Firearms, the Law and Forensic Ballistics

כריכה קדמית
CRC Press, 2 בדצמ׳ 1996 - 312 עמודים
This book offers a work of reference on the forensic science of firearms. It describes what happens when a weapon is fired in terms of internal, external and terminal, or wound, ballistics and the consequences of these happenings for the forensic scientist both at the scene of the shooting incident and in the laboratory. The role of the forensic scientist is explained in detail, including attending the scene of the crime and post- mortem examination, setting up databases, the recovery of deleted markings and serial numbers, instrumental and analytical techniques used in the laboratory, such as the latest techniques in detection of gunshot residues, and the presentation of evidence in court. A history of the development of firearms and how and why firearms legislation is drafted are also presented. The book includes information on gun barrel proof testing and ordnance code markings to be found in any publication.

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