Torture: Human Rights, Medical Ethics and the Case of Israel

כריכה קדמית
Neve Gordon, Ruchama Marton, Jon Jay Neufeld
Zed Books, 1995 - 206 עמודים
This book is a contribution to our understanding of the ongoing practice of torture and the issues raised for society as a whole and the medical profession in particular. In focusing on Israel where over 400,000 Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza have been detained or gaoled since 1967 and where, despite the faltering peace process, the security forces still lock up and ill-treat several thousand people annually, this book is a timely examination of torture in Israel and the Occupied Territories. Its analysis and evidence are supplemented by action-oriented recommendations for an international campaign against torture, the role that codes of medical ethics (reproduced in this book's Appendixes) can play, and use of the legal system within Israel itself.

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Participation of health professionals in the practice
The role of codes of medical ethics in the prevention
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