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in order that they may row two none but Ind'ans and the mafter. Rewhale boats, the crews of which muft colle&t also that the Nantucket peonecefsarily confift of fix, four at the ple understood the Natick, and that oars, one ftanding on the bows with ihere are always five of these people the harpoon, and the other at the on board. There are various ways of helm. It is also pecessary that there approaching the whale, according to Mould be two of these boats, that if their peculiar species, and this preone should be destroyed in attacking vious knowledge is of the utmost conthe whale, the other, which is never sequence. When these boats are arengaged at the same time, may be rived at a reasonable diftance, one of ready to save the hands. Five of the them refts on its oars agd stands off, thirteen are always Indians. The last as a witness of the approaching enof the complement remains on board gagement. Near the bows of the oto steer the vessel during the a&ion. ther, the harpooner ftands up and They have no wages; each draws a on him principally depends the fuccertain eftablifhed Mare in partner cels of the enterprise. He wears a Mhip with the proprietor of the vessel, jacket clofely buttoned, and round by which ceconomy they are all pro- his head a handkerchief tightly bound. portionably concerned in the success in his hands he holds the 'dreadful of the enterprise, and all equally a weapon made of the best of feel, lert and vigilant. None of these marked sometimes with the name of whalemen ever exceed the age of for their town, and sometimes with that tv: they look on those who are passed of their vefsel, to the shaft of which that period not to be possessed of all the end of a cord of due strength, that vigour and agility which so ad- coiled up with the utmoft care in the venturous a business requires. Indeed, middle of the boat, is firmly tied ; if you attentively consider the im- the other end is faftened to the botmense disproportion between the ob- tom of the boat. Thus prepared, jeat affailed&the assailants,if you think they row in profound Glence, leaving on the diminutive fize and weakness of the whole conduct of the enterprise their frail vehicle, if you recolleat the to the harpooner and to the freersman, treachery of the element on which this attentively following their direAtions. scene is aated, the sudden and unfore. When the former judges himself to reen accidents of winds, &c. you will be pear enough to the whale, that readily acknowledge, that it muft re. is at the distance of about fifteen feet, quire the most consummate exertion he bid's them ftop ; perhaps he has of all the frength, agility, and judge a call, whose safety attracts all the ment of which the bodies and the attention of the dam, which is a faminds of men are capable, to under- vourable circumftance ; perhaps the take these adventurous encounters. is of a dangerous species, and it is As foon as they arrive in those lati: fafest to retire, though their ardour tudes, where they expect to meet will feldom permit them ; perhaps with whales, a man is sent up the lhe is asleep. In that case he balances maft head. If he sees one, he immedi. high the harpoon,trying in this imporately cries out AWAITE, PAW. tant moment to collect all the energy of ANA, here is a Whale. They all re which he is capable. He launches it main Nilli and filent until he repeats forth; Me is ftruck. From her first PAWANA, a Whale, when in less movement they judge of her temper, than six minutes, the two boats are as well as of their future success. SomeJaunched, filled with every imple. Times in the immediate impulse of rage mcot necessary for the attack. Tliey she will attack the boat, and demolith row towards the whale with a sionith. it with one stroke of her tail. In an injog velocity; and as the Indians ear ftant the frail vehicle disappears, and ly became their fellow labourers in the assailants are immerled in the this new warfare, you can easily con dreadful element. Were the whale ceive how the Natick expressions be armed with the jaws of the shark and came familjar on board the whale as voracious, they never would reboats. Formerly it often happened turn home to amuse their liftening that whale vessels were manned with wives with the interesting tale of the

