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Monthly Chronology for March



appears, by the most authentic ac

counts, that accepting the sum of A RIS, October 23, 1783. 23,000l. from the Rajah, who had ever re HEY write froid Vivarais, ibat acted as a friend io Great Britain,

L a taluralit na ving examined 10-' this officer, upon' go real foundarion, to the nature of the lavå of some ex- perfecutes him to defiruction. The tinguished volcanoes in that province, unfortunate Indian Prince was arhath discovered clie íécret of employ. rested in his capital, in bis palace, in ing it in making bottles of an extreme the face of all his people, to give oco. ligurnels, and which we gh no more caloo to an insurrection. On prethan four ounces, though inose of glass text of that insurre&ion, all treaty weigh from fixteen to seventeen, and explanation was refused him, and Some particulars of this discovery are be was driven from his government expected soon to appear. The bottles and his country, proscribed io a ge. made of the lava ard leis transparent, neral amnefty, and sent over all India and more butle, than the ordinary an unhappy fugitive, to publith the ones; but if their price is less, they thame of the British government in may be useful; and there is reason to all the nations to whom he fucceffivethuok that other velleis may be formed Ty Aed for refuge!! of the lava, and, by new combination A gentleman of the name of Wilson, à folidiny given them,, which did not who is now about 66 years of age, who occur on the first experiment.

inherited an estate of about a thousand BOLOGNA, October 25. pounds a year in Cornwall, when,

They write from Fermo in the only 23, ret off (within a year of his Marches of Ancona, that the Neapo father's death) for the continent on hit all courier was a few days belire his travels, and it is very remarkable murdered in the Pouilla, by a gang of, that he has continued on his travels bariditli, who robb'd him of 25.000 ever since. He has rode on horleducats, wbich he was carrying to the back, with one servant, over the Tieasury. The Court of Naples im greatest part of the world. He firft mediately sent in pursuit of the rob viewed every European country, bers, and finding they had embarked spending eight years in doing it. He in dvellel for the Ecclefiaftical flate, then embarked for America, was two 24 Miqueiers were put on board of it years in the Northern part, and three baik which purived them to Fermo, more in South-America, travelling as where the Neapolitans landed, and a Spaniard, from the extreme facility found at au inn leven of the villains : he had in that language. The clia five of whom they apprehended ( the mate, prospeAs, and some other cir. two others having inade their escape ) cumstances of Peru, enchanted him 10% and at the same time recovered the much, that he hired an eltancias, or whole money, after which they imme farm, and resided near a year in it. --diuidiy embarked for 'Naples. The His next tour was to the East ; ho Pontifical government have caused all pafled fucceffively through all the the soldiers whore duty it was for that ferr::ories in Africa, to the south of night to guard the coaft,to be im prilon.

the Mediterranean, Egypt, Syria, &c. ed becaule they did not oppose this and all the dominions of the Grand violation of territory.

Signior; went twice through Persa, LONDON, December 2,

once through the Northern, and once Tue cruer treatment of the Rajah

through the Southern provinces, all af Benares, by a great officer in ihe

over Iudia, Indoftan, Siam, Pegu, &c. service of the East India Company,

made reveral excurfions into China, is almost waexampled in history. It for some months each time. He wae !welve years in the Ea? Indies. He of members appeared on the oppofitiafterwards, on his return, ftopped at og lide; while the benches on tric che Cape of Good Hope, penetrated Treasury side of the House, were, far into Africa, and on bis returning comparatively, very thinly occup.ed. to the Cape took the opportuoity of a Not a symptom of gloom appeared fhip that went to Batavia, and from among the former ; all was gaiety trience viewed the islands in the great and good humour. Indian Archipelago. Returning to Letters t.ave been received from Europe, he landed at Cadiz, and paff. Ireland, which mention the most reed in a frait line from that place to rious apprehensions to be entertained, M cov, in his way to Kimchatka in consequence of the late resolution and Pekin: he is now supposed to be of the House of Cominons. The reloonewhere in Siberia. He has been presentatives have not only determiin correspondence all his life with one ned against a parliamentary reform, or wo Corp:th gentlemen, with whom but they have in direct terms called he was at college, and their opinion is, on the goveroment for afttance, to that he is determined never to put a support their resolution againit the period to his travels, while able to general sense of the nation expressed move. At 65 years of age, he is in by the delegates. Both parties must all respects as healthy, hearty and vi. contend, or ogé party muft yield,and gorous, as other people at 46.


all the advices from Ireland concur December 18.

in announcing the moft determined Yeferday there was a very curious resolution on the part of the volunrevolution of priociples in two diftin. teers to effeét a reform of parliament, guilhed leaders of powerful parries. and the fixed fyftem of the Castle beLord North became a Waig, and Mr. ing not to give way, another conflict William Pitt a Tory. Lord North aitended with fatal consequences, is spoke against recret influence, and

much to be dreaded. Mr. Pitt for it.

