the 37th de- wealth, conduct themselves according gree, that to the weit ward, within and to the Atridteft rules of neutrality; adjacent to which are the coofluences and that they give no aid or affiftof the rivers Wabalh, Shawanee, Ta ance to either party ; but that those niffee, Ohio, Illinois, Misfifippi and who live on the borders of the said Mufloori, thall be called POLYPO-. fate, and within this Commonwealth, TAMIA ; and that to the eastward, rell to each party in differently, fuck farther up the Ohio, otherwise called things as they have to fcil, without the Pelispi, hall be calledPELISIPIA, giving preserence to either ; that That the preceding articles Mhall be

they send no provisions, arms, ammuformed into a Charter of Compact,

nition, or necessaries to a fortress, or Mall be duly executed by the Presi. garrison,besieged by either party. And dent of the United States in Congress all the citizens and inhabitants of this assembled, vider his hard, and the Commonwealth, are abroiutely and seal of the United Staies, shall be pro

mon solemnly forbidden to take arms mulgated, and thill Atand as funda. in support of, or engaging in the ser mental Conftitutions between the vice, or contributiog to the conquefi, thirteen original States, and those success, or defence of either of the land now newly described, ugalterable but parties, as they will answer it at their by the joint consent of the United peril. Státes io Congress assembled, and of

JOHN HANCOCK. we particular State withio which By His Excellency's command, much alteration is proposed to be

JOHN AVFXY, jun. Secretary. Bade.

Bcíton, March 6, 1784.


Monthly Chronology for April, 1784.

HAMBURGH, December 7;
Foreign News.

We read in several Gazettes belong: coreNHAGEN, December 16. ing to the empire, that a part of the

troops of Helle Caffel, which were in THE new island which is formed

the English service during the last war, 1 near Iceland, increases daily; there

Lave returned from America, viz. reigas a continuallermentation in the

5,311 men, out of 12,000. But this fea in those parts, which frequently

calculation, it is said, is not juft. Twelve throws up quantities both of land and

thousand Mellians originally paffed orocks; which makes it imagined that

ver to America; but for fix or seven this isand may in a few years become

years others were sert over to recruit large enough to make fome faule.

them, which may be set down at 2000. meats upon, as soon as the files to Lich

per apnum. To the original 12,000.. exhale from it cease.

therefore, we must add 12 or 14,000 A fealaat of Suendfirup has lately

more ; the whole of which either found, as be was digging in his field,

have not returned, or exift no longer, a coffio containing humpan bones, and

or people the lands of America. a gold ring of the weight of 73 ducats. It is presumed it was that ol an anci.

PARIS, Nov. 4 ent king of Denmark, named Suend, Yesterday, at the caflle of Muette, who gave his name to the village of the following experiment was made Saendftrup.

npon the areoftatic machine of M. de

Mootgolfier. In some parts the sky ROME, December 10.

was covered with clouds, in others it By letters from Naples, we are in was clear the wind was at N. W. forned, that on the 15th and 16th of At eight minutes after soon a rocket that month, several mocks of an earth was fired, as a signal that the filling of quake were felt in the Rouille, which the machine was begun. In eight mi. did great damage, and ro terrified the nutes it was fully extended and ready. inhabitants that they left their labi. to rire.- M. tlie Marquis d'Arlaptations, and pafled both ine mgbts in de and M. Pilatre de Rcfier being in the fields.

the gallery. Tlie design, at first, was. NAPLES, November 26.

to raise the machine, but to hold it by

a rore, in order to ascertain the exa Besides the earthquakes which have

weight it would carry, and know if desolaled Calabria, a od which are fill every shing were properly disposed for Telt in some parts, the unfortunate in the important experiment that was a. habitants of the province are visited bout to be made ; but she machine, now with epidemic disorcere,originate driven by the wind, infead of vising ing from the firft dilalters, and with vertically, took its course aloog one all the risery and indigence which of the alleys of the garden, and the Dalurally follow. General Pignatelly cords which reftrained it a&ting too has orders to repair thither, in order forcibiy, occafioned many.rents, one

forcibiy, occafioned ma to give affinance, acd maintaio that of which was more than fix feet long. regularity which is neceffery ia tinies The machine upon this was brought di public calamity,

back to the alcore, and was repaired


American News. up to the Torone, and having read and presented the address, bis Ma By the United States in Congress aljeity delivered an answer, from a pa.

sembled, March 4, 1784. per which he held in his hand, import Congress proceeded to the ele&ion ing, that as 00 specific charge nad of five Commissioners to negociate been made against any of his Masters, with the Indians ; and the ballots behe could not consent to their present ing taken,Mr George Rogers Clarke, Somoval. We confess ourselves at a Mr. Oliver Wolcott, Mr. Nathaniel loss how to all, or in what language Greene, Mr.Richard Butler, and Mr. to express our sentiments of the dread- Stephen Higginson, were elected. ful crisis to which the madness of a fac RICHMOND, March 6. tion has brought us. We are now Extrait of a letter from Washington, brought to the precipice of our fate;

dated Jaguary 23and the queftion is, whether we shall “ The Indians lately took a lad of for two days more enjoy the conftita. the name of Cox prisoner, ata ftation tion which has for rolong a time made in Kentuckey, called the Crab Orus the pride and envy of the world? chard. The Indians were followed The branch of the legiflature which and overtaken ; they mercilemy muris our own - that branch which fows dered the boy ; our people in pursuit from us, which is in fact ourselves; made a prisoner of one of the enemy, by which we (peak, by which we have without his receiving a wound. The individually our share in framing the savage, on falling into our hands,hewlaws, and imposing the borthens that ed all the signs of confternation and are neceflary for the maintenance of despair; and a good use, no doubt, the community ; that branch is the might have been made of his terror, evidence, the criterion of our freedom by making a certain discovery of what Our house of commons is that which tribe of Indians has lately infested the makes us different from, and lifts 0 Kentuckey path, in the wilderness : aboveall other nations. Take that from But imprudently, one of the compathe English conftitution, and what re ny gave him a Georgia parole; being mains to make us free? To degrade no doubt provoked by rhe murder of * it from its office, rank, and use it in the lad Cox. About the begioning of

the Legislature, is as compleat an over this month two men were killed on throw of our liberties, as to annihi'ate the waters of Salt River, in Jefferlon it altogether. France has it3 Parlia. county, one by the name of Archer, a ments, and those Parliaments have the person of some note in that country. exercise of the tongue ; they frequent. The 16th instant, three men whose Jy speak a fouited language, but what names are yet unknown, were found avails it? In the ead they regifter the dead on the path near Cumberland ripoicts, by which the flaves are go ver ; it appeared they were killed in rtried.

their tent about two nights before : O monday next rome decisive mea. By fome token left, it is believed to frire will be taken by the Commons. be done by Cherokees; or rither a 'Tiiey will prucrastinate and coric:liare banditti of that nation, rettied be. ro rore.- if the do, they will forfeit low the Whirl on the Teneree." The high character which toey have ac ALBANY, March 27. quired in, the country, and to which Extraft from the Journal of the Senate tiffany will do juftice. It is better. of the State of New York. pin at the Parliament thould be diffol. « Resolved, That the delegates be ved ... fifty times better.. that we instructed to prers Congreis for a decihould Cutter all thic tumults and in- fon in the long protraéled controver

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