adventure. adventure At other times she will ting up, they fill the liold of their dive and disappear from human fight, thip with those fragments, left a storm and every thing muft thea give way should arise, and oblige them to abanto ber velocity, or else all is loft. don their prize. It is aftonishing what Sometimes me will swim away, as if a quantity of oil rome of these file votouched, and draw the cord with will yield, and what profit it affords foch (jitoe!s, that it will let the to those who are fortunate enough to edge of the boat on fire by the fric overtake them. The River St. Law. tion. If the rises before he has run rence whale, which is the only one I out the wbole length, he is looked am well acquainted with, is seventyupon as a fure prey; the blood the has five feer long, fixteen deep, twelve in loft in her flighi weakens her so much, the length of its bone, which comthat if she finks again, it is but for a inonly weighs three thousand pounds, Short time. The boat follows her course twenty in the breadth of its tail, with an almoft equal speed; the foon and produces one hundred and eighty Teappears. Tired at last with convul. barrels of oil. I once saw fixteen sag the element, which the tinges boiled out of the tongue only. After with her blood, the dies and Aoats on having once vanquilled this Leviathe surface. At other times it may tban, there are two enemies to be happen that she is not dangerously dreaded besides the wind; the first of wouoded, though the carries the bar. which is the mark.That fierce vcracipoon fait in her body; when the will ous fith, to which nature has given alternately dive and rise, and swim such dreadful offensive weapons, often 01 with unabated vigour. She then comes along fide, and in spite of the foon reaches beyood the length of the peoples endeavours, will share with cord, and carries the baat along witilinem in their prey. At night particuamazing velocity. This sudden impe. Tarly they are very mischievous. But diment sometimes will retard her the second enemy is much more terspeed; at other times it only serves rible and irreoftible: It is the killer, to rouze her anger, and to accelerate sometimes called the thrasher a species ber progress. The harpooner, with the of whales about thirty feet long. They axe in his hand, ftands ready, when are poffefled of such a degree of agilihe observes that the bows of the boat ty and fierceness, as often to attack are greatly pulled down by the diving the largest (perma ceti whales, and whale, and that it begins to link deep not seldom to rob the fishermen of and to take much water. He brings their prey; nor is there any means the axe almoft in contact with one of defence againft ro potent an advercord.Pe pauses, ftill flattering himself sary. When all their barrels are full, that she will relax: but the moment for every thing is doce at sea, or when grows critical ; unavoidable danger their limited time is expired, and their approaches. Sometimes men, more in stores almoft expended, they return tent on gain than on the preservation home freighted with their valuable of their lives, will run great riks,and cargo, unless they have put it on it is wonderful how far these people board a vessel íor the European mar. have carried their daring courage at ket. Such are as briefly as I can rethis awful moment. But it is vain to late them, the different branches of bope ; their lives must be saved; the the economy praised by these bold cord is cut; the boat rises again. If navigators, and the method with after thus getting loose, the reappears, which they go ruch distances from Ibey will attack and wound her a fe. their island to catch their huge game. cond time. She foon dies; and when dead, she is towed alone fide of their veffel, where the is faftened.


Advertiseinent. The next operation is to cut with axes and spades every part of her

I T has been so clearly proved by body,which yields oil. The kettles are

I reveral great modern philoloset to boiling. They fill their barrels,as

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cao doubt it. Should any visionaries Politicks, law, phyfick, and divi. ftill dream of spiritual substances, he nity arecommodities, in which he would desire them to read a late in will trade largely. The ingenious augenious ellay, published in Philadel. thors, who savour us with their politiphia ; and he promises them that they cal tucubrations in the news-papers, will be convivced, that every thing need not trouble themselves any more is material. During a course of twen- with reading the works of the great ty years, he has found by repeated ob. Mr. Paype, the Observations upon servations, that our bodies, and what the Port Bill, Ele&tion and Thanksis called our souls, our knowledge, giving Sermons. The subscriber will our passions, our virtues, and our teach every thing, which they can devices, are entirely made up of parti- fire to know upon the subjed, by fur. cles of matter. But without spend. nishing them with a compofition of ing time to demonftrate what, he clams and indian meal. The clams knows, his readers will not question, will Rore them with patriotism ; and he proceeds to the design of this the meal will, by irritating their bowAdvertisement.

