The Education of a Waldorf Teacher

כריכה קדמית
iUniverse, 2004 - 220 עמודים

Waldorf education is a wonderful thing, but it doesn't always turn out quite the way its founder, Rudolf Steiner, expected. No matter how spiritual, anthroposophical or Waldorfian we become, we are still human beings and we do the funny, admirable or reprehensible things that human beings of all stripes do; but there is something in the Waldorf atmosphere that makes these things funnier, more admirable or more reprehensible.

In The Education of a Waldorf Teacher the author describes how he learned the facts of Waldorf life the hard way, takes a sympathetic look at the problems of students, teachers, administrators and parents, makes constructive suggestions that may be helpful both to veterans and to those who are just finding their way into Waldorf education, and provides entertaining reading for those who are simply curious.

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