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mall each of you gentlemen, to the to the noblet conduft. And learn. bar, by special writ, 10 take upon ing and skill in the laws, under the you the character, dignity and degree governmeot of right principles, emiof a Barrister at Law. The qualifica nently qualify for every department rions necessary for which, are a com in the state, as well as to promote petent degree of knowledge and learn truth and justice in the cause of your ing in general; particular skill and ex clients. perience in the honorable profefion, I TH"REFORE Now, in the name of to whict. you have devoted your theCourt,rolemnly CHARGR YOU,roto helves; clofe induftry and application conduct yourselves, and ro improve to study, by which knowledge is ac- the talents and abilities, both natural quired and increased; joined with and acquired, with which you are that firm probity, that inflexible in ble:Ted, as to be of Gingular service to tegrity of mind, producing rectitude your country, by ever defending 118 ef conduct, and fairness of practice, conft:tucional freedom; by strengti by which those taients are directed to ening, as opportunity calls you, That the most useful purposes, and within unioä of the 'ftates, which has been out which the greatest abilities may the groundwork of the present rero. be but the occalion of the greatest lution, and must continue the basis of mi chief io mankind: There quali. our liberty, lo long as liberty thall fications united,' must form tlie ureful endure; and in your general conduct member of (ociety, and 'be subfervis and behavionr, as well as in yout foi to the great and good purposes of pirticular profession, so to demand promoting public and private justice, yourselves, as to continue and increase os preserving the freedom and advance the reputation you have already ac. ing the general welfare and happiness quired, and thereby do signal honour. of the people. Tis a perfuafion of totale court and to the bar. your beiog possessed of these qualifi. An Obituary for the Month of Feb. cations, that has induced the court to

DI E D. call you to this lionor. There is a Fehruary 1. At Northfeld, Mrs. wide field open for the exertion and Hannah Whitney, consort of Aarull display of the greatest humin powers Whitney, Erq; member of the Gene. and abilities The union of the States ral Court for chat town, and daughter. is in its infancy, and ought to be firm of the late Rev. Mr. Stearns of Lu. ly cemented on the principles of equals nenburgh, aged 36. ity and justice. Our conftitution is 5. At Cambridge, Miss Elizabeth new, an wants the vigour and sup- Cooke, daughter of the late Rev. port of its framers and their conftitu. Samuel Cooke. ents. Our fyftem of laws is imperfect 5. At Marblehead, Mrs. Ruth and needs the skilful finithing hand of Mansfield, consort of Isaac Mansfield the lawyer. There ever will be par. Erg; Register of the maritime court, ties, more or less, even in the best con- aged 64. Aurored gove.nment, and some to fo. 7. At Boston, very suddenly, Mrs. meat them ; while the wisdom of the Hionth Shaw, consort of Mr. Wil ftarermen and the patriot, moderates, bamShaw, of Gouldsboro', and eldet conciliates and refrains, or directs all daughter of Edward Procior, Elai.oí to the public good. There are the this town, aged 26. weighty affairs, to be transacted for 9. Mrs. Mary Yorke, widow of reuing public credit upon a sure and the late Dr. Yorke, of this town, perinançpt foundation; a point moft aged 75. efíential to our security and happiness. 9. At Cambridge, Rev. Dator As, from your character and lituati. Nathanael Appleton, senior paltor of on in life, you may expect to be called the first church in that town, in time to take part in carrying into effet gift year of his age, and 67t:: or his there great public deligns, of which miniftry. you readily comprehend, and feel the 12. A: Salem, Mrs. Elizabeth Bar. importance ; permit me to remind ton, widow of Samuel Bartou, E!;; you, that the love of our country late of ! at town, aged 83. : will ever, onder all circumstances and 1.. st Bifton, Mrs. Elizabet's upon all occasions, guide and direct Render, aged 97.


13. At Marble herd, Mr. John At Newbury Port, Mrs. Dorothy Pearce,!n the 97th year of his age, hav. Carces, widow of the late Col. John ing rusained the office of a deacon in Carges of this town, aged 84. the second congregational church in 16. At Danvers, Mrs. Ruth Good. that town, 42 years. Or 17 loos ale. She went to bed as well as usual and daughters, with which Providence and in the morong was found dead had blessed him fix were twin chil. by her husband, Mr. AbrahamGooddien: The first two arr ved at an age ale, in her zoth year. to bear the last twins to the temple, 22. Ai Boston, Mrs. Lucy Cushing, for a solemn dedication by their mu the am able consort of Thomas Cushtual pareot, who, with the then pastoring, jun. Efq; and daughter of the of tbat church, ranked under the same late Mr. William Whitwell, aged 26. description : Tbere, with other c.r. 24. Very suddenly, Miss Nancy comliances concurring, gave rise to Amory, third daughter of Mr. Thothe following anecdote. * Twins car mas Amory, aged 14. ried out twins, a two held op twins, 25. Miss Poily Henderson, eldest and a twin baptized them. On the daughter of Joseph Henderson, Bla; bift day of the week, on the firft day aged 20. of the month, and on the first day of Buried in the town of Boston, in the year,"

