Herbal Medicine

כריכה קדמית
Thieme Medical Publishers, Incorporated, 2001 - 448 עמודים
This is the softcover version of the classic Herbal Medicine by R. Weiss. The book is organized by organ system and their disorders. The application of herbal therapies is explained and complemented by prescriptions for the preparation of herbal remedies. New features of this edition include: In-depth discussion of the current status of Phytotherapy Highlighted boxes with prescription information in each chapter Two new quick reference sections: an alphabetical list of herbs (and the disorder they are used for) and an alphabetical list of disorders (and the herb that can be used for treatment). Rudolf Weiss was a leading practitioner and founding father of modern German Phytotherapy, who was a practicing MD before becoming interested in herbal medicine. In addition to its primary market (the herbalist in clinical practice and advanced student), its structure and scientific orientation make it accessible to the orthodox medical practitioner.

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