Napoleon Against Himself: A Psychobiography

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Pitchstone Pub., 2007 - 543 עמודים
Although Napoleon Bonaparte has been a favorite subject of biographers for nearly two centuries, to date no full-scale psychobiography of arguably the most compelling, fascinating, and complex leader in world history has ever been published. With Napoleon Against Himself, internationally recognized scholar Avner Falk fills this void. He not only considers Napoleon's intellect but also what use he made of it, how it affected his emotional life, and whether he used intellectualization as one of his unconscious defensive processes. Additionally, he examines Napoleon's ambivalent relationship with his mother, his identification with the "Motherland," and his fits of narcissistic rage, violence, and aggression. Specifically, Falk focuses on his numerous irrational, self-defeating, and self-destructive actions. In weaving in the psychological interpretations that have previously been proposed for Napoleon's actions with his own new insights, Falk has created a most stimulating and original work that sheds much needed light on Napoleon's troubled inner world.

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Avner Falk is an internationally known scholar in the fields of psychohistory, psychobiography, and political psychology. His previous books include Fratricide in the Holy Land, Herzl, King of the Jews, and A Psychoanalytic History of the Jews. He lives in Jerusalem, Israel.

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