Conversations with Isaiah Berlin

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Halban Publishers, 10 באוק׳ 2011 - 240 עמודים
An illuminating and witty dialogue with one of the greatest intellectual figures of the twentieth century. Ramin Jahanbegloo's interview with Isaiah Berlin grew into a series of five conversations which offer an intimate view of Berlin and his ideas. They include discussions on pluralism and liberty as well as the thinkers and writers who influenced Berlin. This revised edition provided an excellent introduction to Berlin's thought. Ramin Jahanbegloo is an Iranian philosopher, who has taught in Europe and North America. In 2006 he was imprisoned for several months in Iran. He is currently teaching Political Philosophy at Toronto University. 'Though like Our Lord and Socrates he does not publish much, he thinks and says a great deal and has had an enormous influence on our times'. Maurice Bowra 'Berlin never talks down to the interviewer. Conversations here means the minds of the interviewed and interviewer meet on equal terms in language that is transparently clear, informed, witty and entertaining'. Stephen Spender 'He is wise without seeming pompous, witty without seeming trivial, affectionate without seeming sentimental'. Michael Ignatieff 'Isaiah Berlin... has for fifty years in this talkative and quarrelsome city (Oxford) been something special, admired by all and disliked by no-one... a benevolent super-don'. John Bayley

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Conversations with Isaiah Berlin

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What began as an interview of the noted British philosopher and historian of ideas, conducted by the Iranian philosopher Jahanbegloo for the journal Esprit , grew into a series of five conversations ... קרא סקירה מלאה


Title Page
The Two Russian Revolutions
The Vienna Circle
Philosopher or Historian of Ideas?
The Magic Eye of Leo Strauss
Two Concepts of Liberty
A Bridge to the Continent
The Rights of
Marx and the NineteenthCentury Socialist Movement
Sixty Years of Friendship
Equality and Liberty
Bergson Schelling and Romanticism
Nechaev and Nihilism
Alexander Herzen
Intellectuals and the Intelligentsia

The State and Thomas Hobbes
Vico or A New Science
On Being Jewish Today
On Commission or In the Cab Rank
EighteenthCentury Relativism
Georges Sorel Bernard Lazare
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