The Victory of Zionism: Reclaiming the Narrative about Israel's Domestic, Regional, and International Challenges

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In his new book, The Victory of Zionism, Emmanuel Navon challenges the popular belief that the future of Zionism depends on the resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict, powerfully defending the idea of a Jewish nation-state from its assaulters both at home and abroad.

In direct opposition to Peter Beinart's The Crisis of Zionism, Navon argues that Israeli democracy is not threatened by the status-quo with the Palestinians but by judicial activism. He reveals how, over the years, the separation of powers in Israel was replaced by a hierarchy of powers dominated by the Judiciary; exposes the European Union's interference in Israeli politics via government-funded NGOs; shows the consequences of the United States' blundering foreign policy; and explains the complexities of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Navon argues that the corrupt nature of the PLO, the rise of Islamic fanaticism, and the failure of Arab states to promote democracy make for a conflict that is essentially unsolvable. He reminds readers that Israel, a democratic and technological powerhouse in the midst of the most volatile region in the world, has a key role to play on the international stage.

The Victory of Zionism is a must read for leaders, opinion-makers, and citizens who care about the future of Israel and of the Middle East.

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Dr. Emmanuel Navon is an international relations expert with a degree from Sciences-Po Paris and a PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

He chairs the Political Science and Communication Department at the Jerusalem Orthodox College, is a Senior Fellow at the Kohelet Policy Forum (a Jerusalem-based conservative-libertarian think-tank), a lecturer at Tel-Aviv University and at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), and a columnist for I24News (Israel's international cable news network).

Navon has gained international acclaim as an expert conservative voice for Israel. He's addressed, among others, the US House of Representatives' Republican Conference, Georgetown University, Columbia University, the American Enterprise Institute, AIPAC, and the Jewish Federations of North America.

He lives in Efrat, Israel, with his wife and their four children. Visit him at

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