Quantum Field Theory: A Self-contained Course

כריכה קדמית
Rinton Press, 2002 - 201 עמודים
The only prerequisites for this book are knowledge of partial differential equations, Maxwell's theory of electromagnetism, and the material of Volume 1. An introduction is given to the special theory of relativity, to the relativistic reformulation of Maxwell's equations, and also to unbounded operators on Hilbert space. The basic goal is the setting up of rules for drawing Feynman graphs and for calculating amplitudes from them. This is done primarily in quantum electrodynamics; but an appendix sketches the extension to the electroweak theory, and Feynman rules are given for this extended Lagrangian. Each chapter is complemented by ten problems, and the student is advised to try them all by himself or herself before looking at our solutions in Volume 3.

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