The resolution of her Imperial MaHouse of COMMONS, Dec. 19. jesty to make an annual increase of At three o'clock Lord North ap. her navy in order to increase her peared in the Houre, and confirmed a strength and dignity upon the ocean, ieport of a change of Ministers, by occasions great jealoufies at the court taking his seat on the opposition fitte, of Versailles, where, it is well underover against the Treasury Bench: food, she is an enemy to Fronch poHe was soon after followed by Mr. liticks, and at the farne time fufpicious Fox, who findkig Mr. Duodas (the of the views of the House of Bourbon late Lord Advocate) fitting with united. The language of her ambalLord North on the opposite lide, jocu. Sador on a late occasion, respecting & larly took him by the arm, saying, Turkich war, carried with it an ingi"wliat business have you on this? go nite degree of firmaers and determia over to the Treasury Bench." This nation, expressive at once of the raised a loud laugh in the Houre, the ftrength of her own mind, and her intwo Ex Minifters and Mr. Dundas difference for foreign interforences. joining in it moft heartily. Lord There has been an experiment at North and Mr. Fox being feated by Paris very aftonisking, and very much each other,were foon followed by Mr. to the honour of its inventor, Mr. Burk, Col. Fitzpatrick, Gen.Convay, Quinquet, made upon electricity, Gea Rurgoyne, Lord John Caven. woich proves that hail, snow, hoar dilo, Lord Surry, Sir Grey Cooper, froft, and all the aqueous meteors, are Meffi'rs Lee and Mansfield, the late formed by the ele&ric fluid. He reduAttorney General, the late Solicitor. ced water to a vapour, and (in a reGeneral, and General Lutteril, who ceiver) placed it in a cold bath 18 and all ranged therpselves on the same 1-2 degrees below cypher. The fides Lide with the nvo Secretaries of State ; of the receiver were inftantly covered and the House having soon after be with a hoar frost, and by introducing Bon to fill, 4 moft formidable body a large quantity of ele&ric matter, ha'l and faow. were formed. He like. acquaintance, and threatened to prose wise reduced water, placed in a vale, cute him for charging her with being in the aforesaid ccid bath, to hail, with child. The second witness for by electrifying it, and immediately government was a woman whose ferDerting it run off into the cold barn. vice the prisoner had entered as a

hail D

The cie&ric inatter only paties maid, some weeks before her defivethrough the water in the vale, and ry. Tois winels de poped that the the lorming of the hail depends great. prisoner denied het pregoancy con ly on the quickoess of the operation. after the came to live with the depoIn thirteer experiments, two only had nert ; further ieftified that the pricomplete success. To thew that elec- foner toe day before her suppored detricity expe's the rain from the ciouds, livery, work'd exceedingly hard at Mr. Quriquet 6leri a cord of cotton washing, and at evening complained with water, and discharged the elec. to the de ponent of being in great tric Huid into it, when immediately paro, and after tak ng some ice,le. che cotton contrafted it all,ad expel tu'd to bed. The deponent allo, a led the water in drops i'ke rain. few jours after, retired to bed and

lay in a lower room under the priAmerican News

funer's chainber, and at midnight · HALIK A X, Decemier 1783. hear, as Mre thought, the cry of a * By the General Ell of we learn, that chid over head, and mentioned it to the keyst George had beungitur,

her (ibe depunent's) hubund, who and that in oy or the dead bdskre

aughed at his wife, telling her that in her ; but do not learn whether ad

the Was used to hear sounds in the mir..! Kaipenreit was among the num night, being a woman of nervous ber.Tri-Spiarus narejen bombard

complainis. The deponent, bowing Alprors, todas asual upon those

ever, left her bed and went up to the occafios, retur ord home apsinua Priuiler's room aud asked her if any ving 14ce: ved aboucas inuch dam.ge

thing was the matter to woich the preas they liad done. The probability

fouer antwered NOTHING, and that of a Torkild wat leenis to gain ground,

the was very well, erdippearet guire and great preparations are making by

composed; upon which the depenent te powers like to be engageriin it.

