Information Warfare: Cyberterrorism : Protecting Your Personal Security in the Electronic Age

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Thunder's Mouth Press, 1996 - 768 עמודים
Of Views on IW / Frederick B. Cohen -- Model Disclaimer Between Former Adults / Matthew Gaylor -- An Introduction to Information Warfare -- Electronic Civil Defense / Winn Schwartau -- 1. The Econo-Politics of Information Warfare -- 2. Computers Everywhere and the Global Network. Strategic Assessment: The Internet / Charles Swett -- 3. Binary Schizophrenia. PsyOps / Winn Schwartau. An Information Warfare SIIOP / Richard Szafranski. Computer Decency Act / Howard Rheingold -- 4. On the Nature of Insidious. Hiding in Plain View / Winn Schwartau -- 5. Influenza, Malicious Software, and OOPS! The Plausibility of UNIX Virus Attacks / Peter Radatti -- 6. Sniffers and the Switch. Puzzle Palace Conducting Internet Surveillance / Wayne Madsen. Future Problems With Firewalls / Marcus Ranum. Countering Nonlethal Information Warfare / Henry M. Kluepfel. Telewar / Ronald S. Eward -- 7. The World of Mr. Van Eck -- 8. Cryptography. The Three Little Pigs / Charles L. Smith. The Bio-Cyber Future / Houston T. Hawkins. The True Story of PGP / Betty G. O'Hearn -- 9. Chipping: Silicon-Based Malicious Software. Denial of Service / Winn Schwartau -- 10. HERF Guns and EMP/T Bombs. More About HERF / Winn Schwartau. The E-Bomb / Carlo Copp -- 11. Hackers: The First Information Warriors in Cyberspace. Declaring War on France / Winn Schwartau. Social Engineering, Hackers of Planet Earth. Hackers as a National Resource / Matthew G. Devost -- 12. Who Are the Information Warriors? Cyber-Civil Disobedience / Winn Schwartau. Should Spies Be Cops? / Stewart A. Baker. Assassination Politics / Jim Bell -- 13. The Military Perspective. Iraqi Virus Hoax Update / Winn Schwartau. Sometimes the Dragon Wins / Charles J. Dunlap, Jr. Worldwide Threat Assessment / John M. Deutch. Nonlethal Weapons / John J. Sheehan. Ethical Conundra of Information Warfare / Winn Schwartau. The Fourth Force / Winn Schwartau -- 14. Class 1: Personal Information Warfare. No Privacy / Liz Weise. Personal Information Warfare / Mark Aldrich. Information Warfare: The Personal Front / Beth Givens. How to Beat Goliath / Simon Davies. Church and Statutes / Mike Godwin. Privacy in the Workplace / David F. Linowes -- 15. Class 2: Corporate Information Warfare. Corporate Civil Defense / Winn Schwartau. Diary of an Industrial Spy / Ira Winkler -- 16. Class 3: Global Information Warfare. Information Warfare / John Rothrock. Export Control / Winn Schwartau. Information Warfare Delphi / Roger D. Thrasher -- 17. Defense Before Defeat. Deterring Information Attacks / Martin C. Libicki. The Use of Cognitive Maps / Robert J. Garigue. From InfoWar to Knowledge Warfare / Phillipe Baumard. Protecting the NII / Daniel Ryan and Julie Ryan. America, The Last Empire / Bertil Hagmann -- 18. Outline of a National Information Policy: Defining America's Future. An Electronic Bill of Rights / Winn Schwartau. A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace / John Perry Barlow -- 19. The Future of Information Warfare -- Afterword: Practical Proactive Security and Privacy -- Resources: Who Ya Gonna Call? -- Who's Who in Information Warfare

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