Emily and Alfie

כריכה קדמית
Hachette Children's Group, 2007 - 32 עמודים

Far, far away near the bottom of the world, where the penguins live, a great white iceberg rose above the ice. In its side, like a whale's watchful eye, was an ice cave.

Emily and Alfie are best friends looking for adventure. While their mothers are away fishing and their dads are chatting about the weather, Emily and Alfie cannot resist the shiny iceberg beckoning to be explored...

Fall in love with the extremely adorable Emily and Alfie. Their sense of adventure will delight any young child.

From the author and illustrator of Thank you for my Yukky Present, a CBCA Notable book for 2003.

Acclaim for Daddy's Having a Horse by Lisa Shanahan and illustrated by Emma Quay:

'Once again, Emma Quay's work is distinctively endearing without being at all sentimental.'

Children's Bookseller & Publisher

Acclaim for Antarctic Journal by Meredith Hooper:

'Hooper's lively text describes a variety of life-forms in this harsh habitat, from diatoms to elephant seals, from krill to giant petrels.' The School Library Journal

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מידע על המחבר (2007)

Emma Quay graduated as a printmaker and illustrator in England, where her work has been exhibited, published and included in the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert museum. She has travelled extensively in India, Nepal and Bhutan, and in 1993 moved from her home in Cambridge to live with in Sydney with her Australian husband, David and their daughter, Jessica.

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