February, 39 Whites, 4 Blacks. Ia 13. In the same town, lately, Mr. all 43. Baptized 34. Henry Webber, aged 86.

Buried ru ine town ui Salern, ia the Mrs. Dimar, aged 82. month of January, 15. Baptized 11. Lately, at Northampton in New Buried in Marblehead, in the year Hampshire, Rev. Henry shine of 1282, 40 adults, 76 cbildren, 3 blacks. Falmouth, in Nova-Scotia.

In all 1.9. Baptiz. 18.


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N. W.


Mereorological Volervations, February, 1784. D. Barometer. Thermometer i Wind.

I! Weather. I 30.00 29.99 29.99120,525 128,5 W.

Cloudy. 229.90 79, 59ll so 33, 541 IS. E. S. 4.

du. foggy, r. night
22| 18
78|1.8 47 40 S. 4. W. 4.

cloudy fair.
63 69
91||25 26
123, 5|| N. W. 4

fair. 30.07 30.05

23 IN. W. W. do. 6 29.44 29.15 38 127,531 29

ag e.6. 3. E. N. W fo. form.clo. fair. 17 76 76|19 22 21 W, N.W

fair. 4 1 6o 1 584 783: 22 SI S. W. N. W

do. Ś3 10 16 15,5 W:

cloudy, fair, 10 30.10 30 09 30.04 | 4,5 ir 13 IN W.

lair. 1 29.97 298929.79|11 115 118 Bw.

cloudy. 12 60531 571|18 21

Inow, fair. 1 75 771 94/13 2017 liw. 77

fair. 30.03 30.00 2411 4,512 13 N. W.2.

||N, W. 61 571 8 13 13,5' N. w. 48 601 9 16 23, Si N. W. 791 8520,529,532 IN. W.

do. 86.27 132, 534, 5

cloudy, fair.
801 76 32 135 135, 51 W. N. W.

69 1/32 135,5 35, 5|N. W.
70.29 131,531 N.

62122 127 29 W.

cloudy, ra. night. 60128 133 134 W. S. E. 40; 26, 531 131,5|| N. W.

sair, cloudy. 1726 128 129 IN. W. 2

fair. 291 28 128 125 IN.W.2.

| do. 40118 22 18,5|N. W.2. 4. do. 52|| 6, she 111,5|| N.2.4.

cloudy, fair.




dodo. do.





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Page. The Temple of Love, On Genigs and Tafte, 169 The Death of Grey Toby, 200 Description of different Soakes A Rebus,

. 201 in the southern Aates, 171 Verres on Paper, 202 Paragraph of an address to Epigram on a Lady, ibid.

General Washington, 173 On a pipe of Tobacco, ibid. Account of the Sea-Cow, 174 Upon a Lady's favourite SpaEssay on the Right of Conici

ibid. cace,


An Enigmatical LiR of Young On Education,

Ladies in Plymouth, ibid. On Man,


Srati PAPERS. On the Bnglish Universities, 186 Translation of the Preliminary A. Eflay on Flattery, 183 Articles of Peace, between Remarks oa Sir C. Grandi his Britannic Majefty, and fon,

the MoАChriftian King, 203 On Agriculture,

MONTHLY CHRONOLOGY. Description of Amsterdam,188 Foreign News,

206 On Inconftancy, 189 American News,

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ibid. The Free Republican, No. II. The Trial of Mrs.Kirrily, 209


Proceedings of the General Triumph over Old Age, 193 Court,

213 Proposals for a Poem, 196 An Obituary for March, 213 PoeticAL ESSAYS.

Meteorological Observationi, Belinda. A Pastoral,

214 On the Return of Peace, 198

With the following EMBELLISHMENT S, viz. No, I. Prontispiece. No. II. An elegant Likeness of the

Rev. Samuel Cooper, D.D.



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At their Office in MarMall's Lane, near the Bofton Stone.

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