Cime down and went to bed again. Many of the British Naval Ofiers

Next mornius, quite early, it being are enterira' into the Roffi in rervice.

intensely cold, the prisoner came There is likewise à Ruffian agantin

down, went out of doors, tarritd England, hiring transports for the ser

fome time, returned and went to her vice cf the Empress.

daily labour, and appeared to the de.

fcient every way as usual, except BOSTON, Mirch 27.

that ihe looked imaller about the waist. Abuut ten days after, the

pofoner went abroad to see some of - March 4, Come on, before the Su her acquaintance, and in her abreice, preme Judicial Courly the trial of the deponent went into the prisoner's Sufannah Jones, figle womó for the chamber and found a dred chili bemurder of lier bastard child. She tween the two beds on whch the pri. was indiAce upon the Nature of con roner used to lie. The child was wrap'd cealment so called, by which it is in linnen, had no marks of violence enaded, tlidt . if a woman be deli. on it, but appeared in loine parts con.

ered of a Hiftard, and the cou Pal the fiderably putrid. On the prifoner's delivery that it may not come to return the child was thown to her ; Eght, whether the bastard were born He said it was her's, but that it was alive or not, the offender shall suffer born dead : that, ever fince it was death except the can prove by one born, she had taken it to her arms in witness that such child were born the night and in the day placed it dead." Tire firit witness for the go- where it was found, between the beds. vernment proved that the prisoner- Upoo this the prisoner was taken into denied her pregnancy, some weeks cuftody ; but, before her departure before her delivery, to a mao or her to prison, beg'd to take a last look of


The Tridl of Sufannab Ycnes.


her child, which was granted her, to be fair and upright in her testiand the expressed much grief at leave mony, yet bier prerent certainty arose 103 it.

frm her having had the maiter long This is the fate of evidence given in her mind, and not wholly from the by the prisoner's mistress. The next ideas the at fou received. The pri. wieneis called by government was i foner's counsel contended that not. phylician who had examined the withtianding the ftature of concealJungs of the child, and depored that inent, yet the prictive for many years the long, being put into water, had been to consider the trial meerly failed; out that they were in some ci common law, as there almost un. measure putrid. The common quel verfully appears, and certainly in the Lons were asked ; and they were cale at har sufficient evidence in be. aniwered wich ingenuity. The balf of the prisoner to take the care Aitorney General then applied out of the Atatute. The case being the evidence, arguing tliut a thien ai common law there is not sure soocealmeat was intended by the pri- ficient evidence brought by goveralover from the beginning of her pieg. ment to prove the murder. The Dency even to a week aider the del! Common arguments were used on very ; and that this concealment was both fides. Tie Attorney-General evidence of the murder.

clored the cause. And the court The prisoner's counsel then open charged (with great impartiality) the ed the defence and called three wit. Jury, who foon brought in their verDalles woo wore that the prisoner dict NOT GUILTY. The communicated to them her pregnan. prisoner's counsel then moved the cy rome weeks before her delivery, Court for her total discharge, which aud mentioned such a ftage of her was immediately granted, the cause pregnancy as that it appeared to having laited iwo days with some Pnen me was miftaken as to her time, uncertainty which way it would be and that it was nearer than the ap. determined : But reasonable doubts, proced, from which and other among a realonable people are ever in Clicufiances was argued that the favour of life. Wis surprised in her delivery and reer had inier:ded to conceal.....

The Trial of Mrs. Kirrily.

I Tle prisoner's counsel then called A T the Supreme Judicial Court feuera empeor physicians from whom holden at Bofton, for the county of It appeared that all arguments drawn Suffolk, in February laft, Rebecca as the life of the child from the Kirrily was indicted and tried for the Jorgefcatag, e!pecially when in any crime of petit treason, committed on Ceret putrid, must be quite equivo the body of her hufband, James KirLet Thele physicians gave also many rily, on the 6th day of December last Circonstances in ev.deuce to shew the past. probability that the child might have The honourable Robert Treat Paine, the dead. The next wituels call d Efq; the Attorney General appeared *3 2 woman who deposed that she in behalf of the Commonwealth, and

