Colonialism: a theoretical overview

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Markus Wiener Publishers, 2005 - 147 עמודים
?Osterhammel?s book offers a concise conceptualframework in which to place furtherconsiderations of aspects of the fundamentalphenomenon of colonialism. No smallaccomplishment for a small book.??Journal of World History?Insightful and often brilliant??Int?l. Journal of African StudiesCOLONIALISM: A THEORETICAL OVERVIEWJURGEN OSTERHAMMEL SHELLEY L. FRISCH, TRANSLATORWITH A NEW INTRODUCTION BY ROBERT TIGNOR?Osterhammel?s book represents a new approach to the subject.The concise but sweeping study encompasses the process of colonizationand decolonization from the early modern period to thetwentieth century.?Virtually all other studies to date have looked at strategies ofcolonial conquest, exploitation, and rule from the imperial pointof view. Osterhammel shows that the colonial situation developedin ways that duplicated neither the metropolis nor the pre-colonialsociety, but instead blended these and added a new directioncharacteristic only of colonial realms. He emphasizes that the Europeanswere normally not considered dangerous invaders by localpopulations until they threatened the traditional cultures with missionaries,European schools, and bureaucracy.?A conviction of imperial cultural superiority gave modern colonialisman aggressive turn. The result was ethnic and social stratification in the colonial society, even when colonists took over thepre-colonial administration and society as the British did in India.??Midwest Book ReviewJURGEN OSTERHAMMEL, University of Constance, is the author of theaward-winning book China and World Society. He provided a newbibliography for this edition.

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H Colonialism and Colonial Empires
in Epochs of Colonialism
Conquest and Resistance
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Jurgen Osterhammel is Professor of Modern and Contemporary History at the University of Konstanz. He has published on modern Chinese history, imperialism, and the theory of history. Niels P. Petersson is Lecturer in History at the University of Konstanz and has published on imperialism and economic history.

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