els, impress them with the true ardour It is evident that a inan's body is and rage of liberty. no urished and increased principally, Lawyers may be endowed with a if not altogether, by the food, which competent knowledge of reports, by he eats. It follows from thence, if swallowing a compound food, in which every thing be material, that he takes crab apples are a principal ingrediin his ideas, not, as has been fome. ent. times supposed, at his eyes and ears, Physicians may be introded in the but at his mouth. If the art there. wiiole mystery of feeling pulses, by fore of compounding food properly drinking plentifully of water gruel, could be discovered, knowledge chemically prepared according to a might be communicated in a very ex new method. peditious manner, and a man might As orthodox divinity is out of gratify his appetite, and enlarge his fashion, the subscriber does not intend mind at the fame time. In the in to encumber his store with any of vention and cultivation of this art, that trash ; but he will vend all the the subscriber, has been a long time new schemes by wholesale and retail. employed, and he flatters himself that He has a large parcel of the doctrine of he has at last brought it to perfedi universal salvation, according to the inon. By a careful examination of the vention of the sagacious author of the diet of men of all profeffions and abili Union. It is very light food & easy of dities, he has discovered the matter, of geftion; for it confits chiefy of abstraat which their several ideas are compos ideas, which the world has foolishly ed. Accordingly, as he is willing rappoied to be mere fhadows, but that the publick Thould enjoy the bene- which this author discovered to be fit of his labours, he proposes, the real bodies, resembling flicks of su20th of next month, to open a store gar candy, which are not only capa. on Long Wharf, No. 47, wbere he ble of being eaten; but of being tied will rell intellettual food of all kinds together in bundles and burned. cheap for cash.

Tbe subscriber will also dispere of The following is an account of some the scheme of Mr. *******, He has of the articles uf which he will disc found out the diet, upon which the pore.

· metaphysical ******* fed, when he Plain common senre will be kept in wrote his creatise on the Will. Alhis store for no other purpore than though, frem brimstone being the that this affortmeot may be complete ; principal ingredient, it is not very pabut it may be purchaled also at the latable, he doubts not that the admir. market ; for the ingredients, of which ers of that great man will purchase it is composed, are beef, mutton, po large quantities. tatoes, corn," and other substantial . He has an assortment of enthusiasm food of the same kind. But as com composed of beans and other fiaru lent n renle is an article of no great vegetables. It may be taken without

we will not deal much in it, any apprehenfion of the cholick, as it

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is mixed with a powder, which drives for the Boston MAGAZINE. tbe inspiration into the head, and pre

and pre


u vents it from palling off below."

Young fellows of vivacity may be TAM very sorry to find your love supplied with a sufficient quantity of so changeable, and of so many difdeism to make a figure with at the ferent complexions. Today you love coffee-house, without the pains of Mrs. Arabella, for no other reason, reading a syllable of Bolinbroke and than because the faiters you. Poor Voltaire, by drinking his new invent inducement indeed ! To-morrow Be. ed bottled beer.

linda's sprightliners and wit nips off The elegant, clear, and expressive the bud of your former paflion. Eliza writer, who occupies so great a part then engrosses your attention ; or, to of the Magazine, is invited to pur speak more properly, Eliza's mouth, chase some of his double refined aerial, for you say her constant filence renfrothy beer, by which he will be en- ders a light of her heart impoffible. abled to continue his masterly Effay Delia, Sophia, Maria, Candida, Fanforever, without the trouble of think ny, Harriot, Pastorella and Angelina, ing.

by turns have had your affections; yet As the war is now happily conclu. ftill you remain changeable ; suffer ded, the subscriber supposes that the then a lady to give you a little advice. beaux of the town will with to make Fix not your thoughts on mere beaua display of their courage. He un- ty; for one who is celebrated for a dertakes therefore to furnish them handsome face too commonly neglecs with enough of that article for the her mind; and though she may glitter writing of a challenge, by selling a while among the polite, and be erthem a compo Gtion of dog's flesh and teemed for external appearances, yet bull's blood.

as the flower which to day appears in The subscriber hopes the ladies all its beauty, is to-morrow ftript of will favour him with their commands; its attractive powers, fo the, being for he engages to supply them not on- deftitute of ap anchor to secure her ly with washes for their skin, but with when old age approaches, is neglected coquetry, sentiment, and as much and forgotten.Love founded on an obknowledge, as may be necessary for ject which has nothing but beauty them. He has a large assortment of to recommend it, is as a sparkling methe latest novels, which are the only teor that attracts the beholder at a articles in his fiore, that are not eata diftance, and on a nearer view is ble. The reason of this is, that the found to be nought but a vapour. ladies read these books, not for the Such love as this, says a certain aufake of obtaining food for the mind, but from mere amusement.

