Cyber and Electromagnetic Threats in Modern Relay Protection

כריכה קדמית
CRC Press, 6 בדצמ׳ 2014 - 222 עמודים

Cyber and Electromagnetic Threats in Modern Relay Protection provides a detailed overview of the vulnerabilities of digital protection relays to natural and intentional destructive impacts, including cyber attacks and electromagnetic intrusions. From lightning strikes, electromagnetic fields generated by operating equipment, and issues with control cable shielding to modern technical tools that realize intentional destructive impacts remotely, this first-of-its-kind text covers the latest cyber and electromagnetic threats to digital protection relays.

Emphasizing the importance of relay protection to the infrastructure of a country, this book:

  • Explains how technological advances in the power industry, like the smart grid, can create dangerous vulnerabilities
  • Discusses traditional passive means of protection, such as screened cabinets, filters, cables, special materials, and covers
  • Describes advanced protective solutions based on hardware methods

Cyber and Electromagnetic Threats in Modern Relay Protection is a valuable reference for engineers involved in the design, development, and use of relay protection. It is also beneficial for scientists, researchers, and students of vocational schools and technical universities.


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Vladimir I. Gurevich holds an MS in electrical engineering from Kharkov Technical University and a Ph.D from Kharkov National Polytechnic University, both of Ukraine. He is currently a senior specialist and head of section for the Central Electric Laboratory at the Israel Electric Corporation, Haifa. Previously, he was a teacher, assistant professor, associate professor, and honorable professor at Kharkov Technical University, and the chief engineer and director of Inventor, Ltd. Dr. Gurevich is the author of more than 180 professional papers and 11 books, and holds nearly 120 patents in electrical engineering and power electronics.

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