Bear and Bear Brusher on a Rainy Day

כריכה קדמית, 12 במאי 2014 - 36 עמודים
This is a story about a bear called Bear and a boy called ""Bear Brusher."" Bear is terribly bored, but Bear Brusher does not want to play - since he is busy with his own world, and Bear is left outside. There are understated currents: Bear suffers rejection, but the boy clearly indicates that Bear should solve his own problems; Bear is slow to accept this - and keeps suggesting mutual play until the boy states his unwillingness in no uncertain terms. The young reader is swept along with Bear as he seeks a solution to his problem. Ultimately, Bear find a solution that resolves both his own boredom and the understated conflict with, and rejection by, Bear Brusher - he sets up an activity that no only solves his boredom problem, but also entices Bear Brusher to join him, thus ending the rejection.

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