idently saw in possession of the the Hon. James Sullivan, Esq; and Pe. srioner, at the day of her imprison. rez Morton, Esq; in behalf of the pri. 1.97, a small quantity of baby lin. fouer. De Vtch the suppored the prisoner The Attorney General, to support bi prepared for the comfort of her the charge contained in the indiftCH. Toe 12lt witness called was a ment, produced a number of witgeilenao who deposed that the pri nelles on the land, who teftified fel, m fress tid, before the Jury of in the following manner and to 10,uer, disfred in Come measure from the following facts. Hoco preleat teftimony fouching her NANCY MARBERRY testified, that Linertainty or hearing the child cry. on the 6th of December last, being at 18 evidence was not adduced to the door of the prisoner's house, the Top heo the credibility of the prisoner's heard the fourd of blows, and some Garels aa an unfair uitness, but on body groan. Looking into the winby to Mew that although the meant don, me saw Kirrily lying on the Moor, and the prisoner knceling near have been done with an inftrument him and striking him, though not There were three other contufions or with great violence. On going into bis head, but a fru&ure in neither. the room with Mrs. Whillet, and Dr. W:LSH teftified, that on being Mrs. Bulkly, the lovod Kirrily on the called to see Kirrily on the oth of Defloor, and both the deceased and the cember, he discevered several bruises prisoner druok, the hair of the latter on his head and one over his left eye over her Jace, and berfelf in a great about as big as an eight pence, but rage. Near to the prifcaer lay a without depreffion of the full in ei. flick. Tne witness further added,i bat ther. The prisoner at that time apo the observed blood upon Kirrily's peared under the ipfiuence of liquor, face, but that it was dried ; that the grief or rage, ano oppofed the Doctor had often seen them both before ex in his examination of the wound. ceedingly drupk, the husband on one The witness furiber added, that the fide of the floor, and the wife on the next day after the decease of Kirrily, other.

he examined the body with Dr. JarMrs. WAILLET teftihed to the vis, and found the vessels next the same faAs, particularly that the blood bone coptures, but the ikull not Iracwas dried upon Kirrily's face, that tured. After the ikull was removed, The has often seen the deceased drunk, the witness perceived juft over the and after his fits of intoxication which right ear a quantity of water and would sometimes laft three or four blood extravasated from the brain, all days, has known him to be much the vefsels turgid, and a quantity of bruised by the falls he had suffered, coagulared blood near the center of

Mrs. BULKLEY, in addition to the the left lobe of the brain. On removSoregoing facts declared that he saw au ing the upper part of the brain, rome ax handle about an arm's length from extravasated blood was found on the the prisoner, that on } fting Kirrily cerebellum. up, blood run frcely from his mouth Dr. JARVIS teftified to nearly the and nore, and on her telling the pri fame fats, and both exprefled their foner her husband would choak, she opinion, that those wounds on the answered let him choak, I hope he brain were the probable cause of the will. The witners further testified, man's death, but that it was very exthat the had often reen them both traordinary, and an inftance their drunk and quarrelling, and that in memory did not furnish them with, particular the knew that he tumbled that a blow on the head, without fracover a cradle about, three weeks ago, ture, should produce lo sudden a death. and bruised his head very much, ro Dr. PECKPR faid, that the greateft anch that he kept house from that extravaration of the blood was in the time upuil he died. On the witnefs in cerebrum dire&ly under the 'cantuffthe evening, asking Kirrily how he on over the left eye, and that the did, and who hurt him, he answered · brain did not appear turgid only he Mould die before morning, but no nearly the places, where there was ag one had firuck him a blow,

anjury without. Mr. SMITH refified, that the ax 'The WITNESSES brought by the handle was delivered him by the prifoner, were principally for the coroner, aod that it was binody. purpose of establithing these two fafts,

Mr. BRAILESFORD and Mr. HUNT that there was no blood on the ax teftified to the drunkenners of both hardle, & that the deceased oniformly and that in going foro Kirrily's lioure confeffed to the moment of bis death, upon heariog the noise, they can the that the prisoner had not hurt him. ax handle, but no blood upon it. After the witpeftes were examined

Dr. P.CKER ten fied, that on the and the case argued with great learn 6th of December, being calier! to fee ing and ingenuity, both by the AtKroly, he found him on the fror. He torney General and the counsel for the bad been bleeding, and was cold. On prisoner, it was committed to the ju. exaroination, he found a large contu Ty, who in a short time returned fon over his left eye, and a wound and pronounced the prisoner NOT in his left arm, which appeared to GUILTY.


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