Don't Say I Do!: Why Women Should Stay Single

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New Horizon Press, 2012 - 244 עמודים
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More and more women are shunning the institution of marriage. In fact, marriage rates have been declining for years and the percentages of never married young adults has reached a record low of 47 percent. With more women in the workforce, sharp increases in cohabitation, single parenthood, out of wedlock childbirth and skyrocketing divorce rates, fewer women than ever opt to tie the knot.

Timely and relevant,Don't Say I Do! challenges the institution of marriage as the first choice for women in the postmodern era. It reveals that the rules of the game have changed drastically; our lifestyles have loosened and become hectic. It will inspire women to think for themselves seriously consider alternatives for achieving satisfying, rewarding lives and reclaim their strength in today's changing world.

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This book provides smart coverage of an extremely challenging topic: the decline of marriage and how it became obsolete today. Shares experiences of unmarried and divorced women, interviews, and provides great tips about the current options for the single, unmarried and divorced. On top of all, advocates freedom of choice for a woman. Explains that a modern woman does not need marriage to guarantee all the benefits she was entitled to in the past through marriage alone, (such as being financially sound, sharing apartment, having love life, sexual relationships, family and children.) Addresses women's current situation within relationships, careers, and alternative family settings. Open minded and lgbt friendly! Encourages a woman to think and find contentment within herself and love herself before ever prowling for a man! Highly recommend it to every woman: married, unmarried, divorced, single by chance or by choice. 

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Orna Gadish, M.Sc., is an award winning writing professional, a published author and translator based in Israel. In addition to her far-reaching research on the breakdown of marriage, she has written two books, The Elephant and Roman Mehasratim. Ms. Gadish has an M.S. degree in professional writing from NJIT.

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