« At fight of human ties, It would be tedious to enumerate « Spreads its light wings, and in a all the other sentimental meats and

" moment fies." intelle&ual viands, contained in his Whereas love, founded on virtue calls fore. The subscriber hopes that e. forth the latent excellencies of the nough has been said, to induce persons mind, and, like the loadstone, attra&ts of all ages and characters to become itself to the obje&t beloved. It is an his cuftomers. He promises them the heavenly passion implanted in the husoft civil reception, and assures them man breast by our Creator, begetting ibat the leaft favour Mall be gratefully in us social harmony, humanizing and acknowledged by their most obedient melioracing our hearts, blunting the servaat,

edge of every misfortune in life. As

a clear sun shining day cheers and reJETHRO CABBAGE. gales us, so does love founded on vir

tue, brighten every commendable Boflon, April 20th, 1784.

quality in the object beloved. This



paffion, when it has for its fupport in. mas,which are synonimous) are ternal excellencies, is replete with eve. ry bliss. Let your choice then be not defigned either to flatter the result of prudence, reflection and or saririze ; but to low the discernment. Ruth, by no means, iato a condition which muft be either

ingenuity of the writer and happy or miserable, witgout fully reader. From this motive, viewing it on every side. For happi

and this only, I fend you the ness cannot exist with a coquette, prude, or bezuty, whole attention is following Enigmatical Bill of wholly taken up with her person. I

Fare, and if you think fit to by no means will to depreciate exter. mal charms, or to deprive them of their insert it, in your next Maga. due value. They are worthy our el.

zine, it is probable you may teem, but stand in need of other auxiliaries to support them. Beauty and amuse fome of your readers ; good breeding serve to set of virtues ; but if you judge otherwise, but their is a material difference be. tween virtue and beauty. The first will

and reject it, you will not diffupply the place of the latter,when the please a new latter divested of the former's charms, cannot secure the affections of men of

CORRESPONDENT. sense. Reason, with all her pretenaons, is not sufficient to looth our dif An Enigmatical Bill of Fare, tress, when joined to those who, in

for an Election Dinner. ftead of exerting themselves to soften our disappointments in this thorny

MEAT. life, interrupt thofe few hours which

1. The grand Seignior's dominior it is in their power to render happy

boiled by a sweetness of behaviour, render

2. The honourable part of a beaft, ing that time, which might otherwise

roasted. be a calm, a conftant hurricane, and

3. What once saved a capitol. driving that man, who would elle be

4. One of Noah's sons. attached to home, to seek for happi: ness abroad, thus weaoing him from a

FISH. domestic life, he returns to his house 5. A rooft for fowls. with disgust and reluctance. Beware 6. A pleasant liquor, and married when you engage in hymen's wands, womeg. that you do not get thipwreck'd on 7. The chief inftrument of voluntathe rocks of beauty.

ry motion. AMELIA. 8. Wild apples.


9. The tail of an horle. Solution of the Enigma published 10. A bag to put money in, and a in our last.

narrow Atreet. 1. Watson. 2. Robbins. 3. Rufo

11. A (wine, and a garment worn

by widows. fell. 4. Jackson. 5. May. 6. White.

12 An American general, a consopant, and what the discontented fel

dom kuow. To the Editors of the Boston MA


13. What three champions risk'd Gentlemen,

their lives for.' I bumbly beg leave to differ from 14. A harbour. I. C. a writer in your Ma

15. Part of a gammon of bacon.

16. A ftage puppet. gazine for February; for in

ENIGMATICA my opirion Riddles (or Enig, Charter Street, April çith.


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