Puzzling Out the Past: Studies in Northwest Semitic Languages and Literatures in Honor of Bruce Zuckerman

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Marilyn J. Lundberg, Steven Fine, Wayne T. Pitard
BRILL, 3 במאי 2012 - 334 עמודים
Bruce Zuckerman has transformed the way we look at ancient Semitic inscriptions. The series of articles included here honour his many contributions through discussions of a wide variety of inscriptional materials, Biblical texts, archaeology, lexicography and teaching methodology.

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Bruce Zuckerman Publications
List of Contributors
A Reconsideration of TAD B38
The Funerary Marker of Hannah Daughter of Levi
Edward M Cook 4Q541 Fragment 24 Reconsidered
FW DobbsAllsopp Space Line and the Written Biblical Poem in Texts from the Judean Desert
P Kyle McCarter An Inscribed Arrowhead of a Crown Prince of Babylon
7 The Descent to the Netherworld and Its Mesopotamian Congeners
The Scribal Errors in Cat 114 III 52V 8
Mainly London Berlin and Paris
A Trained Hand and a Remedial Hand on the Same Inscription
Mark S Smith Why was Old Poetry Used in Hebrew Narrative? Historical and Cultural Considerations about Judges 5
The Archaeological Context of the Incirli Inscription
Ziony Zevit Meshas ryt in the Context of Moabite and Israelite Bloodletting

Avraham Faust and Esther Eshel An Inscribed Bulla with Grazing Doe from Tel Eton
Teaching and Learning Scripture in Dialogue and in Hermeneutics
Edward L Greenstein Methodological Principles in Determining that the SoCalled Jehoash Inscription is Inauthentic
Previously Unknown Syriac Words
Theodore J Lewis Job 19 in the Light of the Ketef Hinnom Inscriptions and Amulets
Marilyn J Lundberg New Drawings and Photographs of Four Cypriot Inscriptions
Index of Scripture
Index of Texts and Inscriptions
Index of Names
Appendix Exhibition Catalogue
Color Plates
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Marilyn J. Lundberg (Claremont Graduate University, 1995) is Associate Director of West Semitic Research and Adjunct Associate Professor at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. She is co-editor of "The Dead Sea Scrolls Catalogue" published by Scholars Press in 1994. Steven Fine, Professor of Jewish History at Yeshiva University, is a cultural historian, specializing in Jewish history in the Greco-Roman period. With an MA in Art History/Museum Studies from USC, Fine was founding curator of the USC Archaeology Research Center (1983 1987). Wayne T. Pitard (Harvard, 1982), is Professor of Hebrew Bible at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Director of the Spurlock Museum. He is co-author, with Mark S. Smith, of "The Ugaritic Baal Cycle, Volume II" (2009).

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