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עמוד 193 - ... will be found exactly conformable to the precepts of Christianity, without any accommodation to the licentiousness and levity of the present age. I therefore look back on this part of my work with pleasure. which no [blame or praise of] man shall diminish or augment.
עמוד 3 - I shall never envy the honours which wit and learning obtain in any other cause, if I can be numbered among the writers who have given ardour to virtue, and confidence to truth.
עמוד 30 - The seaman's cry was heard along the deep; There on his funeral waters, dark and wild, The dying father blest his darling child!
עמוד 36 - Who in their coaches roll along the turnpikeroad, what hard work 'tis crying all day, " Knives and Scissors to grind O!" Tell me, Knife-grinder, how you came to grind knives: Did some rich man tyrannically use you? Was it the 'Squire? or Parson of the Parish? Or the Attorney?
עמוד 87 - Stafford heirship, which became centered in lady Anastasia Stafford Howard, she was disabled by the attainder of her ancestor, the last Stafford duke of Buckingham, in the reign of king Henry the Vlllth, from possessing any of the family dignities, except the Stafford barony.
עמוד 328 - Madam Carter, (by which name he was accustomed to address her, and speak of her) now I have no such intention, and therefore resign her to you." Dr. Hayter, with more gallantry, bowed to her, and replied, " that he would not pay his Grace the same compliment, and that the world did him great honour by the report.
עמוד 278 - Dr. Porteus, late Bishop of London, in 1807, transferred stock to the amount of £1200. the interest of which is to be expended in the purchase of three gold medals, to be contended for by the students of...
עמוד 359 - Agent had gone) with a short note stating that the alarm was a false one, and that there was no danger at all.
עמוד 29 - Strongest body in england. pray dear s r write me Something of her, of my lord, and of you. direct y r letter by the penny post at m r Cavalier, Belitery Square by the R.
עמוד 29 - If she might have as much health as she has spirit & witt, Sure she would be the Strongest body in england. Pray dear s r write me Something of her, of my lord, and of you. direct...

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