The Jews of Poland: A Social and Economic History of the Jewish Community in Poland from 1100 to 1800

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Jewish Publication Society, 1973 - 424 עמודים
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The Jews of Poland tells the story of the development and growth of Polish Jewry from its beginnings, around the year 1200, when it numbered a few score people, to about six hundred years later, when it totaled a million or more people. This books records the development of this Jewish community. It attempts to capture the uniqueness of each period in the history of this community. In recounting the saga of Polish Jewry, the book endeavors to see Polish Jews as human beings acting and reacting humanly to the exigencies of life with courage and weakness, high ideals, beliefs, and sacrifices, on one hand, and human frailty, passions, and ambitions, on the other.

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The Background
Immigration and Settlement
Legal and Political Situation
Persecution of Jews in Poland in the i+thisth Centuries
Persecutions in the 16th18th Centuries 15253
Economic and Social Structure
Jewish Community Organization
Poland through the Eyes of Polish Jews
The Sabbatai Zevi Upheaval and Its Impact
Messianisms AftereffectJacob Frank and Frankism
Hassidim and Hassidism
Value of Polish Monetary Units
Jewish Poll Tax in Poland

A Composite Picture
Background Jewish Population and Settlement
Legal Status Theory and Practice

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עמוד 406 - Quarterly Bulletin of the. Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in America, April 1943).

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